Viewers Not Feeling the Many Noona-Dongsaeng Romances on Current K-dramas Hospital Ship and Temperature of Love

Being bummed with something I wanted so badly to love really sucks, and even worse is not even dropping from love to like to salvage things a bit. This week K-netizens are really not feeling it for the saturation of noona-dongsaeng romances on prime time dramas. There’s Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong on Mon-Tues with Temperature of Love and over on Wed-Thurs the romance wrapped up with finished airing Reunited Worlds with Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Yeon Hee and really heated up on the Hospital Ship between Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk.

I’ve been watching all three dramas and none of the OTP works! It’s a combination of visual incompatibility to no romantic chemistry in expression. Hospital Ship even threw in a second noona this week with Wang Ji Won and she looks even older than Ha Ji Won opposite baby-faced Kang Min Hyuk. I seriously want casting re-dos everywhere but then again none of these three dramas had good screenwriting anyways so perhaps no loss in the end. Just my sadness that some good actors like Ha Ji Won being wasted on Hospital Ship and Kim Jae Wook playing an eccentric on Temperature of Love.


Viewers Not Feeling the Many Noona-Dongsaeng Romances on Current K-dramas Hospital Ship and Temperature of Love — 116 Comments

  1. Yep. Spot on. All 3 pairings are awful. But Reunited Worlds takes the cake. The writing is so awful and cliche that the drama has actually turned me off Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Yeon Hee for good. Like im not even sure I can bear to watch him or her in a long while from now. That feeling of nausea… i refuse to watch Hospital Ship and just saw 1 so of temperature of love which is boring. The only onscreen pairing that works at this moment is Kim Bam Gil and Kim Ah Joong. I can watch them at it for another 20 episodes. It’s just that good

  2. Désormais, je renonce à comprendre les méandres des derniers casting. Je ne trouve pas que les dramas soient mauvais, ni les acteurs d’ailleurs mais l’alchimie n’est pas là. Cependant je tiens à souligner que si la différence d’âge est la base du problème, je trouve cela sexiste car souvent l’écart d’âge entre certains acteurs mâles et leurs partenaires est tout aussi important. Sorry for my comment in french but my average English sometimes doesn’t reflect what i really mean.

    • Oui je comprend ton sentiment, quand ce sont des hommes bien plus âgés ça ne pose pas tant problème mais quand la femme est plus âgée tout le monde en fait une histoire. Personnellement, j’ai regardé les 4 premiers épisodes de Temperature of Love et j’ai beaucoup aimé, l’histoire prend le dessus et le gars est tellement responsable et mature qu’il apparaît pas du tout comme un jeunot à côté d’elle. Ca dépend vraiment de comment est tournée l’histoire, ça peut paraître vraisemblable ou pas et l’alchimie joue aussi bien que je trouve que l’alchimie ne dépend pas seulement des acteurs mais de comment est écrit leur relation.

      • Merci pour le commentaire en français @whaleontheshore. Je suis d’accord aussi avec toi. Le script et la vision du réalisateur sont très importants.

  3. hahaha. i always think of the post about the worst kisser onscreen being HJW and man, does she prove it. The pic above with her, even a statue would have more open lips.

    The couple in the train below, the actress there seems more alive in k drama terms when kissing. HJW, if she is so frozen to kiss, why did she even ever try onscreen? Its so laughable rather than being all fuzzy and romantic. She really needs to learn to kiss onscreen.

  4. I like watching “hospital ship” it’s a classical medical drama but i don’t see the necessary of the love line ! I think that i’m more in love with my neighbor’s cat who pops everyday in my garden than the character’s Ha Ji Won is with her partner!

  5. I agree with Koala, none of the three OTPs work for me too. Pretty meh and cringe worthy.

    Sad, Ha Ji Won and Kim Jae Wok wasted in those dramas. Sigh…

  6. I didn’t like the couple in Reunited World because of the female character. It seemed she stayed in the past at the age of 18 and it was him who grew up… It was really weird. And all the mystery about his death and the murderer was boring.

    Personaly, I like the main couple in Hospital Ship. I didn’t really like all the medical part but I like the relationship between the characters. And I don’t see the gap of age like an issue. The first kiss was not passionate but the scene didn’t need one. I found it pretty natural not a lot of effects like slow motion.

    For the third drama, their relationship is pretty sudden, but the main character is mature and very straighforward so it didn’t bother me.

    • Oh I’m pretty much agree the development between OTP in temperature of love is pretty sudden. But It’s intentional. The writers want to potray their relationship based on their happiness they share, a fairy tale relationship. not because they mean for each other, yet. They met and attract because they feel happy when they are together, pretty much based on an escape to their reality they face everyday. I just think the flow of this drama is pretty much make sense so far. Hope it will be continue to be this solid.

    • I agree re Hospital Ship. I think it was meant to be an unexpected (tipsy) kiss. I don’t have any issue with the visuals between the two. My issue with Hospital Ship is that it can’t settle on a tone. It has funny bits, overwrought bits, mild romantic bits, makjang etc They have absolutely lucked into a great time slot situation and for HJW, I’m happy for her but I think her luck is gonna run out.

      I also agree about Temperature of Love. It reminds me of Romantic Dr in that the kiss came early and then nothing (I dropped so I can’t say how long). I am just hoping they do the time jump this next week.

    • Yeo Jin Gu actually had really good chemistry with the younger actress who played the high school version of Lee Yeon Hee.

      If they had made the drama with that girl as the female lead (make it so he comes back 2-5 years later, not 13 years later), it would have been a more believable love story and a better drama.

