Goblin Becomes Highest Rated K-drama Aired in Taiwan Followed by Goong and Boys Before Flowers

The ratings are in for the full run of Goblin in Taiwanese network television and audiences them have slurped up this different and tasty treat in record breaking numbers. The drama has become the highest rated K-drama aired on television in Taiwan, averaging 2.27% for its entire run, with the final episode hitting 5.5%. The remainder of the top rated K-dramas in Taiwan are a best of list of hit K-dramas in Korea over the last two decades with number 2 being Goong (Princess Hours) with 2.21% and Boys Before Flowers at 2.03%, making these top three K-dramas the only one to average over 2% ratings. Coffee Prince is 4th with 1.82%, My Name is Kim Sam Soon is 5th with 1.68%, let’s not forget Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance at 6th place with 1.63%, You From Another Star only comes in 7th with 1.55%, 8th is Descendants of the Sun with 1.54%, and the final two are My Girl with 1.38% and Pasta at 1.30%.

The K-drama stars with two dramas in the top ten are Yoon Eun Hye in Goong and Coffee Prince, her Coffee Princes costar Gong Yoo who is the reigning champ with Goblin, and Lee Dong Wook with My Girl first and now Goblin. The one drama I’m surprised to see not on the list is Heirs since it was so popular all over Asia when it aired but I guessed it was popular just not enough to crack the top 10 list.


Goblin Becomes Highest Rated K-drama Aired in Taiwan Followed by Goong and Boys Before Flowers — 18 Comments

  1. This is a very interesting list coming from Taiwan, it just goes to show how popular ahjussi Mr Gong Yoo is (good for him!). The other shows on the list are quite old, so maybe audiences are watching more online rather than in front of the TV.

  2. I am kinda confused with this list. I remembered in 2014 Empress Ki was airing in Taiwan and it was such a big hit with many articles talking about how much the Taiwanese loves the drama. Yet, it’s not even in this top list? Also, I am even more surprise Jewel in the Palace didn’t make it in. It is known for one of the highest viewership of all time across Asia even after all these years.

    • i don’t remember the figures, but if I’m not mistaken, Empress Ki and Jewel in the Empress have very high ratings in Taiwan. Empress Ki’s rating is even likely higher than any of the dramas mentioned above.

      • sorry, correction, Jewel in the Palace has higher ratings than Empress Ki in Taiwan and likely higher than Goblin. Empress Ki might be lower than Globin. Anyway, these two dramas are still higher rated than most dramas mentioned above.

    • Allkpop has lately been Song Joong Ki, Dots, Goblin and Gong Yoo and Kim Eun Sook filled place. For months already. So boring and repetitive.

      • It’s your opinion but gy isn’t over hyped even after his successful projects he rarely appear in any event , Interview unlike SJK or PBG
        Also gy has many great projects not only Goblin “Starting from CP , silenced , the suspect , train to Busan , Age of Shadows “

  3. Congratulations for gong yoo and all Goblin actors & staff
    It’s interesting gong yoo , lee dong wook both have 2 dramas in the list
    Yoon eun hye the only actress has 2 Dramas , Kim Eun sook the only writer has 2 dramas in this list
    Please Gong yoo don’t take long time to return to dramaland

  4. Goblin’s rate is the best for the LAST 12 YEARS, not of all time. That title goes to Jewel in the Palace, at well over 6%, followed by Autumn in My Heart and Winter Sonata. The first wave Hallyu dramas still monopolise the top rates. Koala’s list is not all correct concerning more recent dramas. Master’s Sun had a rate close to the Goblin, and was the second highest-rated show in 2016 just after Descendants of the Sun, even when it was a repeat. Most TV viewers in Taiwan are between 35 and 60 years old and their taste is not particularly geared to recent K-drama. Netizens who watch online are however much younger and have a different taste.

    • lol, I just get it now, Koala excluded epic sagueks, but only modern fairytales or fantasy K drama. though for my personal taste, I can watched Goong a hundred times than Goblin. for me Goong is a legend for modern fairytale K drama, while Goblin is something unique but I dont think I’ll be addicted to it.

    • Lee Dong Wook had to cancel his fan meet in Taiwan originally scheduled for March because of poor ticket sales. Moved it to July and still lost money. Goon Yoo, however, had all the FM tickets snatched up by crazy fans, even when they were the most expensive in recent history.

      • And I thought LDW’s popularity rose very much by reading these i-fans comments. Lol. I do feel bad for him though. Goblin was, finally, after series of lackluster projects a hit for him.. I wonder if Kim Go Eun is popular enough after Goblin (overseas) to hold fan meetings. The amount of Goblin fans and KGE lovers I see on k-drama forums, I expect her to sell like hot cakes

  5. Fan meetings are for oppas, seldom for female actresses. Goes to show how the audience is predominantly female. Actresses do get CFs, for most of the products are cosmetics and clothes. But seldom FMs. Guess it would be hard for female fans to dish out (very expensive) money just to see an actress.

  6. This information is incorrect Empress Ki had over 5.35 % in ratings .. I guess you didn’t post about it because you didn’t like the drama..

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