Expecting K-actress Lee Shi Young Beams with Joy at Seoul Airport

I’m such a happy sucker for happy celeb pictures and glowing pretty pictures of expecting actresses is near the top of the list, just behind wedding pictorials and candid baby snaps. K-actress Lee Shi Young hit a triple last month when she finished filming drama Lookout and then announced she was getting married and also expecting her first child with her fiance. She’s not the most famous starlet around but has worked hard consistently since her drama breakout role in a small but memorable supporting turn in Boys Before Flowers.

I’m genuinely thrilled for all the good tidings in her life and want to thank her for turning the usual Seoul airport star walk into one less about outfit and hairstyle than about how her glowing smile lights up the moment. Her outfit is actually quite cute and airplane suitable, and the media is noting that she’s not showing at all at 4 months along. I don’t know why reporters think a pregnant star must immediately lug around a 9 month belly but she’s definitely got the pregnancy fullness of checks and lushness of hair. All in all, looking fab girlfriend!


Expecting K-actress Lee Shi Young Beams with Joy at Seoul Airport — 10 Comments

  1. She’s an actress I really admire. I love how she conducts her personal and professional life with honesty, simplicity and integrity. More luck to her and best wishes for her in the future on both fronts.

  2. Wishing her well.

    She is one of those rare female actresses that calls a spade a spade and just inform her fans directly about her pregnancy and wedding news. No denials over denials…kudos to Lee Shi Young!

  3. One of my fave actresses ive seen a lot of her dramas and films …what has always impressed me was the way she kept both her acting and boxing careers going at the same time ..

  4. The person i am calling immature is an LJS hater but literally comments on every single one of his articles saying bad stuff about him over and over again, like isnt once enough? just count the number of comments she wrote just about his nose in THIS ARTICLE ALONE (which is about his code of conduct and not about his looks). I dont care to call someone immature over the internet but if calling this person that makes me immature as well, then so be it. ✌

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