    • I did watch HOSPITAL SHIP because of Ha Ji-won, one of my favorite actors. She hardly ever ages as I’ve seen almost all of her dramas. I liked her in Secret Garden but she was, for me, most memorable in Empress Ki with Ji Chang-wook.
      I have been curious about the members of CNBlue who have crossed over to K-drama, Kang Min-yuk, being one of them. From his performance in Heirs to Hospital Ship, I saw a lot of improvement and maturity.
      That being said, Hospital Ship DID SUFFER from very BAD WRITING. I watched episodes 1-3, stopped then resumed watching the last 5 episodes. I didn’t really see why they dragged it on for 20 episodes.

  7. Yeah I never liked noona romances or even older man- younger woman relationships either. Is it that hard to find a filming partner of similar age? Or at least similar looks? Kang Minhyuk is a legit baby face they should’ve at least gotten someone that looks older! This is why I’m starting to migrate to mainland dramas.

    • Ditto, I agree.I am with knets this time…Jun Ji Hyun, Ha ji Won, Seo Hyun Jin..all are ladies that can draw viewers by their name alone…Why do they insist on pairing them with boys..

      Or extreme age gaps for older man-younger women like Ji Sung and Hyeri in entertainer, Lee Santa and Kim Tae Ri in the upcoming Mr Sunshine..etc heck even the famous “Goblin” did well mostly because of the bromance and the secondary couple romance not because of pairing between Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun…

      This needs to stop..its not like there are no more eligible 30- something men to headline and create hits in dramaland or there are no more 20 something actresses to pair these boys with..after all kdrama audience is mostly ahjummas..

      • I don’t think that’s the reason though. The fact is that most of the ladies want to be headlining their own dramas and not play a second fiddle to the guys. And for that you need a lesser-known male lead. I think productions skew young when they try to look for people with this in mind. Though there are certainly better options out there like Kim Ji-suk and all.

      • How much do the actresses mentioned get paid per episode? Can the production afford a more experienced/older actor? I have always had a bit of an assumption that is why you see this happen. As far as that goes, I’m happy for the gals getting their payday. Yes, you get JJH and LMH in Legend with a big name writer but that is the exception more than the rule.

      • Well, the goblin was 900 years old, right? Hard to find a girl who’s age appropriate with that! 🙂

  8. I really like the dialogue in Temperature of Love, As expected from writers Ha Myung He… It’s mature and intellegent. And I’m pretty sold with the world she create… And the directing definitely to my surprise is so solid, Way better than doctors. I will continue to watch it for that alone… I agree they should change the male lead, he is pretty bland so far, just doesn’t match with Seo Hyun Jin’s natural acting.

    • Ha Myung Hee writer is good at writing nice dialogues and building bridges between the characters, but she gets lost with the plot after couple of episodes. Maybe too much pressure from the viewers?

    • Yeah I’m pretty underwhelmed with the male lead too. They have good chemistry and like you said the writing and IMO the directing are good so far so I’ll keep watching for now. Based on other dramas this year though, I’m worried this will not maintain it’s quality till the end. It could easily become unenjoyable or boring to watch since it’s main focus is their relationship.

      Kdramas are pretty underwh

    • Yupz Temperature of Love is very watchable for me. It’s very much reminiscent of On The Way to Airport in its overall feel.
      The male lead is decent – he stood out in Romantic Doctor Kim, as well as Saimdang and the other where he played dual roles. For a young actor with not that much under his belt – he’s ok, and looks wise … sufficient eye candy!

      Way better than Doctors, it’s even more tiring now that Wang Ji won is on board too.

  9. Never ever like noona romance if the boys looks like boys. I just can’t to watch them no matter what. It’s different story if the boys looks like men. All the three dramas have boys not men while the girls are ladies.

    The three dramas have awful pairs. Poor Kim Jae Wook and Ha Ji Won. They deserve better. The ratings might be okay, but won’t left much impression.

    See how Secret Love Affair worked no matter the age gap between the leads. Because Yoo Ah In is a gentleman. So the romance feel believable. It reminds me Richard Gere and Diana Keaton ” Unfaithful”. Very believable couple.

    I think noona romance will work if the girls look like ‘girls’ such as Yumi, Jang Nara or Han Ji Min. See Rooftop Prince, Discovery of Love or Jang Nara-Seo In Guk pair.

    • yes but the age gap wasn’t big in the case of Han ji Min and Jung Yumi (4 or 5 years).Some Young actors still have baby faces and others seem to be older. Yoo yun Suk would have been better but he declined ( Hospital Ship) or Yoo Ah in .

      • Jang Nara has big age gap with Seo In Guk but the pairing is still believable. Same as Yoo Ah In-Kim Min Hee. Or we forgot Jun Ji Hyun-Kim So Hyun?

        Personally I think Ha Ji Won and Seo Hyun Jin looks are more mature so pairing them with younger boys without sex appeals is a big no. The only believable pairing for Seo Hyun Jin was with Eric who is pretty much older than her. While Ha Ji Won, her best partner also with similar age like So Ji Sub, Jo In sung or Hyun Bin.

      • Jang Nara never ages . she could have been one of the girls of Age of Youth . As Seo Hyun Jin she is only 6 years younger than Eric. The pretty same as Yoon Eun Hye/Kang Ji Hwan/Gong yoo. But yes thèses actresses are at their best with older actors.Ha Ji Won,…are “real women” who need a strong counterpart.

      • Ha Ji Won was good with Lee Seung Gi also… Han Ji Min is a big no-no, I won’t watch her in anything after “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”, she is such a big turnoff, yucks! Jang Nara is good, I like her 🙂

  10. and yet koreans are watching ship passed the coveted 10% and temperature of love is about to pass it too.that seems hypocritical to me.

