Hospital Ship Has Slight Ratings Drop in Second Day Outing But Retains Lead in Weak Time Slot

There was a slight but meaningful down tick in ratings for the second day episodes of Hospital Ship, showing once again that narrative and execution is the king of ratings consistency over big name star power such as Ha Ji Won as the female lead. The MBC Wed-Thur new offering dropped below the premiere episodes 10% line and notched a 8.9% AGB nationwide rating for the 3rd episode and it rose to 10.9% for the 4th episode. Competitors Reunited Worlds and Manhole remained about the same in ratings, so this is really Hospital Ship’s leader slot to lose. Good news is that a new drama won’t arrive until While You Were Sleeping with Suzy and Lee Jong Seok takes over for Reunited Worlds come September 29th, bad news is that a month lead may not help Hospital Ship float higher if the audiences aren’t captivated by the drama and eager to keep watching. My gut tells me it’s stay the leader but tread water, like a ship puttering near the port and meandering with no clear direction.

I watched all four episodes from premiere week and find myself only mildly entertained, this would be a drama I follow solely for Ha Ji Won and staying a completists with her dramas and less anything from the characters to the plot that grabs my attention. I think as far as medical dramas go it’s merely passable, SBS definitely deserves it’s winning run in the medical genre as simple comparison with recent Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and Doctors shows that SBS has the right formula of sleekness with tighter ensemble chemistry.


Hospital Ship Has Slight Ratings Drop in Second Day Outing But Retains Lead in Weak Time Slot — 28 Comments

  1. They should stop giving UEE so many lead role offers when her acting is average. More than her acting, her looks are so disturbing. She used to look fine but now she lost so much weight it’s uncomfortable to watch her face.

    • This is the trouble with casting idols, they aren’t consistent. One drama they are okay, the next, they aren’t because they don’t have it in them to lift a drama if the script is slightly meh. They are all pretty to look at but Uee has even lost that. Having said all this, Manhole has been sold to Japan for some mega price so luckily they had an idol in the casting.

  2. Hospital Ship should have cast a more reliable male lead. If they had, the ratings would certainly be 2-3% higher.

    Poor Manhole. While it isn’t the best drama, I don’t think it deserves the title of “lowest rated drama” either.

    I think While You Were Sleeping will snatch the ratings when it premiere. Noh Hee-kyung’s scripts are always good.

    • Agree. Overall hospital ship was not that bad and Ha ji won nailed the genius surgeon character. Too bad the man lead only has one expression. Sigh.

  3. Uee so terrible in manhole,not onli her character poorly writen, Sujin hooks everyboy she meets, but also flat expression, she can’t cried, only whimpering voice.
    And it seems like she is very arrogant, she never mingle with other cast, she practically build her wall and space.
    She has attitude problem

  4. I think after Manhole, UEE should reflect her career in drama, improve acting skill and be humble.

    Her tiny limbs scare me a lot, its really painful to see and her dress choice also bad, she looks like country pumpkin.

  5. All Wed-Thurs dramas are terrible. They all deserve to have single digit ratings. Will wait for While you were sleeping or Mandog. KBS better cut short Manhole now.

  6. Hospital Ship kept me pretty entertained, but I agree about the male leads. Acting is not bad for all three, but not standout either. I think it’s fine if they wanted to pair HJW with a younger costar but they should have casted someone who has more experience carrying a lead role successfully.

  7. I stopped watching 1st ep after few min. HJW look, when she sees car carshing ? and next thing, she is riding top cart with stabbing guy’s heart with needle – and throwing away backwords, hitting the floor? ? Did not want to torcher myself or lose my sanity. ?

  8. I am also watching Hospital Ship for Ha Ji Won. The drama itself is meh.

    How I wished Jo Hyun Jae could have stayed on as the flirtatious heir.

    Jo Hyun Jae and Ha Ji Won was a coupling I could really get behind.

  9. Off topic a bit. I feel that some good K dramas have been overlooked by either public or online bloggers. Examples include Beautiful Mind and now Strongest Deliveryman. I came across BM by chance without any recommendation from anyone else; I found a real gem and depth in both excellent acting and script writing. Now I just started to marathon SD after a long hiatus from viewing any dramas because of huge disappointment and boredom. SD is the only one that has brought back my attention to drama again and I’m surprised by the underappreciated ratings, deja vu like BM. Pity!

    • BM fans were so damn annoying. I remember crystal clear how those petty BM fans came to every Doctors article and promoted their irrelevant drama and made a lot of excuses to hate on Doctors, Park Shin Hye and even Kim Rae Won. They kept blaming Doctors when Monster was airing at the same time with BM, but the fact remains that BM was still getting atrocious ratings and losing in all terms. BM wasn’t even a good drama. If someone wants to see medical drama mixed with a genius doctor and thriller theme then I really suggest they should get some better taste and turn to american medical dramas. House is billion times better than BM lol

      • Hollywood is full of sh*t and crap, intoxicating general public in the States as well as those who worship American pop culture in other parts of the world. My parents did a wise thing to ban TV in their household (and we’re blessed that Youtube wasn’t a trend yet) when we grew up. See who’s rambling here to put something lowly on pedestal!!!!! LMAO. Here we did not start off mockery by dissing up other dramas like obviously overrated Doctors. But you ignite fan war by mocking fans of BM first. You’re the one annoying. Dang obnoxious smug!

