MBC Wed-Thurs Drama Hospital Ship Sets Sail with 10.6% Episode 1 Ratings

I’d take this ratings win for Ha Ji Won even though its a comparatively unimpressive victory considering her competition. Newly arrived Wed-Thurs MBC drama Hospital Ship set sail with 10.6% AGB nationwide ratings for the first episode, barely skating into double digit category despite having a lead in drama that led the time slot and also the other two network dramas doing terribly in ratings. Reunited Worlds on SBS took in 5.4% and 6.8% for the two episodes airing on Wed and Manhole continues to reside in the ratings sewer with 2%, though it also got 2% in last week’s two episodes so that may be a magical number for Manhole to not drop below. For now it’s a relief that Hospital Ship didn’t sink on launch and hopefully the drama can increase it’s ratings if audiences enjoyed the 1-hour tour so far. For what its worth HS is the highest rated MBC medical drama in the Wed-Thur time slot for nearly the last decade as Medical Top Team was a flop and one has to go back to General Hospital 2 to find a good MBC medical series.


MBC Wed-Thurs Drama Hospital Ship Sets Sail with 10.6% Episode 1 Ratings — 19 Comments

  1. Congrats for the rating
    And I feel sooo happy too bcz of it…
    I am a fan of hjw since the king 2 heart, and I wait her comeback since ttwnil ended

  2. The first episode was actually good. I was fascinated how HJW drew the anatomy of heart (very realistically, color coded arterial and venous blood too!) despite her being a doctor and not a first year med school student. I love medical dramas, and tbh I’m watching this for HJW. I sincerely hope that there won’t be any romance between KMH and HJW. They should only stay as mentor-student. Or if they should have any romance, it would develop naturally and no surprise deer in headlight kiss and wrist grab and a million different angles. Also, Koreas interest for medical dramas has not died yet, well at least if it has anticipated and charismatic actors 🙂

  3. Korean audiences reaction were mixed. Hospital Ship got lucky because MBC was currently leading that timeslot and its competitor is hovering in single digit ratings before the show started. Its ratings must increase in the following episodes because SBS has the highly anticipated While You were Sleeping while KBS has Mandog which has a good plot and led by good actors.

    • Even though hospital ship is makjang-y with HJW being the only pulling power, I hope Hospital ship manages to stay in double digits. I like most medical related shows, but many don’t really care for them but even then I wish for HJW’s sake that Hospital Ship will be a leader in its time slot (and also because ’daesang winner’ LJS needs to come back to earth)

      • Episode 3 & 4 already dropped to single digits 8.9% (Ep.3) & 9.9% (Ep.4). Reviews are overwhelmingly negative. Let’s see how far can Ha Ji Won’s star power take this. Viewers are totally not sold on Kang Min Hyuk as her male lead. Many comments on how he is a weak male presence.

      • @dramamaniac.. hm I knew KMH isn’t strong enough to be a lead yet. And it doesn’t help that the drama is slightly makjang-y. Sad for HJW

  4. I feel sorry for RW, I really enjoy this drama… but I guess YJG cannot single-handedly bring up its rating ? The story is interesting to me but sadly not enough for the general Korean audience. That’s too bad ☹️

    • 20 episodes is too long for RW, it really doesn’t have enough story for that many episodes. It would have been better with 16. I also dropped it because it started to drag after a while. Will wait patiently for Jingu’s next work!

  5. I really enjoyed hospital ship and am cheering HJW on. She’s such a strong female lead and it will be interesting to see how the romance line will develop since there are three potential male characters that could potentially develop a puppy crush on her.

  6. It is a pity that koalasplayground is not recapping this drama, always love to read the recaps and thoughts.

    It is great for me so far, I think the emphasis is not on the detailed medical procedures but rather the emotional struggles that these Doctors have to go through to bring them to maturity. It has many very heartfelt scenes. For me, it is of good pacing with with sufficient details on the emotional developments. While some parts and actions are not clearly explained immediately, I thought it is a deliberate attempt to be elaborated in future episodes. This is what I discovered after watching 12 epi. I can’t really tell the age differences and the character description did not elaborated on their age other than I saw HJW is a senior and more experienced doctor. Probably meant to be older just by a few years, and I thought quite common to see such age differences in couple these days. The chemistry is not bad btw the 2 leads although not the best among HJW’s co-star but believable. Shipping them and wanted to see their relationship developed and challenged.

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