    As for me i enjoy both hospital ship and temperature of love now as they are well written unlike reunited worlds which was soo good in the initial episodes but loses the plot later on.TOl is fast paced with mature dialogue.i found nothing wrong with the noona donsaeng relationship too.

    • Me too ! I think a lot of persons have preconception and just stay with it. For TOL, the gap is only 7 years, for Suzy and LJS the gap is 5 years and nobody is talking about it.

      • Loving Temperature of Love for now too.

        It’s the only captivating one out so far in a while, that has me heading right into Ep 2, rather then for a bathroom break or the fridge! 🙂

  11. I actually like the couple in temperature of love. Others it’s not so much the couple as in the writing. The writing cannot it doesn’t draw people in.

  12. All those dramas are meh! The OTP are nonsensical.
    Take a look at “Live Up To Your Name”. The OTP are about the same age and oozing chemistry left right top bottom front and back, successfully building tension and restrained desire and BOOM a hot kiss in episode 12 and got everyone went wild. Part of the reasons the drama is so much loved is because of the explosive chemistry between Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong that I feel it would be a waste if these two not ended up married in real life.

    • Acting is the key here combined with a good script…give Kim Nam Gil’s role to an actor with lesser skills and see how it’d turn out…I don’t think it would be this good. Kim Ah Joong is lucky to act alongside such a fine actor. She’s decent but she definitely needs a strong partner to make her shine. People want to make an issue of the age gap but for me it has more to do with bad writing and acting. On topic, I’m only watching TOL out of the three (Having dropped Reunited Worlds a long time ago, not because of the OTP but the show bored me)
      I beg to differ on TOL, Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong have great chemistry (+ both are on par acting-wise). The scene where he’s staring at her with awe (before asking her out *squeals*) gave me butterflies in the stomach. And the kiss in episode 2 was so sweet and romantic, beautifully shot.

      Lastly, to prove that it’s not necessarily an age issue. Go Ara (1990) and Park Seo Joon (1988) failed to bring excitement in Hwarang (though I blame both, the writer and Go Ara’s acting for that), they were a bore to watch, skipped most of their scenes)/Ha Ji Won (1978) and Lee Jin Wook in TTWWIL- no spark either and probably her worst partner ever (her best being Ji Chang Wook(1987) imo)/Ha Ji Min and Hyun Bin (same age) in Hyde Jekyll, Me (another example of bad writing) and I could on..

  13. I haven’t watched temp. of love or reunited worlds yet, but I have to disagree with Hospital Ship as I am thoroughly enjoying this drama. I don’t think this is HJW’s best pairing but I also don’t think it’s completely devoid of chemistry -especially due to the fact that the romance is just starting in the storyline. Also it seems the 2nd male lead was just barely thrown into the mix, so I am curious to see how it shakes up the story. I think KMH is doing a good job acting with HJW despite earlier concerns.

    • I agree that Hospital Ship pairing works. Although the age gap is obvious, it’s workable and the leads do have chemistry and charisma. Chemistry is subjective, it’s not an in-your-face-white lightning-rod kind of chemistry, more like a gentle rain kind of chemistry, from trusted colleagues to lovers. I actually buy their chemistry more than Temperature of Love, which, right now is so very new. As for Reunited Worlds, I thought the whole point was that she aged while he didn’t. So she’s supposed to look and act older, though I firmly believe she would have been better paired with the second male lead…

  14. All the three OTPs are unbelievable. I just can’t. Waiting for similar age romance with hot chemistry. Hot doesn’t mean skinship though. But the comfy around each other that I couldn’t find the above three OTPs.

  15. What has happened to Kdrama lately? So run of the mill and so running out of ideas and tricks. The noona romance doesn’t work because the baby-faced male leads simply lack sex appeal. Yoo Ah In in Secret Affair may look much younger, but he oozes confidence, manliness and sexiness.

    Another thing that strikes me is the very significant change that, I feel, has come over the international Kdrama audience. If the commentators at Dramabeans and, to a lesser extent, at this site, are anything to go by, there seems to be a significant shrinking in their number. GO back just five years and you would find 200 or 300 comments for most DM recaps or news, but now 20 or 30 is more likely, with the occasional 100 or 200 for really frothy, light, rom-coms. The commentators are also much younger in age and taste, with frothy, light-hearted rom-coms starring idol actors/actresses getting most of the attention above and over solid shows starring maturer actors. Is it true that as you grow older you get weaned of Kdrama, or is it because Kdrama itself has more or less lost its zing?

    • About dramabeans, I am not surprised that the traffic has decreased and will continue to decreasing.I used to follow and enjoy their recaps since 2012 but had to back off last year.I only peep in occasionally to check the news thats it.

      Here is why; starting with the recappers themselves, i dont know if they recruited new recappers or something.I mean to say, recappers are supposed to be critics and that means they need to recap objectively.They can throw in their opinion every now and then but these days, its too subjective and their commentators dont seem to have their own voice and just digest whatever its being thrown at them.But thats fine.

      What I think is really turning people off from that website is the commentators.They all want to act like they are movie/drama/acting experts but the way they write comes off as snobby and elitist.They do have biases towards certain actors and actresses over other actors and actresses, but they want to pretend that they dont.One can smell the hypocrasy from a mile away.They want to act like their community is superior over other website when it is no different from this one, or soompi or even

      • Totally agree. The recappers lost their objective opinions while commentators are full with fans from the actors only who will say only good things about their favorite actors dramas. I miss the debate and excellent analysis from both viewers and recappers whenever I read them.

