While You Were Sleeping Breakout Star Jung Hae In Lounges with Adorable Corgi in BTS Stills

A lazy Sunday morning feels perfect for a chill post on While You Were Sleeping breakout star Jung Hae In, and the second runner up his onscreen corgi Robin. I like everything about WYWS good enough, but Jung Hae In is the only character and performance I love among the four leads. He’s not doing it because he’s the strongest performer necessarily, but this is a situation of right timing, right character, and right actor all combining into a show stealing role in a weaker than usual drama.

I’ve had my eye on him since three years ago with the unexpectedly awesome Bride of the Century but his breakout has taken longer than expected unlike Yoon Kyun Sang who rocketed to male lead status in near record time after a supporting role in Pinocchio. Slow and steady is fine and Jung Hae In has another chance to build on this goodwill with a role in the Answer Me series PD’s new tvN drama Smart Prison Life. Keep it up my boy, watching him in WYWS has been so relaxing and soothing with his calm demeanor and beatific smile.


While You Were Sleeping Breakout Star Jung Hae In Lounges with Adorable Corgi in BTS Stills — 23 Comments

  1. Yoon Kyun Sang wasn’t that quick to become a male lead, only 2 years after Pinocchio did he get Rebel, that too after Ji Sung and Namgoong Min turned it down. But I still remember how freaking good he was in Pinocchio, as the kind but scary hyung.

    Jung Hae In is the best thing about WYWS, I hope he breaks out just like YKS. I don’t really care about the OTP or the murders but I care about Woo Tak’s story.

    • “the kind but scary hyung” = perfect description of YKS!

      “A smile to melt the poles” = perfect description of JHI!

      More of both, please. 🙂

    • This site is full of trolls and circlejerks. I am surprised how any level headed person can stay here. The sense of importance among some commenters is so funny.

      • This site has people (me for example) with better critical thinking ability than most other sites out there. Besides, I’m on other sites too, albeit I don’t comment there as often.

      • She’s a mess. She’s even writing that her nose review is a type of critical thinking ability that should be followed by other commenters. Review first your nose prettyautumn before others.
        Self loathig hypocrite she is.

  2. He’s the only reason I still watch WYWS. But his character is becomen pretty useless in the last episodes. And I think his secret could ruin a trial. It’s funny in the BTS, LJS seemed to have more chemistry with JHI than Suzy :p

  3. Off topic but I am going through the LJS tag here and the hate on him since 2013 to now is ridiculous. From calling him names to downright swears. Then again I get it why people tend to avoid this site people here are so toxic loudmouths.

    Such a shame coz the writer of this blog is giving us important info but Regular dramafans tend to avoid this site. Lol industry experts, knetz even NATE users are praising LJS’s transformation from W to VIP to wyws in a year and people here are acting like he is a bad actor. Stay delusional. Wyws is not well written and not original but he is doing complete justice to his character.

    • NATE users isn’t an excuse. His rabid fangirls go to NATE and write positive comments of him there. But anyone with critical thinking skills could see how mediocre Lee Ddochi is. He isn’t versatile, he is just lucky with his dramas and of course for some reasons, fangirls consider him handsome. Industry experts may consider his star power lucrative but that’s it. His acting is pretty much the same in majority of his dramas. Honestly, Lee Ddochi’s acting is the cringiest in wyws to be honest.

    • Although I don’t like his face, I definetely do agree that he’s a decent actor. It doesn’t matter if people here are hating on him or downplaying his performance. They are just a minority.

    • Uh what makes you think you are any different from the people you diss, sweetie?

      I’ve praised LJS acting here before but not impressed with WYWS either in writing or acting, does that make me a hater too?

    • I have been to other sites… but yikes boring… only positive comments, no critical comments… what’s with that? Can’t we speak our minds freely?? Ms. Koala is sharp in her writing and to the point most of the time and that’s what we like it. LJS started off good with his acting, but he is becoming too repetitive without any changes, that’s why I have dropped WYWS after KSH’s cameo… NATE users are full of fangirls who will watch anything regardless… so duh….

  4. That moment when a third lead newbie is better at acting and has a more natural looking face, especially nose, than the male lead

  5. In all fairness. He had a terrible terrible nose job. If he wasn’t LJS, he would have gotten panned by anyone who saw it. Then again his old nose was a nightmare also and in comparison, to survive this harsh world of entertainment, he did what he needed to do. He probably had no money then and went to the best surgeon his finances could afford and hence the result. I wouldn’t call him a great actor but he made it to the top largely due to a certain level of charm about him that makes viewers forgive him for the obvious boo boo of having PS as a guy. I think he will continue to be popular and he does have screen presence and chemistry with his female leads. Some actors just don’t have range but do fine if given certain roles where they shine the most ( lee dong wook, somg seung hun) . He fits into that category. Still a good watch no matter what. Not everyone can be a kim nam gil or gong yoo or yoo ah in that can transitiom between chungmuro and dramas effortlessly. P.s – i do hope LJS can get a second surgery though. His nose looks to be pinching out. Most nose surgeries last only 8-10 years before an update is needed. Better redo it, get a little fat grafted in and opt for a less pointy less high version so that with age and the skin on noses getting thinner, he wont look like michael jackson when he reaches his 40s.

    • Honestly he didn’t need a nose job at all, his natural face was exactly the flower boy type. But he’s a good enough actor that the nose job doesn’t really bother me now.

      • You must be kidding. His old nose was a disaster. Definitely needed surgery for the cut throat world of K-Ent. Go to youtube and check out “Lee Jong Seok Funny Dance” He might have tweaked his nose twice already but thats the most original version

  6. Came here for Haein, but all this nose talk is unnecessary. Could you make a separate about his nose so that this nostrils specialist will discuss there. Now I think people here are obsess with nose.idiots

    • to all these crazy nose critics, whatever shape and size it is, all have boogers in it, hahaha lol, so no need for useless debate, hahaha.

      • Any lips critics? Why does he have a seam down his lips? Did he get surgery on his lips too?

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