Press Conference for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life Has Park Shi Hoo Apologizing for Scandal from 2013

Scandal is a loaded word, for some K-netizens it connotes something as inconsequential as a star dating news, yet in recent years there have been a series of male star scandals of the serious variety involving accusations, police investigations, and even lawsuits and trails. I feel like Park Shi Hoo‘s rape allegations in early 2013 really kicked off this prolonged period of continued bad behavior being revealed about stars, and it’s pretty telling that he’s going to be back on a main three network weekend drama with My Golden Life and it doesn’t even seem all that surprising because there have been worse behavior alleged since his situation.

I don’t believe in not giving people second chances but that typically is when someone pays the dues for the misconduct, and in his case there are folks who believe he got off light without any real punishment, unless you think being exiled from K-ent for 5 years at the height of his popularity isn’t punishment enough. If he’s going to be accepted back by the drama viewing audience this is as good a drama as any, with a total feel good vibe and the sprawling weekend cast where folks can watch his portion of the story alongside many others. The drama costars Shin Hye Sung, Lee Tae Hwan, Seo Eun Soo, Lee Tae Sung, and veterans Chun Ho Jin and Kim Hye Ok for a family underdog success and maturation story.

Previews for My Golden Life:


Press Conference for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life Has Park Shi Hoo Apologizing for Scandal from 2013 — 27 Comments

  1. Meh. There was cctv footage of him dragging an unconscious girl in his hotel suite. After that, the things that happened in his room were under debate but the girl’s account was clear and consistent. Park Shi Hoo opted out for settling things outside the court. Park Shi Hoo’s rich daddy got him too many chances in the entertainment industry, and I have no interest in watching a guy who drags an unconscious girl in hotel room and then get sued for raping her.

    • I like to watch a drama without the scandal of a seedy male star over my head. I can still remember the image of him carrying the drunk girl to his home. And she was in distress after. She is such a young early twenty woman and he should know better as a adult.
      Sorry I cannot watch this drama even thru I am sure he is repenting. I am glad if he is turning over a new leaf but I cannot watch him on any shows any more.

      • Park Shi Hoo really thought that he could pay his victim into silence and then bow in a press-con and suddenly everyone would forgive and forget. I hope this drama flops really hard so this disgusting creep, who drags unconscious girl to hotel room, would never be cast in any dramas ever again.

  2. One bow and all is forgiven? he should kowtow like a thousand times, touching the ground with his forehead until it bleeds. And still I could not forgive nor forget what he “probably” did.

  3. I used to think he is dreamy looking esp in “Iljimae” but I don’t know why I don’t like his look now. Could be his personal issue clouded my vision? I am definitely not ready to watch him back playing a chaebol that will eventually get the girl, so this drama is definitely a pass to me.

  4. He’s such a sleaze. Is 5 years enough to erase what he did?? He wasn’t even punished and used money to settle the problem. The drama looks interesting enough but I can’t watch him cos his real life bleeds into the role. Even watching him stand next to female co stars gives me the creeps.

  5. If we are not going to watch the drama because of him, then we are penalising the rest of the cast and the crew. That’s unfair for them . And let’s be honest, people can start to ban 50% of the past and actual music , the same goes for movies,…And i’m being kind ! So yes ,he did wrong but unfortunately he’s not the only one. Sad but true.

  6. Ignoring the texts this girl sent to a friend planning on sleeping with him and screwing with him she could have pretended to be drunk or maybe he carried her on her back because she couldn’t walk. At the end of the day he was never proven guilty so anything both you and I can say will be just speculation. In the eyes of the law he is innocent

    • She could have done whatever or pretended. But if he didn’t know that and he physically took advantage of that he is an opportunistic scumbag. As evidenced in the video.

      And yes I am totally bummed because I like the actress in her last 2 Kdramas. I know work is work but imagining being close for this 50 episode drama is revolting. For her sake- hope the BTS doesn’t show any chemistry or accidental skinships that fans love. That would be truly repelling. Just work on that drama and treat him distantly I say.

      • Again you are making assumptions on his reason to carry her back to his place after she passed out. Maybe he was gonna let her sleep his bed while he slept on the couch. Maybe she woke up when they got to his place.

        These are all maybes and all assumptions. We have no evidence of what happened inside his house. Just what he said and what she says and more importantly until proven guilty he is innocent in the eyes of the law.

    • Innocent in the eyes of the law does not makes one any less guilty. Who is guilty and who is innocent, only they themselves know. Hopefully he really repented and start anew.

  7. No. A rich ass who the law pardons for he can afford it are the ones that i really hate. They represents what’s wrong with our society. Life is unfair and unjust. Everytime i look at this prick I’m reminded of that…. That you can go above the law if you can afford it.