        Another thing, korean dramas nowadays are suck. Especially this year. 2016 was much better.

      • since healer, it is always a fandom-fest

        Sometimes you find interesting comment and more critical, I mean criminal mind got a bad response but still Idk how school 2017 is popular there.

        I find the website is a bit laggy now and doesn’t look as compact as it used to be. It’s nice to watch when you like a drama but isn’t that much fun when you always get to point out what’s wrong with the drama.

      • I don’t think it’s the commenters turning people off db, I think it’s that none of the dramas right now are the fangirl-attracting type.

        Just one year ago the recaps for Moonlight drawn by Clouds and Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart had hundreds and thousands of comments per recap. Even the Liar and His Lover had 2500+ comments in its last post… I don’t understand any of the dramas dramabeans goes gaga over, including Healer. But if the commenters themselves are the issue that must be really recent. I noticed that one recent drama went from getting 100+ comments in recaps to about half that, probably just because everyone was fangirling over the second lead guy and I guess some people got sick of it and decided to just not bother commenting.

    • During my high school days, I would watch tons of Asian dramas (Korean, Japan, Taiwan, China, and even Thais). And I’m watching more than 3 dramas at a time. As I got older, I simply don’t have the time to watch. And when I do have the time, it’s only 1 or 2 dramas that I watch now. Plus, Kdramas lately aren’t that good. The only ones that I’ve completed this year are “Secret of Forest” and “Suspicious Partner”. I’m currently watching “Live Up to Your Name”. This is just my personal opinion, I feel that Kdramas have lost its touch for the past few years now. I don’t remember finishing a Kdrama last year. I’m surprised I even finished two this year.

    • I mean this website isnt any better and does have its toxic doses from time to time.They are catfights between kdrama actor/actress fandoms and anti fans on the regular.But still no one is forced or manipulated to agree with what koala or a fellow commentator is saying.Every single artist here is exposed to criticism.So for those who have biases that are criticised too often, you wont see them here.

      Second, as for MOST mature actors not being popular with international audiences.Its simple.First, it depends on your definition of “solid shows”.If solid shows means thrillers/crime, medical dramas, authenic sageuks(not fact/fiction saeguk or fusion sageuk with fantasy elements)..makjang melos, family dramas..those are not popular with international audience even from the beginning.They are very few that have been a hit both in and out of korea.Those genres are also the ones which most “mature actors” star in.Or the trend is since 2015, these “mature actors” are all migrating to movie world and by the time they show up again in dramaland.People have already moved on and are already swallowing up the next “young hot thing”.

      • Really miss those comments from five years ago. So frank, intelligent, funny and sometimes a bit on the raucous side. You are right about the recent recappers who simply pile on praises and are so afraid to offend or criticize. JB and GF used to write such sharp, witty and humorous recaps. Ms Koala has left off recapping as well, like since several years ago? Anyway I definitely feel that the international audience has got younger in age and taste. Perhaps domestic audience as well? And that probably affects the casting of young idol actors too? Oh, by “mature” I mean above 34 years old.

    • It isn’t just Kdramas, it happens every where. As audiences mature, the ‘seen-it-before’ concept comes in and there are no more new ideas. They do need new concepts.

      Also, there is the possibility mature fans are still watching Kdramas but don’t comment as much, i.e. not the young argumentative fan girl anymore.

      DB has always been an ‘Oppa-worshipping’ site and not objective enough. It’s good if you’re their fan girls. There has been a few instances throughout the years and I really thought I was the only person with a different opinion to them. Example: City Hunter was a mediocre drama but the way LMH was worshipped turned me away for good. Another reason is investment (esp China) has been vastly reduced so promotion/media play is reduced also.

    • Perhaps the reduced number of comments on DB is due to all the factors you mentioned, but also because of licensing issues on legal sites: Dramafever and Viki, many of the latest dramas are no longer viewable to the public who don’t want to use illegal streaming sites due to viruses and stuff.

      I agree that DB is no longer what it used to be up until a few years ago, the flavor has certainly changed due to a lot of new recappers. I miss the old days, but they say change means progress, n’est pas?

      • Yes, I won’t watch on an illegal site and I am not alone. I think this has hurt some of the dramabeans numbers.

    • I have been watching dramas for years and what really has decreased my interest is the casting of idols that just cannot act. I don’t know why audiences stand for it, especially when there are actually good actors and actresses that get passed over in favor of idols. And this isn’t just in Korea, but in other Asian countries as well. As for drama blogs, this one in particular, I used to like this blog because there was news about all Asian dramas and novels, unlike drama beans. But unfortunately that is not really the case anymore… 🙁

      • I don’t have issues with idol casting as long as they can act at least a little. Like everyone had the knives out for the girl from School 2017 but I liked her and thought she was natural and charming.

        But it’s as you said – some idols (we know the names) simply can’t act but keep getting lead roles in high profile projects, it’s just not worth it to follow kdramas when they actively court such shitty acting. And especially now that western shows have improved so much and have different concepts/shorter seasons. I’ll prefer the little kids on Stranger Things to whatever crappy idol casting Korea is trying to pull.

  16. I have no issue with the Hospital Ship couple, while the real age difference is huge but due to HJW’s youthfulness and KHM being more mature in this show, they do look compatible for me. Especially due to the character writing, KMH’s character is relatively mature and has warm personality, he played the role reasonably well.

