First Drama Stills of Lee Jong Seok and Suzy for While You Were Sleeping Along with Script Reading Session

September is here which means the countdown to the arrival of SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping is less than 30 days away. This is one pre-filmed drama that I’ve been following along with consistently since it was announced earlier this year, solely for male lead Lee Jong Seok and also his third reunion working with screenwriter Park Hye Ryun after they did I Hear Your Voice followed by Pinocchio. It’s a much bigger what if for this drama since the female lead is Suzy, always a warm presence onscreen but also almost always a terrible actress at emoting with nuance.

With that said, her character sees future disasters when she sleeps so maybe she’ll be sleeping most of the drama lol, and if she’s called on to match Lee Jong Seok’s ease with Park Hye Ryun written characters then hopefully the PD can pull the right notes out of her. The drama released script reading stills last week as a sign that promos are about to start, and this weekend comes the first drama stills of the leads on a bus. In terms of competition it’s not going to be a tough uphill battle since MBC‘s high profile Hospital Ship is more of a lumbering barge than a speed boat.


First Drama Stills of Lee Jong Seok and Suzy for While You Were Sleeping Along with Script Reading Session — 30 Comments

  1. So fast ms koala! I’ve been waiting eagerly for this drama since forever. I can’t wait for my tv screen to be blessed with such a beautiful faces . Amen !

  2. Except for “Live Up Tp Your Name”, the dramas being churned out this year majorly are terribly meh. I don’t know what to hope from “While You Are Sleeping”. LJS been consistently good at picking great projects coupled with solid scriptwriter as PHR but Suzy has high potential to ruin everything. I still blame her for not getting to complete UF despite how much I adore Kim Woo Bin.

    • Really? How about Secret Forest, Tunnel, Whisper, Defendant, Woman of Dignity, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Father is Strange and more. There are quite a few choices and I haven’t been able to watch all yet.

    • Well, I’d rather watch Suzy on my screen than Lee Ddochi or whatever he was lol. Also, KWB was a little cringy in UF too, not just Suzy. Contrary to your belief, KWB acting isn’t that great and when he had to show more emotions and scream his lungs out, I couldn’t relate nor take him seriously. I hope KWB gets better though.

      • 2016 produced many hit dramas, and even the low rated dramas were more interesting than in 2017. This year is suffering a drama slump it seems.

  3. If I love the both dramas, I found a little bit boring that characters of LJS always were perfect… I’m not a big fan of him or of Suzy and the story is not appealing to me. Maybe I will try it:)

    • Now that you point it out, I also find the same thing about LJS. He is lack of versatility. He is quite a solid actor but somewhat I find him less and less appealing. Could be I got tired of watching him playing similar characters.

      • I share your opinion. He was okay in School 2013 and good in IHYV, but everything after and before that, I’ve fund him bad. I don’t remember disliking him during his IHYV days but he’s gotten less and less appealing to the point I find him terribly overrated and mediocre. It’s a crime how many awards he has gotten (even daesang!) despite him not being that great. There are tons of more talented, appealing and handsome actors that never get chances like LJS. Lee Ddocchi gets too high salary per episode, higher than his co-actresses even though most of them have been his seniors and better at acting too. His salary per episode in 2014 was $60 000 and that’s before he joined YG. It’s really, too high of a salary compared to his acting skills. Outrageous.

  4. I hope this drama breaks 20% and finally puts SBS out of its misery since their last 20% ratings drama was Whisper and it’s been forever since that aired. I have hopes for this and Temperature of Love.

  5. Suzy looks promising here. Her cutting her hair for this role already made her look like she takes her role seriously. She is likable and she was suitable for her role in Dream High, also written by PHR. ‘Daesang winner’ Lee Jong Suk looks forever the same, same boring character, no versatility. His looks more feminine next to Suzy too, a turn off to me. His acting is so mediocre yet his fangirls keep raising him to pedestal and saying that he deserved his daesang, so laughable.

    • your idol Suzy is actually the real overhype and mediocre, you dare downplay LJS who’s a Daesang winner, you probably just got out from mental hospital then you’ll be excused, we dont need to take you serious.

      • Suzy is not my idol. Suzy is terribly mediocre and I find her visuals are so overrated too (but beauty is in the eye of beholder, so I won’t go further in this matter). It was a farce when she got the MBC excellent actress award from Gu Family Book and her acting is below mediocre. However, I’d rather watch Suzy’s face than your Ddocchi ’’daesang winner’ oppa’s plastic face coupled with his terribly mediocre acting.

  6. Lol everyone can just ignore prettyautumn, who might actually be fugly in real life. I’m no fan of LJS or any other oppas she/he like to bash, but it’s pretty annoying how he/she butts in to every single thread here and give opinions like they are the truth. *roll eyes*

  7. I just see no chemistry from these photos above. Lee Jong Suk is appealing on screen and much loved actor. I think every actor shouldnt be versatile. Working out the charms they have like they mean, they are fine to me. Much different than Suzy who has been riding on her idol status and fans comes with it.

  8. I will probably pass on this one – storyline doesn’t sound original. I don’t know, but when reading the description, it reminded me of the jdrama “Akuma Chan” from a few years ago that had a similar concept. As for the cast, Suzy will probably act like Suzy. While LJS will probably act the same as he previous dramas. I guess it’s nice to have a writer want to work with u, but playing the same type of the role prevents actors from expanding their skills

  9. I hope Park Hye Ryun picks another actor. Lee Jong Suk is probably her muse, but I would like to see other actors working with her as well.

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