Ji Sung’s Love for Wife Lee Bo Young and Toddler Daughter Shines in SNS Pictures

Love is in the air and in this 2017 with so many K-ent couples tying the knot it’s nice to get an update from ones who have walked further down the path. Married couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have been married since 2013 and are parents to a two year old daughter born in June of 2015. The couple lead and enviable life of familial bliss and mutual working careers, with recent back-to-back dramas with Ji Sung doing Defendant followed by Lee Bo Young with Whisper. Both have put in their second lead dues early in their career and done plenty of mediocre dramas before hitting it big in recent years, deserving every bit of their success in acting. I also love how happy they are together, when it was just coupledom and now with their little girl. Ji Sung posted SNS updates recently showing how much he adores his daughter and wifey, just the stuff to melt hearts everywhere with awwwwwws.


Ji Sung’s Love for Wife Lee Bo Young and Toddler Daughter Shines in SNS Pictures — 6 Comments

  1. The only K-couple that I really adores and fond of. It’s very heartwarming to see Jisung’s IG posts. Very low profile yet can feel the love just by looking at his IG.

  2. Please let them all have a long and happy life together. It’s a blessing to be raised in a home where both parents are happy and in love. I hope they are planning to have more kids!

  3. This family is #goals! I can’t believe the little girl is 2 yrs old, seems like just little time since what I was looking at are pictures of LBY’s baby shower! 🙂

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