      • Ooohh look at the delulu communist @Drama2017 here. Doctors fans (I’m not even one of them lol) were always minding their own business when the dumb ass BM fans came and blamed Doctors for ’stealing’ BM ratings in every freaking recap and put down the cast of Doctors, when lets face it, Jang Hyuk ain’t better than Kim Rae Won lol. They called Korean audience stupid who likes only romance fluff (LMAO every country audience loves summer romances, not just Koreans). These delusional buttheads think BM is a masterpiece and the next best thing after toast and jam, when BM is a shitty drama with grotesque overacting. House and Grey’s Anatomy are examples of the better American medical dramas, and even British medical dramas like Silent Witness and Holby City are loads better than the garbage called ’’Beautiful Mind’’, Korean drama. It served all those stupid BM fans right that BM got CUT hahahhahahaha ???

      • Be mindful of your filthy mouth. Communist??? LMAO. Even I do not have high regards for Marxism, I think communists as human beings still deserve respect but not your ridicule. And look into mirror yourself….the one who obnoxiously rain showered with snotty responses to a merely neutral comment, pathetically labeling an online stranger with “communist.” LMAO, you’re such a sick netizen. BTW, I’m by no means related to mainland Chinese or China whatsoever.

      • @Drama2017 yeah right lololol. I didn’t have a TV either, but my family is sophisticated enough to keep us informed, educated and cultured. We consumed both art films of different countries and watched popular cartoons and TV shows. I’m a very critical viewer and consumer thanks to my upbringing. I can tell right away that you’ve lived under the rock in order to utter the words ’’you ignite the fanwars by mocking BM fans first’’, meaning you’re most likely a BM fan and consider House (or American film) ’’full of sh*t and crap’’ lolololol. BTW Doctors was better because it wasn’t pretending to be anything more that a medical romance drama, whereas BM clearly tried to copy Sherlock Holmes and House LOL

        Oh btw, ’’ full of sh*t and crap and intoxicating general public’’ sounds too funny and delusional. Everything related to film came from America and Hollywood and every other film industry looks up to Hollywood somehow, even though Hollywood is in a slight decline. But sure, keep living in your delusions. As they say, grapes are sour ?

  10. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Hospital Ship’s ratings are down. I thought that the first and the second episodes were terrible. There wasn’t an intriguing story and Kang Min Hyuk’s acting was so mediocre. They really need to start casting more seasoned actors rather than casting some lame idol for the fangirl ratings. Why couldn’t Jo Hyun Jae be the lead? His 5 minute appearance was so much better than anything that Min Hyuk did.

    • So true omg. Whose bright idea was it to cast KMH next to Ha Ji Won? He is a damn rookie compared to HJW who made her name in Korean dramas years before. With what merits did KMH get a lead role? FNC should have more shame.

      • Well, if JYH can get a lead role why not KMH??? Just where are all the fangirls who were saying him and Krystal saved Heirs???

      • JYH is such a bad actor too. I really don’t know how I survived Three Musketeers and Mirae’s Choice. He was so terrible in Heartstrings too, that drama survived only because of PSH and the older cast. Only dumb idol fans think that Krystal saved Heirs (well her character was a sort of comic relief so in that sense, Krystal’s character really saved Heirs), but these idol fans would defend their idol’s foot acting no matter what. It’s actually the PDs fault for even thinking about casting less experienced and bad idol actors in the hopes of idol fan audience and sponsor money.

    • @ Adelita ,Yes what happened with Jo hyun Jae ? Before his militarity service he used to be the lead in some dramas ! after his active service duty ( unlike others) he didn’t get the same opportunities .

    • Jo Hyun Jae?? Is he part of this drama, or just cameo it says? Maybe, the budget has been eaten by HJW TF, no other leading men available it went to new idol actors instead lol. I think they will invest on cameo than existing casts on this.
      Whatever they say, I will still watch this for Ha Ji Won and because of ship and seas or ocean, maybe some Pirates will appear in the future. I never believe in ratings game anyway, I even suspect some kind of Mafia or gangster is controlling that sh*t, when Money makes the world go round.

  11. The only medical K drama that make sense to me is Obstetric & Ggyneacology. It’s realistic, where in medical its multidisciplinary. One field always relate to another. You dont hog everything just because you are a surgeon. Dr. Stranger were good too, cases present were mostly cardiothorachic related, it as what the character specialty are. And at least there’s anaesthetist in the picture too so i could still tolarate the ridiculousness. Wish Ha Ji Won pick a better medical drama next time. One where they told her to not recklessly throw a needle around. She is the only reason I watch hospital ship. But then again I think she choose this project because the concept was good, for someone without medical background she wouldn’t know which were ‘the not making sense’ things that she was asked to do. I also think hospital ship has a good concept, a mobile hospital that reach people at rural area with limitation to their available technology. Too bad the screenplay were not up to what was supposed to be a very good drama.

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