Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min are Leads in Upcoming tvN Drama This Life is Our First

One is striking while the iron is hot and the other is coming back after a decade hiatus, I have high hopes this vast gulf will bring together two talented acting stars for drama magic onscreen this fall. Cable network tvN has confirmed the leads for its fall drama This Life is Our First, first with news that movie actor Lee Min Ki will be playing the male lead in his first K-drama role in over 10 years, the next day came news that his leading lady will be Jung So Min who is currently in the hit weekend drama Father is Strange.

I know drama fans who looooove Lee Min Ki from his last drama role Dalja’s Spring, not counting his very memorable and heartbreaking guest star appearance in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, but those who love him also know his quirky appeal and don’t clamor for him to do dramas for the sake of being on TV more. He’s quite picky with roles so this drama and role must have piqued his interest and for that it’s worth checking out, not to mention I love Jung So Min and think these two would be a fantastic possible onscreen pairing. This Life is Our First will follow Argon on the Mon-Tues slot this October.

This Life is Our First is a cohabitation drama between two struggling with real life financial and career woes young Seoul types. They are the generation losing hope of having it all: money, love, and family, and this drama tries to show hope through a heartwarming and funny tale.


Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min are Leads in Upcoming tvN Drama This Life is Our First — 6 Comments

  1. Not too familiar with Lee Min-Ki but I have watched Jung So Min in Can We Get Married (imo that writer’s best drama..) and in Twenty, but this drama sounds interesting so definitely going to give it a try.

  2. This is the best drama ive ever seen in my whole life… ? ? ? I really really really can’t move on to this drama… I really really miss them both seehee and jihoo I’m so sad I want to see there another team up drama collaboration again.. I’m praying to god…. I love them very very very much.

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