Taiwan Drama Remake of Meteor Garden Vetting Handsome Young Actors for F4 Roles

Casting is underway, or at least prepping for casting is underway for the Taiwan drama remake of its own hit classic Meteor Garden, adapted from the well known shoujo manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers). The 2001 drama launched the careers of all five leads Da S, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, and Vanness Wu from near unknowns to major stars. The remake feels rather timely as the original is now quite dated, but a remake runs the risk of never living up to the right cast and right timing of the original. With that said, fans eager for the remake have been throwing around names for the casting of the four male leads to form F4, and now we see who producer Angie Cai is considering. A drama production whiteboard was recently shared on SNS with pictures and names of twelve good looking young actors, with three names being in contention for each of the male leads. Check out the list and pictures below and see if anyone in particular catches your fancy. Other than Wu Lei, Wang Jun Kai of TFBoys, and EXO‘s Lay (Zhang Yi Xing), the rest are all fresh faces to me.

Dao Ming Shi candidates: Xu Wei Zhou, Song Wei Long, Wang Jun Ka

Hua Zhe Lei candidates: Bai Jin Ting, Zhang Yi Xing, Tong Li

Xi Men candidates: Wu Lei, Wang Jia Er, Li Hong Yi

Mei Zhuo candidates: Liu Hao Ran, Tong Si Cheng, Huang Jing Yu


Taiwan Drama Remake of Meteor Garden Vetting Handsome Young Actors for F4 Roles — 29 Comments

  1. Some of those actors are babies, or am I just too old for this? Lols… (I’ll take the latter..le sigh). However, Wang Junkai can be San Chai’s baby brother though, he doesnt look like Dao Ming Shi.

  2. Wu Lei as Xi Men?? Well he’s already an established main male lead of his own drama and movie. I dont see why he should take on this role.

  3. Li hong yi casts for this? I prefer him as hua zhe lei. But there’s bai jin ting, dude can act as hua zhe lei or ximen..

    Wu lei wu lei wu lei, what r u doubg there? You have your own status as male lead why bother to be the 3rd? But it will be different if he gets casted as dao ming tse. Hmm.. Pretty faces tho.

    Jackson wang? Hmm.. He’s better as mei zhuo.

    Lay? Is this the reason why he couldnt join exo for summer comeback. Sigh.

  4. What a joke.

    Wang Jun Kai as DMS? Eeeeek.
    Bai Jing Ting is just too ugly.
    There also no way Wu Lei and Liu Hao Ran take up those roles as well. Way too insignificant for their statures right now.

  5. I say : Song Wei Long as Dao Ming Shi, Li Hong Yi should be Hua Zhe Lei and not as Xi Men. Liu Hao Ran as Mei Zhuo. Wang Jiang Er as Xi Men.

  6. Xu Wei Zhou and Huang Jing You in the same drama please. I don’t particular care for a remake tbh. It’s been done to death already.

  7. OMG!!! Meteor Garden is a favourite of mine!! I’m so scared of a remake!! Please please please do not have Lay in it!! I mean he can be in it just not be one of the F4! Nothing against him but I just don’t want what follows EXO to taint this. There is something going on with Lay and SM and I don’t need it to taint this remake!

  8. I’m showing my age cos I remembered vividly how addictive it was. That was my first Taiwanese crack drama, and to this day, it’s still at top of the best taiwanese idol drama list. I’m showing my age even more cos I don’t know who are the potential replacements, except for Jackson and Lay. I feel Lay looks rather too matured to be Hua Zhe Lei.

  9. I’m hesitant about this. Hana Yori Dango has been adapted so many times, not to mention how annoying some parts of the plot are. (I also heard today that Mango TV also wants to make a separate remake?! Is this going to be like the Legend of White Snake? Three separate adaptations were filmed all at the same time earlier this year!)

    I also really doubt that many of the actors on the board will be willing to go through with this. Many of the actors, especially for the roles of Xi Men and Mei Zuo, already have major popularity. I highly doubt that Wu Lei, Jackson, and Liu Haoran would go for these smaller roles. Also, Wu Lei and Liu Haoran have more established acting careers and seem to be trying to move out of working on “idol” projects to work on projects that will challenge and improve their acting skills.

  10. LOL.

    Considering how Wu Lei’s (Leo Wu) star power are continuously rising, I think Angie can keep dreaming about him.

    I know this production is a collaboration between both China and Taiwan (especially since C-dramas dominate the field in Asia now).

    Is Vivian Sung still the female lead?

    Lay, Jackson and WinWin are up for roles? PFFT! Yeah it could backfire.

  11. does anyone know what other drama Tong Li is from?! I can’t find anything on him, he looks so familiar!

    • Dong Li is not an actor. He’s actually a young Olympian on China’s fencing team, but he’s been on several variety shows.

  12. I dont think any one from the pics above were suited for their roles, i mean if you’re going to compare them to the original ones. jerry Yan was a scary Dao Min Si, Vic Zhou was a great hua zhe lei and mi Zuo and xi men are ken chu and vaness wu as they are. I dunno.

  13. But seriously, this is more of a china remake than a taiwan remake. No TF boys please. They are infants!

  14. go on for season 3 with same cast having their own real life leading ladies to be with. The storyline would be much different tho but quite a challenge for the writers. COME ON! btw, the above artists they’re still babies like some middle school kids. Taiwan’s f4 has the best version so please DO NOT DESTROY their image. I repeat DO NO!T JUST DONT.

    • and when I say babies they look really young and not suited for the role since dao ming si is scary/delinquent yet sweet so he should look like Si, lei is lei silent mysterious yet edgy and playful, mei zhuo the playboy look yet soft inside ,and xi men sooo cool strong and sharp

      • more than a decade already but taiwan’s f4 made an impact ,and the storyline of meteor garden is incomparable to other versions (as of now)

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