    For me, the chemistry works and the weave in and out of character development due to different medical and stories behind the characters were enjoyable. I’m less concern about technical accuracy in the medical field but do read comments from viewers who claimed they are from medical that some depictions / scenes are quite accurate. I’m happy to see show highlighting parent child relationship, venturing into what is best for terminal cancer patient, realistic relief a burdensome child felt when daddy signed to the DNR form. There were many touching moments in the drama and not to mention the beautiful scenaries.

    • So far I enjoyed watching Hospital Ship. Especially with the last 4 eps make it more interesting. Except i think 2nd lead way too young for Ha Jiwon. I know KMH already vr young for HJW but somehow the last 4 eps ive seen KMH as grown man.

    • With their budding romance… i also agree with you. Thoroughly enjoying hospitalship! There was so much commotion before about their age gap but now even kang min hyuk fans are loving their chemistry.
      Ratings say the rest of the story! Peace.

  17. Aw, I loved Reunited Worlds. To me the romance wasn’t the center of the story at all. If it was, then I think it would be a little flat. But the main point seemed to be about his family and friends (of which she was a part). I did want a little more to the girl’s character, but the storyline overall left me with positive feelings.

    In general, I’m not into noona romances, either. But I’ve gotten used to them as a thing in the kdrama world.

  18. Just to add the recent Hospital Ship kiss, HJW do look non reactive, but per character writing, she is cool and has not dated. Hence, it is her first kiss with a grown up man. It is also a surprise kiss for her and she probably have positive feelings and under influence of a alcohol did not reject but just accept it as it is. She is not written to be hot bodied and hence to return the kiss passionately, cos it is more like a comfort kiss.

    However, do hope when the next kiss is written, they are more certain and hence the kiss should be more passionate with more movement to show the progress in their relationship. Lol.

    • Ha ji won is my girl.She has been one of my woman crushes since forever.I have followed her career since 2012 and digested most of her filmography.But criticism needs to be given where it is due.

      First, her kiss scenes no matter how the story is written whether she is playing someone who is in love for the first time, or experienced in dating.There are always awkward.Best example was in the “time we were not in love”.She was supposed to have been in two previous relationships(with the jerk cheating boyfriend, she dumped in ep 1 or was is ep2.Then she was supposedly in a long term relationship with Yoon Gyun Sung) before finally dating Won.But when it came to the kiss scene in ep 15 when they were sure of each other’s feelings.She still was super duper awkward.

      Second, I think since 2013 after Empress Ki, she has regressed so much in her acting.But I feel that has alot to do with the cast she is being paired with, and the roles she is choosing to play not because she cant act.I feel her acting shines the most, when she is paired with strong male actors even when her character is the one driving the narrative/plot.

      See for example:
      a)Damo had Lee Seo Jin and Kim Min Joon
      b)Hwang Jin Yi had Kim Jae Won and Ryun Tae Joon
      c)Empress Ki had Joo Ji Moo and Ji Chang Wook
      d)What happen in Bali had So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung

      Third, I do think she fits dramatic roles that need her to use alot of body acting and facial expressions.Not the humanistic ones where she needs to do cutesy stuff or be mellow in her acting.

      • No to Ha Ji Won being cutesy. She just can’t. All this about the actor’s age but In The Time We Were Not In Love, she actually had to come out with an explanation for the poor kiss (and with an actor of a suitable age I guess I can say). She blamed it on an exhausting filming schedule. That’s crap. Everyone’s tired and still expected to do the job. Don’t know if she was depressed because of the quality of the drama/ratings/didn’t like the actor or whatever but you might as well finish strong. That’s the only debt owed by an actor to his/her audience. They can’t control the writing or directing but they can do their job in front of the camera.

        I don’t mean to hate on her because I do like her. I don’t love Hospital Ship but I continue to watch even though I dropped Romantic Doctor which most really loved. I always find myself liking the nurses in these dramas. Why can’t a lead be a nurse and not a doctor?

    • An exhausting filming schedule is not a valid excuse for poor kissing. Just look at Live Up to Your Name, they’ve been live shooting for some time now but, heck, their chemistry is off the charts. I guess she’s just an awkward kisser in general. I mean, I like Ha Ji Won a lot but I gotta be honest, she’s just lousy at kiss scenes.

  19. I haven’t watch “Hospital Ship” so based on the pictures above, both Ha Ji Won and Wang Ji Won looks like aunt to the male lead. >.<

  20. I actually like noona romances. But none of the above interested me, so I skipped them all. The noona romances I usually like, the male leads are actually older than their characters, or they just look believable with the female lead. Like Biscuits Teacher and Star Candy or I remember you.

  21. I agree with everyone’s comments. None of the otp works. Noona romances are fine but the otp must have chemistry and acting chops to pull it off especially the younger actors. When their acting is lacking, audience just can’t buy into the romance. Yoo Ah In is an awesome actor and as such, their romance was believable. Just having them kiss doesn’t mean they have chemistry. Even before the otp kissed in Live Up To You Name, you can feel their sexual tension since day 1. The other otp that I’m crazy worried about is JJS and Hyeri!!! It’s not gonna end well as Hyeri is lacking in the acting dept. JJS will run circles around her.

  22. I so agree with Koala, it pains me to want to like something so badly but I just can’t. I love HJW soo much but the writing, styling and pairing are all wrong. KMH looks like a teenager and HJW looks her age which poses sme off. The writing is so predicatable that it is cringe but over there on the HJW soompi thread folks are singing praises left and write saying “the age gap isn’t there” makes me want to barf hearing that lol MBc and writernim shi do you feel ashame wasting HJW’s talent?!!!! Dammit she should’ve been more picky!! A couple of lack luster projects will kill anyone’s career 🙁

    • Don’t be sad, lately a lot of veteran actresses are not lucky with their dramas , see Moon Chae Won , Kim Sun Ah (before Woman of dignity) Im soo Jung and Lee Young Ae with their comebacks after years, moon Geun Young, Shin Min Ah, and the list goes on.

