The Very Pretty Cast of TW-drama Meteor Garden 2018 Attend Press Conference

The press conference to kick off filming for the new Taiwanese drama adaptation of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) was just brilliant eye candy. The upcoming Meteor Garden 2018 edition (or New Meteor Garden) rounded up five very good looking rookie acting talent who look their parts for sure. C-actress Shen Yue plays the female lead and either is so teeny tiny in real life or else the four guys are giants because they tower over her even with her wearing heels. The character assignments of the F4 are out and the guy in the grey suit to Shen Yue’s right Dylan Wang is playing Domyouji (Jerry Yan’s character), the other to her left with curly hair Kuan Hong gets to be Rui (Vic Zhou), the tallest guy to the far right holding up three fingers is Liang Jing Kang and he’s going to be Akira (Vanness Wu) and last but not least the fourth guy Wu Xi Zhe is Soujiro (Ken Zhu).


The Very Pretty Cast of TW-drama Meteor Garden 2018 Attend Press Conference — 27 Comments

  1. sanchai looks very small even with high heels 🙂 new F4 are so tall
    they all looks appropriate for highschool drama. Dont know about their acting ability though.. I wont watch it anyway 😉 I almost didnt finish MG, and even Ogurin couldnt made me finish Hanadan. just not my cup of tea

  2. Will reserve my judgement after i see the actual drama but the casts look pretty enough. It will be hard being constantly compared with the original F4. Made me miss Jerry Yan for some reason LOL.. i wonder what’s he’s up to these days.

    • Who? Just the creep in the korean version.

      TW version – Vic Zhou – big name
      Chinese version – Yun Haoming – saved fellow actress in an explosion suffering 3rd degree burns

      • (1) Korean Version (Ji Hoo) – We all knew what happened to him. Biggest let down for me after knowing what he did in real life, alleged or not. He was one of the actor that I thought would go far in Korea…too bad.
        (2) Japanese Version (Oguri Shun) – I think he has lots of scandals with women…..who knows if it is real or not, or if he is just a big flirt. But darn it, he was the best one and I still like him as an actor.. Oguri just have that charm that can melt any lady…..and I am one of those that doesn’t fall for actors often.
        (3) Chinese and Taiwanese — Did not like the versions, so I didn’t watch much of it, as well to me the guys weren’t that good looking to me at the time.

      • j version, oguri shun is famous for his cheating habit, even with mistress rumour all around places, never confirmed but his picture is all over

        tw version, vic zhou with his rape scandal, woman rumour and I don’t think he is that big now

      • @dea

        What happened to the vic’s rape scandal? The whole story kind of disappeared after he threatened to sue her. Most netcitizens are doubting the story.

  3. Well…at least this cast looks so much prettier than the old Taiwanse cast version. I couldn’t watch the Taiwan or China version due to the main guys not looking that least the China version had Han zhang and shuang shuang who looked great….I wonder what they will change in this version

  4. Oh looking forward , i love the first 3 version , i like the chinese version even the anime, i dont considered the so call american version ,the actors looking forward for what they can offer.

  5. Hm. I hope the guys will change their hair to look their part. Domyouji is supposed to have curly hair while Rui has blond/lightcoloured hair.

  6. Not Taiwan production but China Production.
    Shen Yue is currently in a new Cdrama call A life so beautiful. It is a nice Youth drama.

  7. can never have too much of hana yori dango, well for me. so i’m looking forward to watch this. whether it will be good or not, its up in the air since my fav is the j-ver. hopefully its good

  8. Funny but the guy playing Ken’s role (Soujiro) actually looks like Vic Zhou. Am I the only one that sees this? Lol. I also think all of them (other than the guy with curly hair) if styled correctly, could’ve played Domyouji. BUT my bet was a toss up between the actor that is playing him (Dylan) or the actor playing Ken (Wu xi zhe) cuz of the vibe they gave off.

    I didn’t think the curly-haired guy would’ve been Rui. He looks super cute & playful so I thought he would’ve been a good fit for Akira (Vaness’ role).

    Regardless I will watch this! Pretty satisfied with the casting tbh, much prettier than the original and I’m all for fresh faces in the scene and giving new actors/actresses a chance to succeed in the industry.

  9. Also: height difference…SO CUTE.

    I think the actress is short but then I just think the guys are tall too. lol. So I don’t think she’s abnormally short but the fact that they’re tall just makes her seem even shorter.

  10. I really enjoy both Taiwan and japanese version of Hanadan. but the korean definitely in my must-not-watch-again list. This time, the cast seems age-appropiate and the visual is spot on. honestly when i first saw that guy with curly hair, i thought that he will play meizho a.k.a the carefree guy.

  11. Rui is usually acted by the better looking actor but I almost always preferred Doumyouji (except in the Japanese version, I love Oguri Shun and I think he is the better actor).

    I always think Jerry Yan made the best Doumyoji- his hair, his panicy gestures, his lack of understanding, his total devotion. Worst Doumyouji – Jun Matsumoto

    And I think Oguri Shun is the best Rui – it is only with him I felt the conflict Makino has felt. In the other ones I never liked Rui and the heavy baggage he carries. Worse Rui – KJH, even without knowing his real life habits, I was always shouting on screen for her to get away from him.

  12. why no close up photo for lead girl, is she prettier than Barbie Hsu? While the F4 guys seems all pretty, but let the motion camera be the judge. Vaness Wu will always be the prettiest F4!

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