KBS Wed-Thurs Manhole Drops to 2.8% Ratings Lowest of All KBS Primetime Dramas in 2017

What a bummer for the cast and crew of newly arrived but likely DOA Wed-Thurs KBS drama Manhole (Wonderland’s Feel or Feels So Good). Episode 1 premiered with an anemic 3.1% AGB nationwide ratings but episode 2 managed to fall from even that low bar dropping to 2.8%. Ouch and kinda not a surprise, I figured this type of trendy oddball rom-com wasn’t a hit with domestic K-audiences but was hoping the drama was fun to watch nevertheless so it would gain a decent cult audience.

But early reviews have been mixed to low, mostly that male lead Jaejoong‘s character is just too unlikable and hard to root for. That was my concern since making him such a loser at the beginning in work and love life makes one think female lead UEE made the right choice in not being with him and getting married to another guy. I’ve banked the first two episodes for a Saturday night catch up watch but those who have already check it out, share thoughts good or bad to flesh out what’s working and not so far with this Manhole that can’t crawl out of its ratings hole.


KBS Wed-Thurs Manhole Drops to 2.8% Ratings Lowest of All KBS Primetime Dramas in 2017 — 26 Comments

  1. The casting are just so unfavorable
    The slaptick and acting are over the top
    No chemistry btw leads
    Loser male lead who you can’t sympathize at all

  2. I’m glad some fans enjoyed it, but I had a hard time getting through the first ep. The writing was lackluster and I have a low tolerance for adult characters who throw tantrums like a two-year-old. I might pick the drama up again later if I hear it’s gotten better.

  3. It also doesnt help that UEE has just gotten on the bad side of k-netizens with her personal real life issues.Just right before the drama aired.Drama was already doomed even before airing.Even the media coverage of the drama’s press conference was filled with both UEE and Jaejoong trying to defend themselves from the “controversies” they were embroidered in.

    Plus these two still have that “idols turned actors cant act or have mediocre skills, therefore idol lead dramas are poor quality, so its no use to the korean audience watching image,”Hanging over them.You guys should read the korean reviews after ep 1 and two aired.

    Name at least one rom-com or romance-centric kdrama in this decade,2010-2017?That has scored high ratings with k-idol or k model only main male and female lead character pairing especially on public broadcast stations like KBS, SBS and MBC?Answer ZERO.and they have been hundreds of dramas.

    Even script writers like No Hee Kyung and Kim Eun Sook who are known for romance make sure to put idols and models pairings in supporting roles,not as main leads. Or generally if they have to use an idol/model in a lead role.At least get an actor who is widely acknowledged for good/excellent acting ability, very strong star power and strong onscreen charisma to make one half of the pair,to draw the audience at least for the first few episodes.

    • Ai stop blaming UEE, the script is simply suck! even when you put SJK in..with that kind of story, it will still crush and burn

  4. But after all is said and done.They could be a turnaround and rise in the viewership.But rather than focus on ratings too much.They just need to work on producing a quality drama.People will remember and recognise a well made drama.

  5. I don’t know about Jaejoong since I’ve never watched him…
    But UEE has no screen presence or charisma at all. Seriously. She should just stick to weekend dramas. Look at how all her weekday dramas flop.

    • Agreed, her acting is lackluster but her projects have been good. Have to applaud her for willingness to take risks though.

  6. In episode 2 the plot getting better, i see bongpil improvement n promise to be better person, yeah it suck to go back high school year again but bongpil was athletic,handsome, come from middle class family. Definately not a loser in his younger days

  7. too bad… i really wanted jaejoong’s comeback project to be good.

    on the other hand, this would be baro’s first drama that flopped, right? from what i remember, all his previous dramas did well – reply 1994, god’s gift 14 days, angry mom, etc.

    • they shld. have paired him with SANDARA PARK with a comedy romance like a chaebol spoiled son and a middle class dorky girl DARA.I bet this will be a home and international rating.And with UEE breaking up with KANGNAM it did work against her and fans are more sympathetic with the ex=BF.

  8. 2.8% is pretty shocking for a main broadcaster drama in Wed-Thu slot.
    Is it really that bad?
    I have never watch Uee or JJ dramas, now I may just check out ep 1 and see how good/bad it is…

  9. Can’t believe some people are comparing this to Beautiful Mind already. First of all, no. Second, Jang Hyuk’s acting alone beats Jaejoong and Uee any day, Park So Dam is so much better too. BM was just too unfortunate, it would have done better in cable channels and different time slot.

    • How can they do such comparison ? The 2 dramas are 2 different genre and Jang hyuk is a very good veteran actor. And yes it would have been better for a cable channel. I have Watch uee in some dramas but in this one she seems not to be mentally present. But it’s just my opinion. On the other way Jaejoong seems to put too much effort. But the ratings are too harsh . The show has some fun moments.

  10. It’s not about it being ‘oddball’. The leads simply don’t have the audience affinity. The cast isn’t appealing enough for anyone to tune in in the first place. I can’t believe that this cast actually secured a primetime slot. KBS could’ve shoved it in the variety drama timeslot and still get the same ratings.

  11. I watch it with no expectations but I feel fun and do laughing even tho i dont feel chem between the leads yet but mostly the comedic and nostalgic feels somehow this drama reminds me of proposal daisasuken’s plot but for now Iam going to enjoy it for its comedy

  12. 1. The acting is terrible (Jaejoong overacting, UEE what’s wrong with you?)
    2. The script is terrible
    3. This is the year of the time-travel dramas and people are fed-up. I’m personally tired!
    4. There’s no chemistry at all! I can’t imagine Jaejoong and UEE in all my lifetime.
    I’ve watched the 2 first episodes, but I don’t think I’ll continue. Sorry for Jaejoong, because it’s always a pleasure watching him, but, this drama is a no-no.

  13. I don’t think Uee and Jaejoong are the worst idols turned actors, however they are not the best ones either. I really hope that these low ratings result in producers thinking twice about casting too many idols in main roles. First and foremost, they are singers, not actors. And then, when u have a mediocre script, hiring a cast where acting is not their primary talent isn’t going to make it any better. I really miss the golden age of the hallyu wave when dramas were casted more with actors and not idols.

  14. Honestly, if they reducing the stupid joke, phil misfortune and simplify the problem,humor,the story, and add some good soundtrack,i think it will better. but yeah it up to them. and it will be good idea if the heroine is not only uee characters.

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