  8. I find him utterly repellent. I feel sorry for the crew, but… I can’t help but hope the drama tanks. (Or that the writer would mimic Princess Aurora’s and unceremoniously kill off his character. ^^)

  9. he went to china to do some work right after though??? he tried to come back in korea but decided to wait more.

    He, himself gave statements saying he wasn’t drunk, that the girl was drunk but ok to give consent, and that they had sex, he also didn’t go to police to do the questioning, the police asked him 3 times, after he refused, police threated to bring him by force, so he went, he and his friend failed the truth test two times, while the victim didn’t, he gave her money in the end and dropped the lawsuits ……… what more to know he was guilty ? plus the video of the girl totally unconscious being dragged by his friend into his house, they thought since she wasn’t well, they shouldn’t put her into a taxi, it was dangerous, so they decided to bring her to his house (why not her house??)

    also his lawyer and family tried SO hard to victim blame and slut shame the girl and her family. Also posted so many articles confusing the fans.

    Bu I who followed everything, know for sure he was guilty. A innocent person don’t drop a lawsuit against the person who ruined his life for nothing, if he is innocent he would go until end with his lawsuit …

    • If she was rapes she would go all the way with her lawsuit too. Money doesnt heal any wounds.

      I need the declaration from a Judge to say he is guilty. Sorry but in my community men are always accused of rape and later found not to have done it which takes credit away from women who are actually rape. When she withdrew her lawsuit she also withdrew her rape accusation. Meaning according to her it didnt happen, unless she once again decides to bring back the lawsuit and thr court of law rules in her favor.

      • lol most of times rich or famous people get their way EVEN if they are guilty, because the victim suffers so much slut shaming (even if it isn’t true) loses her jobs, (even her father if ‘m not wrong had to quit his job) she had her info and bad rumors spread in the media by PSH and his lawyers, she had to remember and tell again and AGAIN what happened, she went strong for most of 1 year, even PSH family went after her and her family to force them accept money and stay quiet. Also, going to court DOESNT mean she wuld get what she wants, sadly most of rape cases the judges (men) don’t believe the poor woman viticm and side with the rich and powerful men, PSH family has the connections, money and power, you can confirm it by seeing him in a public channel again.

        Are you saying the girl had to suffer blame and swears and rumors for how long, just to the end the judge say ”not enough proofs to conclude he was guilty”

        if the judge gave PSH guilty, he would pay 1-2 years probation outsite jail, and pay a ridiculous fine and that is it.

        Go search about the money ”the silencied” the guys there had at most 2 years of jail for abuse, violence and rape against children with phisical deficiency

  10. Unfortunately I cannot watch him anymore. Totally not for me. I can’t shake the scandal. Yuck.

    I don’t really know what happened between them. But even so, he should have made a better judgement and he should pay the price for it.

  11. How about his film with Yoon Eun Hye? Both leads had scandals and no airing date for 2 years. If he does well in this drama, I think the movie will be released.

  12. Don’t kill me but…I heard the girl willingly had sex with him the morning after, twice, and even had breakfast and stayed in the apartment until lunchtime. If she suspected she was raped the previous night why did she hang around so long?
    There is also text evidence of the trainee and her friend plotting to blackmail him with the sex scandal. The friend then confessed it was all lies and a ploy to blackmail him and apologised.
    Last I heard, the trainee was paid off and lives a comfy life in London with her boyfriend.
    Yes, PSH should not have taken an unconscious girl to his apartment its morally indefensible, but to be very honest the actions of the trainee are suspect too. Or am I the only one who thinks so? Probably. If I woke up next to a man and suspected rape I would like to think I would leave as soon as possible. It would be a fight or flight type feeling. Why hang around, have consensual sex, stay for breakfast and leave well after lunch? Then send texts to your friend boasting about how you can ruin him. You have to admit its unusual behaviour. I’m not victim blaming or slut shaming. I respect her decision to settle and I acknowledge that decsion does not prove she is guilty. I’m just trying to understand her psychology. I get his, sleezy guy who would do anything to get laid, I just dont get hers. I question why there is so much resolute hatred towards PSH when there is also something not quite right about the trainee as well. She kind of did entrapment on him. Why is there no benefit of doubt for PSH but such strong support for the trainee? Yes, the video tape of him carrying her are damming to his defence but arnt the texts damming to hers? Why dont these evidences carry equal weight in proving both parties did (or were trying to do) something wrong? I dont know; I believe he did rape her while she was unconscious and then when she woke up in the morning she willingly wanted to have sex with him (so that one wasn’t a rape), so I’m guessing she just wanted justice for the first time he did it to her? We will never know now. Both of them lost in the end, she will never be in the industry and he lost fame at the height of his popularity and to this day is despised by the netizens.

  13. My Golden Life currently did well actually.. and I enjoyed it a lot. Although the praises goes to Shin Hye Sun for her brilliant performance, Park Shi Hoo is also talented. I even watched another of his drama Neighborhood Hero huhu..

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