Yoo Seung Ho Confirms MBC Rom-com I Am Not a Robot with Chae Soo Bin Still in Talks

I’m not going to look a gift drama gods casting in the mouth, and who knows it may actually all come together in the end. Yoo Seung Ho has confirmed his second drama of 2017 with the MBC romantic comedy I Am Not a Robot, a complete 180 change in genre from his last drama being sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask. Fans of Yoo Seung Ho will also get to experience another first for this young actor, his first romantic comedy K-drama as I Am Not a Robot casts him as a stereotypical chaebol who melts through love, with the twist that he falls for a robot girl. Ahahaha, I can make really inappropriate jokes involving rich men with inanimate objects resembling women but Zettai Kareshi opened the door to robot-human love with the robot being a guy so the gender police can rest easy that both genders get to be equally objected. The drama comes from the PD of W: Two Worlds and She Was Pretty with the second screenwriter of Shine or Go Crazy.

In talks for the leading lady is Chae Soo Bin, who I don’t like or dislike but so often gives off no screen presence or the screen presence of a screechy plotting second female lead though in recent year she has been elevated to leading lady role. I kinda hope she drops out and Yoo Seung Ho gets a more charismatic female lead, but then again I’m watching Robot to get my Seung Ho as a chaebol with an allergy to humans fix. The drama premieres in late October after Hospital Ship on Wed-Thurs.


Yoo Seung Ho Confirms MBC Rom-com I Am Not a Robot with Chae Soo Bin Still in Talks — 18 Comments

      • Same here! this trend needs to end. It’s the same when the lead actor is much older than the actress, it’s so uncomfortable.

  1. I don’t know what’s with K-dramaland these days but most dramas are boring, cliche and nothing fresh. Except for “Live Up To Your Name”, I really could not find anything to watch.
    I like that Yoo Seung Ho continue to be versatile and choosing diverse role but I don’t have a good feeling about this drama. And Chae Soo Bin seems to be everywhere and I got tired of her already.

    • Try to watch “Save me”. It’s so exciting, dark, and different. OCN never dissapoint! And, of course, Age of youth 2. These girls are so relatable and so fresh, I love them!

  2. I like him so I will give it a try… Similarly I like both leads in Ruler but I couldn’t even get through a third of the episodes! What’s with K-dramaland these days, nothing to watch ?

    • @candycane, me too i couldn’t get through Ruler even for the actors, i’ ll give a try too ,like i always do . But i don’t know if it’s me who is changing because i couldn”t finish a lot of dramas these 2 past years. I suppose that i’m waiting too much from them.

  3. Yay for CSB. She’s brilliant in Strongest Deliveryman. I started watching her as a antagonist, and im glad she’s now playing protagonist. As long as the actress isnt tall, im okay. I cant handle seeing YSH with tall actress hehe.. He will look small beside them. Good luck YSH

    • I actually saw her in Rebel, but your mention of her as an antagonist had me going through her wiki and it turns out this is the same girl who played the villain in Sassy Go Go?! She’s really good, to have that kind of range so early in her career.

  4. As an actress she’s not bad , but for me she lacks presence wich can be a good or bad thing depending on the roles. But honestly i don’t have a preference for Yoo Seung Ho co star as some of my fav actresses are too old or seem much older than him !

  5. Koala no offence here but if you can root for Suzy in dramas when she is basically a black hole with no skills or chemistry, I think you can be a little fairer to a young actress who is at least better than that, on the grounds that she has no presence.

    CSB isn’t perfect but I like her a lot in Rebel, which had me quite surprised since I’m usually not into actresses with her type of looks. And she can do more than just play sweet girl next door, I was quite impressed by the scene where she tried to tear the king’s throat out.

  6. If ruler did not happen I would still love to see him paired with Kim So Hyun.. (Still hoping to see them in a better drama together)rom-com sounds a better genre for their age range rather than a melo (w/c was unfortunately disrupted by a crazy plot line)…

  7. its a good time to be chae soo bin,she is in one drama after another.i have watched four drama of hers and i think she is competent enough.she kills it in rebel and sassy go go.

    she and yoo seung hoo will be an interesting pair and l am looking forward to it.

  8. i agreed with with she dont have presence when acting hooefully she drop it. I perfer younger and shorter actress act along yo seung ho like kimmyoo jung, kim sae ron, kim so hyun, nam ji hyun who akready sucessfully act adult role.

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