      • I blame the scripts, it has nothing to do with luck. Kdrama writers predominantly write for young handsome Oppas.

      • @abc..while there is truth to what you are saying about most dramas being male-centric and most of the k drama audience favoring oppas over unnies. In my opinion, I dont think its sufficient just to blame everything on the script/writers.Even if I was a writer and wanted to write a modern rom com/melo and make it female centric, How many of these current crop of actresses headlining the dramas even the “top star” k-drama actresses? have the acting talent to carry a drama and hold the audience from ep 1-20 audience?There are many gorgeous and beauty kdrama actresses.But very few of them are overflowing with acting talent.Most are mediocre at best.They are mostly coasting on having chemistry, with their male counter parts, to maintain their credibility as actresses.

        Most of the younger ones dont really immerse themselves into their characters.Its like they are so conscious of the camera and are more concerned about maintaining their pretty images.Like when they cry, they just cry prettily.They dont make you want to cry with them.When they try to do the comedy, to most of them, the definition of comedy is turning on the aegyo and doing those cutesy voices and endless pouting.As we have seen, some cant even kiss properly..hahahaha. While the older ones take too long hiatus, so when they make comebacks, their acting is stale and dated, and when they try to imitate the acting, they did in their previous dramas to succeed.They fail miserably.

        Also this may come off as a bit rude, but I get the impression that some of them are acting in the dramas, just to preserve their positions as top star, celebrities to keep bagging the CFs not because they want to evolve as actresses(some actors are guilty of this too).they are quite a number of actresses at top level now and influential enough.They can give their opinions about how their characters should be written.If its too weak, they can discuss with the writer, to revise the script even if its only one line, twerking one aspect here and there and so on.They can also work with the director, on how to act out some scenes.But I dont think many actresses are even interested to do that.Also how many of them are willing to do female centric dramas in the first place?if this doesnt change then yup..”young oppas” will still be ruling the drama world for a long long time to come which is not entirely a good thing..there is need for balance.

      • Maybe not 100% the writers fault but I would dare say up to 70% lies in their hands. I am quite confident MGY, ISJ can lead a drama on their own with their acting if given the chance, just like Kim Sun Ah. Most of the miniseries dramas handsome Oppas’ act in don’t really need a wide range of acting unlike in films. They need to deliver a good ‘kiss’ and some believable cheesy lines. The other question is will Kdrama audiences (whom are predominantly females themselves) watch female-centric dramas or will the ratings/interest be too low to gain any revenue? Maybe, the production company don’t want to even try backing a female-centric drama because they know casting an idol/popular actor will immediately reduce their profit losses.

        I would like to believe most mature actresses who continue to act are interested in acting and not because of gaining more advertisements.

      • @RubyRed – you are absolutely right that some people act in dramas only so they can get CFs because they get the ‘actor image’.

        One of the biggest offenders has a drama coming up right next week and has failed to turn in a good performance even once in a career of over five years but you still get idiot fans saying “___ has potential!” and “at least the visual is a match”. The Korean advertisement world has been absolutely toxic to the quality of dramas.

      • @RubyRed, @teacakes, both of you have absolutly right, advertisers have a lot of power , when you see that Seolhyun, Iu, Suzy are in high demand in the index of advertising you understand the castings !!! Writers , directors,…have little power …See Hollywood , directors can’t do what they want, they have always the investors monitoring them.

      • @cahill, whilst advertisers backing are strong for these idols, Kdramas are not only casting them. If you look at it objectively they are churning out quite a lot of dramas each week and not all of them have idols in it. They might not have well-known/famous/popular actresses but there are still variety.

  23. @RubyRed I so agree, I want a strong male lead with her like my oopa KNG. Goodness she’s 40 yro and she’s like a statue when she does romantic scenes. It’s cringe to watch bc she basically acted the same way as she did in secret garden which is annoyed or slightly pissed when she likes someone 🙁

  24. Agreed with Cslove ‘s comment on Hospital Ship. HJW N KMH look comfortable together. HJW is very youthful looking n KMH mature beyond his years. See no problem there . Totally enthralled by the story n puzzled by so much negative viewing from Kaola.

  25. @Kat agree with you.Also while we are on the topic of mature actresses(i.e 30+) and noona-dongsaeng pairings.You also mentioned about being cutesy.

    The famous song song comes to mind.Both SHK and SJK’s forte is melodramas.When they come back from their honeymoon and back to dramaland(if they dont pull a won bin-lee na young and completely disappear) or come back every 3/4 years.Both should stay away from cutesy acting..They are both not natural at it

    In DOTS, the bits like in ep 8 during the earth quake or the parts where they were actually doing their jobs and not flirting is where their acting chops came out.

    Also if possible I wish these actors to stay away from noonas for a while and work with actresses within their age range(LMH, Yeo Jin Goo, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Soo Hyun just to mention a few)

    Now that we are discussing age, where are all the male teen actors within Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun age group..are there no teen actors or less than 21 year old actors except Yeo Jin Goo? How about that actors Park Geun Tae(child version of YSH from warrior baek dong soo) or the main child actor and second lead child actor who acted with Kim Yoo Jung in Golden Rainbow..

    • Well what do you expect? Current young actor lack talent!? The viewers seems okay and undemanding when it comes young actor performances. We will miss the day when we bless having a young actor like Lee Jun Ki, So Ji Sub, Jang Hyuk, Hyun Bin in their younger days. Recent young actor don’t have the passion or talent and it’s a bit a let down and make noona-dongsaeng romance not working for me.

