Taiwan Netizens Marvel Over Jolin Tsai’s Nearly Unrecognizable Dark and Dramatic Look for New Concert

I’ll need some eagle-eyed readers to assist in determining what’s going on with Taiwanese musical superstar Jolin Tsai‘s look, one that is getting tons of netizen chatter over whether it’s just makeup, surgical changes, or a combo of both. Jolin has been on an Asia tour this summer and unveiled a new look with dramatic eye makeup and a black top with Issey Miyake sleeves, and a studded cut out bottom mini skirt. In terms of concert performance outfit goes this is pretty tame though still glamorous on her. What’s perplexing for Taiwanese netizens is that Jolin doesn’t look at all like her usual face, resembling another top superstar A Mei and overall rather unrecognizable. I think she is still recognizable but then again I saw these pictures with her name in the lede so I may be influenced but do you guys think Jolin looks wayyyyy different? Either way she’s still amazingly fit and fabulous going on a two decade long career.


Taiwan Netizens Marvel Over Jolin Tsai’s Nearly Unrecognizable Dark and Dramatic Look for New Concert — 11 Comments

  1. I haven’t followed her career very closely, so I can’t say I’d be able to spot minute differences, but she looks the same to me. She still has those interesting facial quirks that make her Jolin. There is something different, but I’m not sure what it is – is it just her hair/makeup? Did she gain a teeny bit of weight? She looks amazing either way

  2. It’s the eyebrows. The arch is less sharp and further out. It makes her face more soft. The eye liner is thicker on the outer edge but done really well. She looks fantastic.

  3. 1st look – unrecognizable.
    But it’s her after looking hard at the photos a few more times.
    Is it the makeup?
    Her jawline appears broader too.

  4. She does look different.
    Can’t quite point a finger on what actually causing the difference. Her eyes look bigger and she seems tanner too. Idk, but I think she does not look like chinese, in fact the new look is a bit exotic.

  5. The hairstyle gives a huge effect on a person. No more blonde, pink or purple colors. She did a bit on the nose and a little bit of weight gain around her cheek and ageing a bit.She look more healthier now. I followed her on her personal interest in cake decorating business. Surprisingly she got very good artistic talent.

  6. I love Jolin but it is very evident that she fixed her face multiple times. I guess she did her nose and botox on the cheeks and forehead. Anyway, she rocks any look and concept, true queen of Mandarin Pop!

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