Jung Kyung Ho and Park Hae Soo Cross Paths in First Drama Poster for Answer Me PD’s Smart Prison Living

Hit K-drama PD Shin Won Ho keeps making successes out of every day South Korean neighborhood and school life as he did with three Answer Me dramas for tvN in the past five years. Now he’s taking his talents to the prison world, crafting a drama described as light and humorous view of the daily life of prisoners and guards. The drama was initially scheduled for October but the network slotted in Avengers Social Club first so Smart Prison Living (Wise Prison Life) will now premiere on November 22nd in the Wed-Thurs time slot. Starring Jung Kyung Ho, Park Hae Soo, Sung Dong Il, Jung Woong In, Jung Hae In, and Krystal, with a further sprawling cast of recognizable character actors, the drama is less about the concept then about how PD Shin executes it with such heart, warmth, and understanding of how to relate his unique tale to the emotions of ordinary viewers. And this time there won’t be a “who is the husband” fan fight, lol!


Jung Kyung Ho and Park Hae Soo Cross Paths in First Drama Poster for Answer Me PD’s Smart Prison Living — 3 Comments

  1. Huh? Light and humorous show? I was expecting (ok sort of hoping for) an extremely watered down Korean version of Oz based on that poster.

    The cast looks great and have a great vibe, the PD is good so now I’m just hoping the writer can rise up to this monumental opportunity. I’m reading that the writer is a junior writer from the Reply series called Jung Bo Hoon and I’m guessing PD Shin had confidence in their potential as a main writer.

    Please don’t let us down dear writer like so many of your peers have this past year and write a drama that stays interesting to watch till the end. Also hoping this is somehow Jung Kyung Ho’s big big break or at least not another ratings flop.

  2. I have hope for this drama ! Jung Kyung Ho is so good as an actor, I miss him in a role like in Heartless City. He’s good in comedy but I prefer him in a badass character :p

  3. Jung kyung ho seriously needs a HIT after the repetitive rating flop. He deserves recognition more than just someone who dates snsd’s sooyoung! He’s a good actor tho.

    The cast seems good but enough with comedy. Black comedy like avengers club is seriously jjang but pure romcom like revolutionary love is a meh. So, light and humorous, well… Let’s give it a try. Hopefully it’s good.

    Ps : im not a hardcore fan or reply series. But if i have to choose, im forever team trash oppa. Reply94 is my fave in reply series.

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