Character Previews for OCN Drama Black Swathed in Theatrical Gloom and Doom

This certainly looks fantastically gloomy, just the right mood for a drama about a grim reaper and a woman who can see dead people. The timing is a bit off since supernatural K-dramas are almost always aired in August which in the lunar calendar is ghost month in Asian countries. But fall also works, when the air turns brisk and the nights long, I want to wrap myself in a blanket and get spooked properly.

Upcoming OCN drama Black released two new teasers to start the week, character-centric teasers focused on male lead Song Seung Heon who is a grim reaper cast into the human world and inhabits the body of a police detective and crosses paths with Go Ara‘s female lead who can see ghosts and it’s clearly not the warm and fuzzy type. They look fantastic in the dark moody teasers, I can feel Go Ara’s fear and Song Seung Heon can do no wrong for me when he just stands there and does his Zoolander thing.

Character previews for Black:


Character Previews for OCN Drama Black Swathed in Theatrical Gloom and Doom — 6 Comments

  1. The teasers look intriguing though I don’t have much faith in both leads. And Go Ara’s eyes are deeply haunting. But then I LOL with the way they pronounced the word “Black”.

  2. The scene with the tall iron-paned window, dark stony floor, black caper-trench-coat and mysterious smoke reminds me of Jack the Ripper and recent HBO dark fantasies. A refreshing departure from the recent run-of-the-mill Kdrama.

  3. Go Ara’s eyes are mesmerizing but, unfortunately, I don’t see any variation or subtlety in her expressions or even eyes. She just has the same stubborn expression throughout. She is lucky though to have been cast in an artistic and high profile cable drama with her acting range.

  4. Hmm…well, good luck OCN! These 2 were hired for a reason so I guess we’ll see why. I really hope the writing is at least really good and I’ll be checking it out for the premise.

  5. I believe that they can pull it off as they are one of the best. The way say Black is cute though haha. It is thrilling in a good way. People here are always finding lack, well they are not perfect to begin with as well as I and all the people in the world.
    Go Ara has her own acting style and will not please haters ’cause haters still gonna find lack and always hate… oh well..
    Black fighting!!!

    • Can’t help but agree with your comment?? to me there’s no such thing as an awful actor, drama or movie. Films and dramas are the product of people’s hard work and do not deserve any negativity…criticism and suggestions are welcome but i hope people will just be more tactful…just an opinion?

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