K-actor Kim Joo Hyuk Laid to Rest Surrounded by Friends, Family, and Costars

K-ent gather along with the friends and family to accompany Kim Joo Hyuk on his final journey as the actor was laid to rest. While the circumstances of his October 30th car accident remain unanswered, in the end this talented and beloved veteran leading man was still taken from the world much too early and the reasons why ultimately won’t bring solace. Only time will heal but for now all the tears are falling as even more familiar K-stars from Lee Jun Ki to Chun Woo Hee showed up for Kim Joo Hyuk’s funeral procession from the memorial hall to his final resting place. Cha Tae Hyun‘s close friendship has led him to be present every single day but sadly Kim Joo Hyuk’s close dongsaeng singer Jung Joon Young was overseas in the Cook Islands filming Law of the Jungle and only heard about the passing today and could not make it back in time. Farewell, Kim Joo Hyuk, thank you for sharing your talents with the world, may be rest in peace.


K-actor Kim Joo Hyuk Laid to Rest Surrounded by Friends, Family, and Costars — 17 Comments

  1. Rest in peace, Gutaeng hyung. You’ll be miss, we’ll always remember you.

    Seeing Kim Jun-ho like that is really break my heart. And good job Cha Tae-hyun, I’m sure Joo-hyuk will be so thankful to you.

  2. Poor Jun Joon Young.You can always trust SBS to sink even lower than low when it comes to money making.SBS variety dept PD’s are absolute trash.I wouldnt put it pass them to deliberately withold the news until after filming.They already have a precedent with running man.Remember how they withheld their decision to kick out Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook.Only for them to hear the news from elsewhere, and this was stopped after severe public bashlash.They had a whole two days to make the arrangements to get him back to Korea but alas.He wont be able to say goodbye to his hyung.

    Joo Hyuk was such a great man, that he brought the entire industry to clear their schedule, even a wedding man(SJK) to send him off.May your soul rest in peace, sunbae.Your life was truly inspiring.You lived well.

  3. The funeral photo is exactly how i want to remember gutaeng bro forever: unpretentious, funny without even trying, and so much warm. He’s such a warm soul and i hope he will finally rest in peace.
    Thank you gutaeng bro, for all the laughter and warm feeling in one of the most difficult phase in my life.
    Farewell!! You’ll surely be missed.

  4. In one of episode, he got a Korean idiom wrong and said “tosa gutaeng” instead of “tosa gupaeng” which means “abadoned needs”. And the way he blurted his answer was so hilarious he3, so when the members were choosing the best nickname for Joohyuk they just decided to call him “Gutaeng hyung” and it stuck even since. The nickname was soo perfect for him he3. Somewhat awkward, somewhat embarassing but so much loved ^^

  5. TT-TT still felt surreal .. i was looking forward to his future projects as well as getting married and have kids ~ ~ may he rest in peace .. he’ll be forever remembered as a good actor, co-star as well as a kind friend/hyung to closest friends ..

  6. Oops please ignore my comment above.

    I meant to say that I was just getting acquainted with him since I started watching Argon this past weekend but it’s incredibly clear how well loved he was and that he was truly a great person. Reading about his personal history makes it even more heartbreaking.

    The grief on the faces of his loved ones and friends is simply heart wrenching and my heart truly goes out to them. It’s always the great ones that leave this world to soon and may he rest in piece.

  7. Everytime a see these fotos online ?, so sad, and then JJY was not able to make it to burial. I hope that he has people waiting for him at the airport and able to get out of the airport via a private exit because people, reporters will be camping at the airport to caught him and ask questions hope people give him the time to mourn in private.

  8. Me too, when I realized he was the actor in 1N 2D, memories of him floods especially with that episode Friends, were he brought his CEO along. I cried watching videos of his funeral and articles about him. 45 years old, gone too soon.

    I have watched the video of his car accident and I had this suspecting feelings that because of the other car that he bump, he panic and accidentally stepped on the gas.
    I showed the video to my husband and ask about SA, sudden acceleration problems of cars. But he said, in his opinion, the car was already not in the line and swerving
    a little when it hits the other car. His conclusion was , maybe, the driver was very sleepy or he fells asleep and he has this sudden jerk action that led him to step on the gas pedal.
    I hope, the investigation result will come out and if it is because he was sleepy and tired, may it be a warning to others not to drive when they are in a state of exhaustion.

  9. fortunately for me i have watched most of his dramas and few of his movies so i know that he is a great actor,he will surelly be missed.

    Rest in peace brother,rest in perfect peace

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