Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young Take Home Best Drama Acting Prize at 2017 Seoul Drama Awards

It’s already the 12th annual Seoul Drama Awards, one of the lesser known of the many awards ceremonies Korea comes up with to laud its own creativity and prowess but this time it’s so lackluster to the point I think it should be renamed the Big Smile Park Duo Awards. The sole noteworthy occurrence at the awards, held on Thursday night at the KBS grand hall, was Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young winning best actor and actress, respectively, for their most recent dramas.

His take on the Joseon romantic crown prince with ideals in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds was winning enough but really more notable for how high the ratings were for that drama which narratively deflated in the second half. And funnily enough the same can be applied to Park Bo Young for her win in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, but since I love them both for their overall charm and hardworking ethos this win can be applied for their greater drama oeuvre and that works for me. On a side note, oy vey was the fashion so uninspiring and duller than usual even for K-ent awards show standards.


Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young Take Home Best Drama Acting Prize at 2017 Seoul Drama Awards — 6 Comments

  1. Lee El! Always one of my favorites! She popped the red carpet in that purple blue jewel colored gown, a rare contrast to the sea of pastel color dresses that fade into the background. I wish more actresses would wear more distinct colors on the red carpet.

  2. I thought Park Bo Young had a surgery for her ankle, high heels it’s not the best.

    I really like Moonlight draw by Clouds, the plot was not too complicate and the forces between the bad and good were equilibrate. It’ not like the bads are winning until the last episode. And there was a lot of humour, it was nice for a historic drama. For Strong Woman DBS, the couple was cute but there was no story…

  3. I wouldn’t say it narratively deflated. The drama made it very clear from the start that it was NOT historical although yes, the character of Lee Young was based on history. The perception of deflation could have stemmed from the growing “GRAVITAS” of the plot toward the end but that was necessary to resolve the conflict borne by the fact that Raon, whom Lee Young loved, was the rebel’s daughter. Moreover, Lee Young had to prove that he had what it take to rule Joseon which meant that hurdles had to be gargatuan and strategy brilliant but grounded in reality. Plotwise, the story-telling knew where it was headed and followed it confidently.

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