Lee Da Hae and Ryu Soo Young in Talks for Spring 2018 SBS Weekend Drama Good Witch

While MBC is mired in a labor strike right now and dramas can’t even air, SBS is business as usual and the network is now casting into spring of 2018. K-ent is reporting that offers are out for Lee Da Hae to headline the next SBS long weekend drama tentatively called Good Witch (or Nice Evil Witch). This would be Lee Da Hae’s first K-drama in four years by the time it airs, with her last being the 2014 MBC weekend drama Hotel King which reunited her with her breakout drama My Girl costar Lee Dong Wook. I feel like Lee Da Hae’s career has been in stagnant mode in either performance or ratings ever since her MG hit over ten years ago and I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong other than I’ve not loved a role or performance from her since. But the MG soft spot is deep so if she accepts hopefully this will be a win-win all around. Good Witch is about a do-gooder housewife who has to assume the identity of her evil twin sister and live a dual life to solve their respective problems.

Her male lead offer has gone out to Ryu Soo Young, himself coming off a hit weekend drama this year with Father is Strange. Thinking of him with Lee Da Hae is an intriguing pairing and I also have a soft spot for him so this is promising. Good Witch comes from the screenwriter of Birth of a Beauty and the PD of My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, with the drama slated to air in spring of 2018 after Bravo My Life finishes.


Lee Da Hae and Ryu Soo Young in Talks for Spring 2018 SBS Weekend Drama Good Witch — 5 Comments

  1. she was great in miss Ripley. long time no see hopefully good witch will be a hit and gives her the needed boost in her career.her dramas my girl and slave hunters are on my list of beloved dramas of all time. welcome back.

  2. No Koala, you are wrong. Slave Hunters was a massive hit in terms of ratings even though her role in it was insignificant and more of a plot device. Miss Ripley was another breakout drama from her but the genre was not to everyone’s taste. Everything else was meh I agree. Personally, I would like to see her and other early Hallyu actresses on screen again. It’s a breath of fresh air from idol centric dramas and their appalling acting. A number of popular idols (I won’t name names) can’t even move a single muscle on their face without looking like they are in pain.

    • it’s an ironic situation that we think of the early actresses ( Lee Da Hae , Kim Sun ah,…) as fresh air from idols ! But i do feel the same as you as we don’t get the chance to see them often. It’s always good to see old friends!

  3. I LOVED her in My Girl but nothing else since because I’m just so conscious of her plastic surgery work; She had such lively, sparkling expressions in MG.

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