Hospital Ship Stays Above Double Digit Ratings in Second Week and Manhole Drops to All Time Low 1.8%

MBC‘s new Wed-Thurs drama Hospital Ship had a fast launch with double digit ratings premiere in the first day but the second day episodes went down in ratings to high single digits. Things appear to have stabilized this week as the medical team on the sea ratings went back up to double digits, with Wed’s episode taking in 10.8% and 11.3% and now Thursday it went up to 11.3% and 13.0%. Reunited Worlds remained second with 5.7% and 6.4% but poor beleaguered Manhole dropped below 2 and took in only a pitiful 1.8% ratings.

KBS has cut short dramas that took in double the ratings of Manhole but there’s no word on putting this puppy out of its misery. MBC did have a hiccup with Wednesday’s airing in that the back episode aired a fire safety video because the network farmed out post production to an outside company and had a production snafu so didn’t have the footage to air. This coupled with the network strike does make it a wonder that Hospital Ship is floating not to mention leading the pack.


Hospital Ship Stays Above Double Digit Ratings in Second Week and Manhole Drops to All Time Low 1.8% — 15 Comments

    • Yes. There is a slight increase this week for Manhole. Last week was the worst. With 1.4%, Manhole inducted itself to become the lowest rated drama of all-time.

  1. i don’t know why,i think man hole is not time traveller time story, and make soo jin fiancee become psychopath is soooooo childish. i just hope manhole ending with more understanding or logical story,no matter how fiction their story.

  2. I don’t think KBS can afford to cut short Manhole since they are on strike. Plus even despite its low ratings, I think I read somewhere that it sold at a high price to Japan due to Jaejoong’s fandom.

  3. KBS executives don’t cut “Manhole” off, because a japanese TV channel decided to buy it an a big price per episode. Less episodes, less revenue.
    I just wonder if Jaejoong popularity will make this drama a hit in Japan or it will be another ‘prove’ that Hallyu is dead there

  4. Hospital Ship isn’t perfect but there is enough to like especially the lack of boring hospital politics. It definitely has lucked into a good ratings situation but it is an easy enough watch.

    • “Decently well” is underselling it. With episode 4 it is overtaking Falsify (very close to ending) as the top-rated primetime show in Korea. It has a decent chance of rising further.

  5. Hospital Ship was much better this week than the last. Still over the top but I liked that we had more quiet, ordinary moments – the normal checkups, the school health check, taking the kids to school by boat. All interesting. I find the characters interesting too and hyuns blatant crush on eun jae so cute (and so funny that’s she’s aware of it) Not a brilliant drama by any means. Reunited worlds became so boring / draggy though and manhole is not great so I’m not surprised that hospital Ship is leading the way.

    • I am enjoying Hospital Ship too. I hope they rev up the romance line as I think it would add some light hearted moments. Rather than hospital politics, it would be nice to see the storyline focus on the relationships between the people on the hospital ship.

    • Who knows? 2016-17 has had quite a few sleeper hits beating bigger and more hyped dramas in ratings.

      If Hospital Ship keeps up its rating that will be a miracle since MBC is included in the strike and who knows how they even manage filming.

  6. Here is ha ji was won proving people wrong again.
    People were so sure empress Ki would flop ,look how well it did.
    Now a drama currently hitting 13 percent is tagged decently well when two worlds that didn’t average as much is termed a hit?

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