Safe and Boring K-star Fashion Trend Continues at 2017 Grand Bell Awards Red Carpet

There was a whole lotta solid primary colors and not a whole lotta creativity at the fashion rundown of the 2017 Grand Bell Awards (Daejong). White was the predominate color of choice for the ladies gowns, and the non-white ones all went with black, blue, and even one red. I also noticed more than ever the glossy too much BB cream spackled faces, making the dull fashion even worse because what am I supposed to want to look at. Yoona‘s strapless mermaid ball gown in metallic pattern ornate fabric on top with tulle inserts on the hem won the dare to be different award but wasn’t the best look for her since she’s so willowly. Kim Sarang went for white but was so statuesque and radiating womanly beauty she pulled it off. Actress Ji An went for a modern hanbok that just made her chest ginormous, which may have been what she was aiming for lol. For the men, Jo In Sung‘s velvet tux was a nice change up to the sea of equivalent classic tuxes. Continue reading