Kim So Hyun Offered KBS Mon-Tues Drama Radio Romance Opposite Yoon Doo Joon

For those wondering what drama talented young actress Kim So Hyun would pick up next, KBS is looking to rope her in for upcoming Mon-Tues drama Radio Romance. It’s slated for after Jugglers so won’t premiere until January 2018 but the premise is cute enough to warrant an optimistic hope that it’s a legit rom-com. Idol-actor Yoon Doo Joon was offered the male lead role and has reportedly accepted, a role that starts off with him being a top star that can never veer off script and then his career takes a sharp turn and he becomes a radio DJ who never has a script. The drama is describing as a healing romance and his character will romance the role offered to Kim So Hyun. I dig this synopsis and leading pair combo so I hope it’s confirmed soon.


Kim So Hyun Offered KBS Mon-Tues Drama Radio Romance Opposite Yoon Doo Joon — 32 Comments

  1. If shes with Loen, likely she will do a TVN drama instead. Fingers crossed. Kinda want to see her in a romcom with Park Bo Gum or Yeo Jin Goo instead. Yoon do Joon isnt a bad match. They had great chemistry in cf they did together

  2. Idk about the premise of this drama… When a drama is describing as “healing” it tends to be boring imo. The writer will have to be really good to make a good drama from a plot like this. Nevertheless I will still watch for these two:) so who is the PD and writer?

  3. I think Kim Si Hyun is a good actrice but I’m not sure for a love story with a actor older than her. She’s a very shy person and we can see it in some scenes.

    • She had very good chemistry with her older counter part Taecyeon and he’s a year older than Do Joon. Let’s wait till the drama starts before we comment on chemistry. Atleast they can both act.

      • It’s not really the age gap that bothers me. It’s more that she will have to act an older character than her with a love story and not a teenager. I would prefer they cast an actress older. Kim Seul Gi would be perfect 😀

    • She’s a great actress. Probably the best of her generation. She’s been paired with older actors many times and has always looked older than her age. Her shyness is never obvious when she acts and contrary to popular belief she is extremely outspoken and not really that shy. Quiet but not so much shy anymore.

  4. I’ll watch anything she does. Kim So Hyun is extremely talented and Yoon Do Joon is a great idol actor. This drama is now on my must watch list.

  5. KSH and DYJ is an excellent choice but man i would also love it if it was KSG!! that girl is due for a lead role 🙁 so sad to see idol-turned actresses such as Hyeri and Suzy constantly taking lead roles when they dont seem to improve all that much.

  6. I love both Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doo Joon as actors but can’t they wait a few years before making them an onscreen couple? What’s with the constantly pairing her with people born in the 80s, she’s not even an adult under Korean law yet :/

    At least he is a better actor than Taecyeon though.

    • Let’s wait till the drama comes out. She’ll be legal by January so its fine. If the role appeals to her and she enjoys it then it should be fine.

  7. I’d like it more if they paired Kim So Hyun with someone born in 90s. I’m not saying she looks childish and can’t create chemistry with older co-stars but my sister is literally Kim So Hyun’s age and I could never imagine her dating with someone born in 80s

    • Maybe it’s a cultural thing but my friend got married at 19 to a 28 year old so it doesn’t feel weird to me. I dunno I’m fine with the pairing as long as the drama is good.

    • wasn’t KSH got paired with YSH in that disastrous drama? I know it was mainly the writer’s fault but I didn’t see any chemistry between them either… Yeo Jin Goo is another young actor I can think of whom she can pair up with, but this can be for the next time 🙂 I am willing to give this drama a try. If KSH wants to breakout from teenager role typecasting, maybe working with older (or more mature looking actors) will bring her to the career path she wants… she has time to experiment…

      • Kim So-hyun has chemistry with all her leads even Suzy and while I thought she did good with Yoo Seung-ho but it was problematic because some people couldn’t feel it though almost all of it was because of the writing. They are both good actors so the casting is fine what I’m more worried about is the actual story.

      • the Ruler story was really bad… I thot YSH has better chemistry with Yoon So hee in that drama, of coz, this is only my observation. KSH’s bias may think otherwise…

  8. Who are the writer and director for this show? This is one of those humanist shows with a mix of romcom so writing is key. Do we have details about that?

  9. Gosh her love story with Yoo Seung Ho failed miserably so i dont think this pairing will work. Poor Yoo Seung Ho struggled so much during the kiss scenes not to move his lips. i am not always against age gaps. Park Shin Hye with Lee Wan in Tree of Heaven, they were amazing together.

    • I would hardly call topping the ratings a failure. No drama came close to their ratings during the entire run of the drama. YSH opens his mouth and so does KSH during the kiss scene but the PD cut it out of the final broadcast to preserve their image. Who are you to decide what will or won’t work. Your opinion does not matter since the Korean audience is the final judge.

  10. Ratings arent that important. who remembers that drama and who want to watch again? almost nobody. Real drama fans know that is one miserable drama. i have nothing against 2 actors btw. i am a huge fan of both Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun.

    • Real drama fans? Does that mean Koreans aren’t real drama fans? Korean media still calling her saeguk goddess and refer to her amazing chemistry with Yoo Seung-Ho in Ruler.

  11. Most of people calling that are just hardcore fans of the actor and actress. I am happy that drama has so many fans and it was rating hit for the sake of my fav YSH and KSH. Just not a good drama for me. Ask yourself do u want to watch that drama over and over again? Then you are gonna find out that which drama is good or not. I also feel like about so many dramas lately such as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, Suspicious partner and Moonlight drawn by Clouds. They just couldnt draw us emotionally but just overdone cutesy and all. That is it.

  12. I’ll watching anything with Kim so-hyun in it but not expecting this drama to be a hit but as long as the story is good and consistent it’ll be nice watch.

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