Safe and Boring K-star Fashion Trend Continues at 2017 Grand Bell Awards Red Carpet

There was a whole lotta solid primary colors and not a whole lotta creativity at the fashion rundown of the 2017 Grand Bell Awards (Daejong). White was the predominate color of choice for the ladies gowns, and the non-white ones all went with black, blue, and even one red. I also noticed more than ever the glossy too much BB cream spackled faces, making the dull fashion even worse because what am I supposed to want to look at. Yoona‘s strapless mermaid ball gown in metallic pattern ornate fabric on top with tulle inserts on the hem won the dare to be different award but wasn’t the best look for her since she’s so willowly. Kim Sarang went for white but was so statuesque and radiating womanly beauty she pulled it off. Actress Ji An went for a modern hanbok that just made her chest ginormous, which may have been what she was aiming for lol. For the men, Jo In Sung‘s velvet tux was a nice change up to the sea of equivalent classic tuxes.


Safe and Boring K-star Fashion Trend Continues at 2017 Grand Bell Awards Red Carpet — 22 Comments

  1. Geez, it’s like Korean celebrities either shop in the bridal fashion section OR the tasteless fashion section. And like I said before the “not dewy but greasy make-up”-look needs to go NOW. I can’t believe this look has been holding up for years now.

    No idea who the young lady in the strapless black mermaid dress is but while it’s safe and boring, she is making it work.

  2. Song Kang Ho looks really good.

    The modern hanbok looks like underwear in one of the historical films with erotic scenes. It didn’t work as far as I’m concerned.

    I like SYJ and think she looks great.

  3. Those are some of the most plainest, ugliest and prom dress-y dresses I’ve seen in a while. What tf is wrong with Korean stylist? Don’t these celebs have any say in their red carpet fashion? Do they ever even look at other countries’ red carpet fashion? You’d think some big name fashion houses would want to sponsor Korean actresses and actors at red carpet.

  4. Is there an unwritten rule in korean entertainment that gowns must be boring with little to no color? Its not just this red carpet but every red carpet, gala event or drama awards. Every event has almost similar dress code and styles year after year after year. There must be an inside rule we don’t know of!

    • Yoona’s was my choice for OTT actually. The top part is nice/ok, but the fussy skirt is awful. And the top paired with those earrings are much.

  5. The tradition hanbok is very pretty and beautiful. Korean should wearing it in the red carpet events. Just like China has Qipao and India has Saree.

  6. Gosh why such boring looks???? Yoona’s at least had some excitement going on but the rest are like wedding/prom/bridesmaid dresses……I wish they’d take some time from Chinese stars the red-carpet fashion there is amazing

  7. My only choice would be the 2nd last picture – safe black one, and at least remotely sexy figure-hugging fit.

    The rest are either in OTT, blah or plain ugly and ill fitting unflattering categories.

    IF there had to be one choice among the sea of whites: the sleeveless, figure hugging one. in its ‘LESS is wayyy more so you don’t look Taiwanese ger-tai’ it looks a whole lot classier in cut, than all the other whites.

  8. I think lack of famous designer sponsorships may be the reason in K-award events, unlike the Oscar & the Grammy. The Chinese award events have beautiful designer gowns and expensive jewellery. Do these K-actresses need to buy their own dresses? pretty low budget is all I can tell from the pics…

  9. The constant no make up make up look is boring as well. A long stream of pasty white glowy faces with gradient pinkish lips. Do a cat flick from time to time, or a statement red lip you know.

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