    • Here are few capable young actors that I can think of that close to KYJ and KSH’s age:

      Kwak Dong Yeon (20) – MDBC
      Kang Chan Hee (17) – Signal
      Seo Young Joo (19) – Golden Rainbow
      Park Ji Bin (22) – May Queen
      Park Gun Tae (21) – May Queen
      Kim Min Jae (21) – Goblin
      Yook Sung Jae (22) – School 2015
      Oh Jae Mo (19)- Golden Rainbow/Baker King

      They are the few that I know but then KYJ and KSH are bound to be pair with more popular actors with the likes of Park Bo Gum and Yoo Seung Ho, which is actually okay in my opinion as long as they let the girls reach 20 first, at least.

  26. All I can say is HJW wasn’t alaays a dead fish kisser…
    See this kiss with Lee Seung Gi in TK2H, she was at least partcipative and can see her puckering her lips and kissing back:

    I don’t think the kiss scene in Hospital Ship calls for any deep open mouth kiss in any case so I’ll cut her some slack.
    But yes, in general HJW is not a great kisser in her dramas. Maybe she needs a co-star who can lead in these scenes.

  27. it all back to manner and chemistry , in korea manner is so important and in romance drama chemistry is so important,rather pushed them to kiss,but not sharing an emotional. i think sweet intimate talk is more make sense (like rich man and poor women did) but sadly usually they made that with so many corny dialogue.

  28. Sorry, but it was not an issue of aged, these Actors deliver well in their respective roles. Looking at personality, what we think these NOONA DONGSAENG, still look gorgeous, beautiful & young. No question, as long as the storyline is good! End result is we enjoying watching it & never complain! Just be happy, enjoy watching!

  29. Don’t like noona romance except the girls looking younger than the male lead or male leads has mature aura. Those three dramas have female leads who look mature while the boys looks to young. And more important is they look uncomfortable to each other like there is a gap that make the romance scenes look unnatural or playing hard.

    Ha Ji Won was okay with younger actors but in this drama is NO. Seo Hyun Jin, I don’t think she ever had explosive chemistry as with Eric. Jin Goo should be paired with the same or younger than his age.

  30. I actually like Ha Ji Won and Minhyuk coupling in Hospital Ship. I think they have pretty good chemistry and the age difference is not noticeable in the drama.Dr Hyun is mature and manly despite the baby face.the romance is not forced and they gradually opening up to each other

  31. I really hate the term noona romance. There’s no term for the opposite older male/younger woman couple, but people make such a big deal about it if the woman is older. That being said, not watching these dramas but if they couples don’t work it’s not an age thing.

  32. I’m a relatively open viewer, but was initially also thinking 13 years gap was huge btw HJW and KMH. After I started watching Hospital Ship I see they do look the character’s age, which HJW is a mid-30s doctor and is more senior than KHM. HJM definitely can pass off mid 30s, just 4 years younger than her real age. While KMH is supposed to be 31, just 5 years older than his real age. Due to his mannerism, he does look ok, there are tons of boyish looking man but I thought is their behaviour that defined them. KMH does display some manly aspects which is refreshing from what I last saw him in Heirs.

    However, this is my personal opinion. Hence, don’t see their coupling issue and was able to enjoy the show.

  33. I am also usually not a fan of noona romances. However I am enjoying HJW’s and KMH’s chemistry in HS.

    There was a time when I considered KMH baby-faced, but of late no. Frankly speaking I love the character he has portrayed so far and his looks suit the character. Yes, HJW does look older than him, but as the story progresses I hardly notice the age gap and their chemistry is good.

  34. I’m sorry to say this but the age gap is so apparent and I don’t see the romance btw the leads in HS. All I can see is HJW acting like GRI, not growing as an actress in romantic scenes. I’m not asking for an open mouth kiss bc the situation didn’t call for it but look better than a statue. She did this thing when she’s surprised with her eyes wide open and it’s just the same every time :/ KMH’s acting is not on par w/ HJW

  35. The predominantly female viewers have themselves to thank. For these (and other big-name) actresses to have “age-appropriate” male leads the networks would have to cast actors in their 40’s. For a lot of drama viewers that would be a no-no. So the famous, older actresses get stuck with younger men that allow drama viewers to drool.

    (If you want a good example of how drama viewers think, go to the recent post on Dramabeansa about the upcoming reboot of Suits. The star of this show is Jang Dong-gun. But obviously he is just an oldie, so 90% of the comments are about Park Hyung-shik – a young hottie.)

    • cant really blame them tho.Jang Dong Gun stayed away for two long..almost half a decade(5 years).Thats way too long.He hasnt done a drama since Gentleman’s dignity right? Thats why if an actor is going to go away for long hiatus, leave a very very memorable work.Same thing happened to Lee Young Ae,.Won Bin has already been written off as a CF star now.

      This is why if actors like Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung and all the others in their age group are still interested in is the best time to make a comeback while all the 87 line is in the army…see how well KNG is doing at TVN

  36. If viewers are not feeling it that’s news to me, aren’t Temperature of Love and HS the current highest rated dramas in their time slot?

