Official Poster for Fox Spirit Matchmaker Zhu Ye Chapter with Liu Shi Shi and Zhang Yun Long Reveal Studded Supporting Cast

I feel like Liu Shi Shi tends to work in waves and right now she has A Journey to Love with Liu Yu Ning on deck and she’s adding to that with Fox Spirit Matchmaker series second installment the Zhu Ye chapter with male lead Zhang Yun Long. The Yue Hong chapters stars Yang Mi and Gong Jun and has been done filming since 2022 but still hasn’t aired while the Zhu Ye chapter has recently wrapped so we may be seeing the dramas airing closer in proximity who knows. Both dramas have big sprawling casts and for the Zhu Ye chapter the supporting cast includes Shen Yue, Wu Xuan Yi, Ding Yu Xi, Zhou Jie Qiong, Meng Zi Yi, and Zhang Ruo Nan. The Zhu Ye (bamboo leaves) chapter continues to emphasize the color green for the two leads and is so easy on the eyes.

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Top and Popular C-stars All Descend on 2022 Weibo Night with Plenty of Extravagant Fashion Looks to Admire

This weekend was the 2022 Weibo Night in China, weird that it takes place in 2023 but the 2022 means it covers dramas and movies from last year. The popular vote for Weibo King and Queen was trending young but … Continue reading

Yellow is the New Black at 2020 Weibo Night Awards with Striking Gowns by C-actresses Tang Yan, Ni Ni, and Guan Xiaotong

It’s been some time since I saw so much glitz and glamour and this time it’s courtesy of C-ent which held the 2020 Weibo Night Awards despite it already being 2021. Better late than never and the ceremony feted popular … Continue reading

Jerry Yan Pairs Up with Shen Yue for C-drama Count Your Lucky Stars in Weird Meteor Garden Generational Crossover

I double checked my Meteor Garden encyclopedia and confirmed, yep there is a twenty year age difference and the two dramas aired 18 years apart. I’m talking about OG Taiwanese Meteor Garden and the latest C-version remake Meteor Garden 2018, … Continue reading

Charismatic Tropical Themed Official Character Posters for Meteor Garden 2018

The good promo trend continues as pretty official character posters are out for the soon-to-arrive 2018 Chinese and Taiwanese joint production remake of Meteor Garden from 2001. I love these tropical colored posters with the vibrant green and everyone looking … Continue reading

Meteor Garden 2018 Wraps Filming and Releases Awesome First Look at the Drama

I’m so in! The first teaser is out for Meteor Garden 2018, the TW/C-drama latest adaptation of the perennially popular shoujo manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers), and it looks like the ideal summer guilty pleasure drama watch. The … Continue reading

Meteor Garden 2018 Releases Official Character Posters of Fresh-faced Pretty Young Leads

The first character posters are out for the upcoming 2018 drama remake of Meteor Garden, now more officially a TW-drama and C-drama mashup thanks to the producer being Angie Tsai who produced the classic 2001 version but this time getting … Continue reading