Scandal-plagued Park Yoochun Discharged From Military Service with Loyal Fans Welcoming His Return

This was one military enlistment that I was hoping wouldn’t end, and certainly was quite disappointed that it took on the same scandal-plagued enlistment of another idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong. Fans and media were out in force for the discharge of Park Yoochun after serving his military enlistment in the police unit. His enlistment took a crazy detour after he was accused of rape and then subsequently accused of further sexual misconduct after the first charges were made.

In the end charges were dismissed but Yoochun will forever have his image and reputation marred by the fact that he slept around quite a lot at clubs and had a predilection for bathroom shenanigans. I don’t know if he will try or succeed in returning to K-ent either in acting or music but he certainly still had fans judging by the loyal ladies who showed up to wave banners of support as he was discharged. Yoochun bowed low in apology but it may be too little too late for the mainstream fans, especially with the latest revelation that he got a tattoo of his fiancee on his arm.


Scandal-plagued Park Yoochun Discharged From Military Service with Loyal Fans Welcoming His Return — 19 Comments

    • I like him once too…No, love him actually for years, as a singer and an actor…but now, no, I don’t hate him…and I don’t want to believe the rape thing happen, but all the sex thing I believe it did happen…but, I can’t see him without feeling disappointed and betrayed after all the trust and support I had given to him since his debut…so, I hope he lead a good life after this and does not appear in front of my eyes for a while…

  1. So many Chinese/ Japanese/ Southeast-Asian ajumma fans… his acting was bad anyway, so I wish he didn’t comeback on dramas. Underwhelming and uncharismatic actor he was.

  2. Never thought he was a great actor. As someone said earlier uncharismatic and replacable but hopefully he overcomes this hardship and learn from it. We are all flawed beings

  3. I dont understand though..i can watch rooftop prince for a few episodes and not overly angry when i see his face.

    However I cant stand Kim Hyung Joong.I watched the first four episodes with the child actors of inspiring generation.But when his face showed up..i just couldnt watch the drama and had to stop.

    For this guy,I think instead of being angry.I feel pity.Like Yoon Chun-ah, why did you ruin your life like that?Unlike KHJ,this guy had some talent albeit not a prodigy but he had potential to at least be a good entertainer..*sigh* anyway just live well with his fiancee..

  4. With that big face tattoo, he is writing himself off on appearing in K-dramas unless in Saguek covering his arm all the time… with his current round face look, he probably won’t get a lead role in modern rom-com… oh well, he is a goner as an actor, no one will miss seeing his fat face… Maybe he can continue to write music ?

  5. He looks stressed and exhausted. The tattoo can easily be covered (as so ji sub sometimes does with his big half sleeve one) but there is so much damage to his reputation that it will be a long and difficult struggle. I think he’s been thru hell.

    • Agree, suspect his bloated face is due more to medication.
      Problem is fans hve a tendency to treat these celebs like gods and idolworship. While accolade are piling on many of the currently popular stars for their good looks, purity, innocence etc the stars themselves must be having a good laugh BTS as they continue to drink drive, have tyrst in a hotel, take drugs, visit sleazy bars, activities not consistent with the pure and innocent image. It so happen that YC is caught while others continue with having fun ……till they are caught. Then the same fan reaction surface again.

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