  37. I’m enjoying Hospital Ship, I like the pairing of Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk. What I don’t like about the drama is this past week we subjected to the ex and now the second lead is getting into the mix w/the otp. I would much rather there be a slow burn romance w/more emphasis on the medical cases. The Temperature of Love’s romance makes my heart flutter, I like that the age gap has been discussed by our leading lady, but she has followed her heart anyway. I don’t understand why people get so hung up on this age difference. As long as the actors and actress are of legal age I have no problem w/it. I don’t understand why this age question always comes up when the actress is older than the actor. I don’t recall a lot of people getting upset when Park Bo Gum had a loveline w/Kim Yo Jung that had a 6yr age difference and she was not of a legal age filming the drama. The biggest fault for this type of casting is the viewers, TV shows are made to get the high ratings and the viewers have responded. All 3 shows mentioned above are winning/won their timeslot.

  38. Young idols keep get cast in new dramas because:

    1. They are cheaper to cast than established actors.
    2. Despite dismal domestic ratings, rom-com starring idols are well received among international Kdrama audience, who increasingly tend to be young people who watch via internet streaming sites, legal or illegal. These are also the main audience for K-pop and boys bands and girls bands, so it makes sense to cast idols in drama, too. International Kdrama audience used to be more mature TV viewers, and Kdrama makes a lot of money selling to TV stations in these Asian countries. But since 2014, a large new audience arose in the form of computer-savvy youngsters. Especially in China where TV stations are not generally allowed to broadcast Kdrama. These youngsters do not usually watch TV or control the TV remote control at home but they practically live inside the virtual world. That is why young idols keep getting cast, while older actors find fewer and fewer scripts that suit them.

    • There is the added possibility that ‘older’ actors like to act in films rather than dramas such as Hyun Bin, Kim Nam Gil. Mature actresses may still want to act in dramas but the scripts just aren’t available so no choice but to act with a dongsaeng.

  39. I am watching K-dramas since 2003. Everything has changed since then even me of course. I don’t think it’s bad, it’s the way of life. I used to watch them week by week live commenting every sec on web sites, but now I prefer to marathon them on Netflix. Sometimes I go back to my fav ones just to watch a few parts from it again to feel the mood and all the feels again.
    Secret Forest aka Stranger is my favorite this year so far.

  40. on the side note, why kang min hyuk an inexpreinced actor-idol cast beside veteran like Ha Ji Won, where there is multiple actors out there.

    • He’s not so inexperienced… He started as secondary role since 2010. It’s true, it’s his first lead role but he gained experience step by step. He didn’t have the first role in his first try like some other idols. He worked for it.

  41. 1) The writing and humour is enjoyable at DB – I doubt it’s the Dramabeans writers, vs the lack lustre dramas being churned out these days.

    2) Temperature of Love works for me. t’s about the only one that is interesting, in a couple of months too! Although Seo Hyun-jin is a little predictable (actingwise), nevertheless I enjoy the vibe (it reminds me of On The Way To Airport – I loved the mood there), and writing. Especially since I am missing Seoul bigtime, having visited it twice this year. Yes it is a little rushed, but that’s the heady feeling the drama is intending to portray for the initial part of their romance.

    3) Hospital Ship on the other hand … and the petulant displays between Wang Ji won vs Ha Ji won is a little hard to stomach. So is the absent-minded lost in romance Ha Ji-won – very unprofessional.

  42. I love hjw but I haven’t been following any k dramas for years. I can’t even remember the last k drama I finished.

    I’m no longer excited or anticipating any so I think I’m kdrama’d put.

    I do think it would be so much better if these actresses were paired with someone their age. There are so many of the younger guys with older women in k dramas that it’s a turn off.

  43. I actually like TOL. The dialogues, the conflicts, the color palettes, interesting characters. Reminds me of those 90s HK melancholy films. I am already hating that witch of a main writer and the male lead’s glamorous but hateful mother! YSJ looks boyish/manly and his character is supposed to be a ’30 + guy trapped in a body of a man in 20s’. With a mother who is manic depressive and an absentee father, no wonder he’s forced to became an adult rather abruptly. SHY, she’s so pretty. As always, I adore her. I love that she portrays a sweet but fierce woman perfectly. I loved that night train kiss. It’s sweet, romantic and dreamy. KJW, now that man is utter sexiness. He can’t do no fault. The CEO-Chef interaction is a joy to watch. That truffles gift and the way he handled rejection? Oh yes, he’s one crafty CEO.

  44. Ha Ji Won is good in acting serious but in romance department she’s really lacking.
    Seo Hyun Jin’s acting is always has the same expressions. I don’t understand why people praising her acting at all. I still definitely see her character from previous dramas when she start another one.
    I feel bad for Yoo Jin Goo. He’s good actor with no luck. I hope he’ll take more meaty roles.

  45. The best example of how great noona romance is Park Do Kyung’s sister and Lee Jin Sang (silly lawyer/ Kim Ji Suk) in Another Oh Hae Young. It’s not about skinship, it’s about they way they act and deliver the scripts!

  46. Actor and actress did not need to be same age as long as their acting for the their roll that they plays so stop discuss about their actual age in life and watch the good show everyone

  47. The problem is not the age gap but the lack of acting experience (let’s be kind and not speak of lack of talent) of the younger male actors.
    Don’t forget that many of the experienced actors around 30 are on military duty right now.

  48. Totally feeling the lack of chemistry from the noona-dongsaeng romances, though personally the TOL drama comparatively did well enough, thanks to the scripts, directing and editing skills.(just my very own opinion thanks to years watching kdramas sacrificing sleeps;) )
    Missing the oldies My Girl, Coffee Prince, Princess Hours era.
    A lot of Kdramas these days not that fulfilling. Busy watching Jdramas lately.

  49. Totally agree with re casting for hospital ship and a better write up of it. I mean Ha Ji won is doing a wonderful job for her 1st medical drama, yet the story line in hospital ship is not so strong and seem illogical towrds the later half of the drama.

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