Viewers Not Feeling the Many Noona-Dongsaeng Romances on Current K-dramas Hospital Ship and Temperature of Love

Being bummed with something I wanted so badly to love really sucks, and even worse is not even dropping from love to like to salvage things a bit. This week K-netizens are really not feeling it for the saturation of noona-dongsaeng romances on prime time dramas. There’s Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong on Mon-Tues with Temperature of Love and over on Wed-Thurs the romance wrapped up with finished airing Reunited Worlds with Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Yeon Hee and really heated up on the Hospital Ship between Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk.

I’ve been watching all three dramas and none of the OTP works! It’s a combination of visual incompatibility to no romantic chemistry in expression. Hospital Ship even threw in a second noona this week with Wang Ji Won and she looks even older than Ha Ji Won opposite baby-faced Kang Min Hyuk. I seriously want casting re-dos everywhere but then again none of these three dramas had good screenwriting anyways so perhaps no loss in the end. Just my sadness that some good actors like Ha Ji Won being wasted on Hospital Ship and Kim Jae Wook playing an eccentric on Temperature of Love. Continue reading

Character Look Skyward in Drama Posters for Reunited Worlds with Yeo Jin Gu, Lee Yeon Hee, and Ahn Jae Hyun

I thought the idea of a high school boy who disappears for thirteen years and then returns mysteriously would seem depressing as heck but all the characters in upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Reunited Worlds (A New World) look quietly hopeful … Continue reading

SBS Finalizes Casting for Reunited Worlds with Lee Yeon Hee, Yeo Jin Gu, and Ahn Jae Hyun

It’s good that Suspicious Partner is a longer 20-episode prime time drama, or 40 episode now that the network has decided to call thirty minutes an episode to add in more commercial time. That means SP won’t end until the … Continue reading