Park Bo Gum Turns Down Hong Sisters Hwayugi and Debuts Massacred Bangs at VIP Movie Premiere

A typical drama casting offer turn down doesn’t usually merit a solo post but the combination big name star and big name screenwriter makes many K-drama fans eager to know the locked down casting. The Hong Sisters upcoming fantasy drama Hwayugi, a riff on one of the Chinese classics Journey to the West (Xi You Ji) has been courting Park Bo Gum as one of the male leads, playing the Monkey King character opposite veteran leading man Cha Seung Won who has signed on to play the Bull Demon King. This would have been a high profile drama casting coup to sign on Park Bo Gum who has been on a drama ratings roll twice in a row with Answer Me 1988 and then Moonlight Through the Clouds. In the end Park Bo Gum passed on this role and time will tell if it’s a smart decision or a missed opportunity. On the personal styling front, Park Bo Gum debuted at new hairstyle that copies Lee Yeon Hee awful bangs from Reunited Worlds, which in the drama was done on accident and she knows it looks awful and hates it, so it’s even more entertaining to see Park Bo Gum willingly sport this look.

I’ve heard K-netizens exclaim that the power of Park Bo Gum’s visuals is not to be denied because he actually looks not hideously ugly in this style. I don’t disagree as he still somehow looks handsome when he’s all put together except the bangs merely distract and mildly detract.


Park Bo Gum Turns Down Hong Sisters Hwayugi and Debuts Massacred Bangs at VIP Movie Premiere — 11 Comments

  1. Awful hair. I still think he looked best in I remember you.

    I started Moonlight a few days ago and dropped it after 9 episodes. I just couldn’t connect to it and it was so predictable and generic. I think he was mesmerising in IRY, but not remarkable in Moonlight.

    • I also dropped Moonlight, but I think Bogummie was good there, I would blame it on the predictable plot and the romance that had to be too vanilla in order to be ok for Kim Yoo Jung. Maybe it was a show more for teenagers, dunno…

      Anyway, he would look good in anything. Not my favorite style, but I still prefer this to the too long and thick bangs almost covering the eyes that are so popular among korean actors. Bogummie has beautiful features so he should show it 🙂

      • I was just surprised, seeing how sucessfull Moonlight was. I can’t say I way let down, but I didn’t expect it to be that boring.

  2. WTF, the stylist ought to be sacked, although he still looks handsome despite the bad hair. Mullet hair style also seems to be IN these days. Yucks.

    Hong sisters’ dramas seem to alternate between good and bad. The last good one was Master’s Sun which was good, then Warm and Cozy which was bad, so maybe this time it will be good? The premise sounds interesting. Sung Jae should be awesome replacement for the Monkey King cos he was hilarious in Goblin, which has a similar vibe. I hope Cha Seung Won is not relegated to second lead cos he’s definitely leading man material.

    • Haha same was thinking about the alternated good/bad thing about Hong Sisters. I can already imagine CSW as Bull Demon King!

  3. PBG has an eye for good dramas. I trust his choice. I wouldn’t want the Hong sisters’ writing to ruin him like they did to Gong Yoo.

  4. Moonlight was boring. That green outfit Yoojung wore for how many episodes, i cant count was boring… Later when she became girl again, i coulnt get excited coz show lost the momentum.

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