Married and Expecting First Child Couple Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee Attend CF Event

A happy newlywed couple and expectant parents is double the joy to behold and such was the case this week when acting couple Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee made an appearance at the Damiani store event in Seoul. They wore matching elegant black going out attire along with an increasingly similar face or what is known as husband-wife looks. The two met on the set of weekend drama Laurel Tree Tailors and proceeded to fall in love during the months long filming, announcing after the drama wrap of their relationship and subsequent marriage and pregnancy. Some may think their relationship progressed too fast but both are in their 30’s and this is one couple that I’ll leave it to their own decision-making as to whether they are meant for the long run. Ultimately they seem happy and are doing well in their professional and personal lives, that’s all an audience fan can take away and be happy for them.


Married and Expecting First Child Couple Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee Attend CF Event — 12 Comments

  1. I’m watching you, Lee Dong Gun.

    I hope Jo Toon Hee’s carries he baby to term and delivers safely. She’s always seemed like a gentle and sweet person so I’m happy for her but also a bit protective of her.

    Also, the pregnancy flat shoes are too real.

  2. Is she the girl from A Gentleman’s Dignity, she plays the sister who falls in love with one of the older main lead right???

  3. Lee Dong Gun won me over in 7DQ. To me, the show is his that I become a fan. I used to think that he is just a mediocre actor but he has proven that his niche is probably sageuk. I want to see him more in this genre. Feel happy for his personal life and regardless of the lightning speed of his romance, this couple look genuinely blissful.

  4. Something about Lee Dong Gun seems so sleazy. i just can’t pinpoint what it is. Anyway, Jo Yun Hee is glowing and they look happy and that’s what matters.

    • Yeah I agree. I think he moved on from Jiyeon way to quickly. They break up > Dates Jo Yun Hee> Gets her pregnant> Marriage. If he had dated some other celebrity and not her I’m pretty sure he would’ve gotten bashed pretty hard by netizens. I hope he’s faithful towards JYH since she seems so happy with him.

  5. He is such a sleaze. He’s dated so many of his co-stars and there have been quite a few unpleasant rumours about how he has treated his previous girlfriends. If he were a woman he’d be called all kinds of names.

    I think he did cheat on Jiyeon with Jo Yoon Hee. The pregnancy is obviously an accident and the marriage is shotgun. He’s lucky Jo Yoon Hee is well-liked and Jiyeon is seen as a ‘mere idol’ with a questionable reputation otherwise people would be criticising them a lot more. Hope he doesn’t cheat on her and I wish her the best of luck because I think she’ll need it with this guy.

  6. I have been waiting for these pictures together after their announcement of being married and pregnant, i miss news update about them, i love their chemistry in LAUREL TAILORS, both look glowing together she might have a pretty girl or handsome boy, i’m waiting for then in NEWLY MARRIAGE DIARY OR THE SUPERMAN IS BACK.WISH YOU BOTH EVERLASTING HAPPINESS,SEEMS BOTH ARE HAPPY COUPLE.

  7. Me enamore de esta pareja en el drama Laurel Tree Tailors tenían química y después me sorprendió su romance en la vida real. Y hay me enamore más de esta pareja y los felicito por su matrimonio y a su bebé que viene en camino. Y bendiciones a la pareja.

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