Signal and Misaeng PD Working with Another Oh Hae Young Writer for tvN 2018 Drama My Ahjusshi

A new dynamic duo is pairing up but won’t arrive until early 2018, a date that isn’t that far away since we’re headed into the fourth quarter of 2017 already. tvN has announced that the PD of Signal and Misaeng will be working with the screenwriter of Another Oh Hae Young for an early 2018 premiering drama tentatively titled My Ahjusshi. This combines two hitmaking behind-the-scenes talent as the dramas they have created have been lauded for the visuals and the narrative depth.

Unfortunately I’m a little iffy on their upcoming My Ahjusshi after hearing the synopsis – a 40-something male lead who has endured life’s heavy burdens meets a 20-something female lead who has dealt with different situations than he did but also endures life’s heavy burdens, and together they mutually heal each other. It’s described as a drama exploring what people value in life, so clearly it’s attempting meaningful topics but the whole December-May romance is so stale to me unless there is genuinely something unique to the set up. Knowing these two there has to be which is why I remain hopeful and will hold my wary at bay.

The screenwriter of Another Oh Hae Young also wrote the incredibly fun and nuanced sitcom I Live in Cheondamdong, which also explored what people value in life such as wealth and image and ended up with trying hard and being a decent human being. It was such a heartwarming sitcom and remains a classic if one can find it to watch.


Signal and Misaeng PD Working with Another Oh Hae Young Writer for tvN 2018 Drama My Ahjusshi — 10 Comments

  1. I was so excited at first that these two were gonna be working together, but I, too, was disappointed to read about the 20-year difference in age. I know that there are couples out there with that kind of age gap who have happy relationships, but the ones that I personally know have not ended well. Also, in some places, a majority of single men are only interested in going out with younger women, and that makes me a lot less receptive to this kind of storyline.

  2. Another Oh Hae Young was a terribly written drama. Seo Hyun Jin really saved Oh Hae Young and made her character realistic and believable. A character which would have turned really annoying really quick hadn’t Seo Hyun Jin taken it. That and of course chemistry with Eric. PD of Signal and Misaeng is really great. TvN is loaded and they can afford to high quality productions but I really wished they’d go back to being original and innovative. Lately, tvN has been terribly boring and casting bad model boys and idols as main leads. Disappointing.

  3. This could either be good and heartwarming w/ a good cast OR a total horrid mess……hopefully the two leads have good chemistry and at least decent acting skills.

  4. That synopsis made me want to barf. Another old man / young woman story? Really???

    I’m starting to lose faith in the “Signal” sequel.

    • I am trying to think of a recent “old man/young woman” drama. In contrast, hardly a month go by without a “noona” drama where a middle aged actress romances a young actor – this month, Ha Ji Won’s new show.

      Maybe all this “age appropriateness” whining is getting a bit tired?

      • Why is the idea of ‘ahjussi romance’ so gross, while noona romance cute? I am probably in the minority here as I personally don’t mind big age gap in romance; so long the parties involved are all grown ups, old enough to take responsibility for their own choices/actions. IRL my husband is also many years above me; so this is perhaps why the issue doesn’t really bother me as much as it bothers others.

    • Nah.. I don’t want any more hate to Park Shin Hye, although I really like her with more mature leads. Drama elitists are going to find something to bitch about and complain how she isn’t his level just like they did when she was paired with Kim Rae Won. Turns out, she did bring the ratings, but people are too salty and bitter to admit that. I kinda wish she picked up movies and characters that were really different from what she has previously played (I mean really, really different) and nail them so these complainers would finally shut up. The funniest thing is how these same exact people overhype and praise much more mediocre oppars. This is my observation as a spectator who has watched K-dramas for years.

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