K-actress Lee Shi Young Announces September Wedding and Pregnancy with First Child

When I talk about the 2017 K-ent wedding deluge it’s based on the weddings that have already happened but clearly the gods of matrimonial bliss are not yet done with the marriage ready Korean stars because there’s a surprising new add to the list. K-actress Lee Shi Young, fresh off the completion of her recent drama Lookout, has announced that she is getting married to her boyfriend at the end of September and the two are expecting their first child together. Lee Shi Young is 4 months pregnant and found out during the filming of the drama, and after wrapping production the parents-to-be consulted with both families and set the wedding date for a little over two months from now. Shotgun wedding or not, it’s still happy news for the couple and I wish Lee Shi Young a happy marriage and a safe and healthy pregnancy. I hope K-netizens don’t get her a hard time because she’s done nothing wrong other than being a hard working actress who is also very candid about her life. I think she’s a fantastic star and wish her the best in this next chapter in her life!

I can see a bit of blow back from gossip earlier this week that she was planning to get married in the fall, which her agency refuted immediately but a few days later has turned out to be true. I think agencies sometimes act on their own accord and honestly she’s hurt no one whether she admits or denies a wedding.



K-actress Lee Shi Young Announces September Wedding and Pregnancy with First Child — 14 Comments

  1. She is a very good actress, I super liked her acting in LOOKOUT. Very good drama with a solid cast. Even Kim Young kwang impressed me after the deceiving “A stranger in my house”

  2. K-net can talk bad on a nice thing all they want. But I like the way Lee Si young announced this by herself.

  3. I love her! I can’t believe she was pregnant while filming Lookout! She had so many action scenes at the beginning, then in the later episodes not so much…was it the pregnancy?! But so happy for her! She and the entire cast were amazing in Lookout! Such a good show! Loved Kim Young Kwang too! Amazing actor! I like that she made the announcement herself. She is a strong, independent woman! She played a mother and now she will be one in real life! Congratulations to Lee Si Young and her soon to be husband!

    • Actually in the letter she wrote she made it clear that the producers of the show weren’t told until after the show ended.

  4. Woah congrats! Guess she’s finally getting married, abit surprising to me since I don’t remember getting into any relationship rumours or dating announcements. And holy crap it feels like just yesterday when she and Junjin announced they were dating before breaking up… how fast time has flown TT

  5. I can imagine alot of these slightly older Korean celebs past their 20’s will start getting married and having kids in the next few years. I’m always a bit surprised that quite a number of them in that age group and above are unmarried.

    Also congrats to her and I hope her pregnancy goes well. S

  6. Congrats! She is already in that age, way past her thirties. It would have deviated the norm more if she hadn’t announced her marriage. This time it happened in an untraditional way, so this is why it was maybe a surprise to some people.

  7. I was keep thinking where have I seen her. She comes of like someone you know very well. Then it hit me she was in ”BOYS OVER FLOWERS”

    She haven’t aged even slightly and can fool people

    • Oh , she was in ” Boys over Flowers?”? So the father is LMH. Delay production.!?! Just kidding (lol). Honestly, she is a woman of courage and honesty, with upper case W. No lies or stupidly misleading fans.

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