Lee Sung Kyung Offered 2018 Fantasy Romance tvN Drama About Time

This sounds like an intriguing premise for a fantasy K-drama, and on that genre front cable network tvN also has a solid track record. The network is prepping for a K-drama in early 2018 called About Time with an offer out to Lee Sung Kyung to be the female lead. Her character is named Michaella Choi and is a backstage assistant in theater production and has the ability to see a human being’s life expectancy. She can see everyone’s life clock except her own, and the male lead does’t any particular superpowers other than he can stop her time. As they fall in love, time pauses or speeds up or even stops, and only when they are in love does this time magic happen. The drama comes from the PD of Phantom, Secret Door, and Second Time Twenty Again with a script by a new screenwriter.


Lee Sung Kyung Offered 2018 Fantasy Romance tvN Drama About Time — 25 Comments

    • Isnt Moonie doing a historical movie with Ji Sung and Jo Seung Woo next year?For drama I would say she should not rush.Her and her team in charge of drama casting, should censor out the bad scriptwriters and directors. Her characters in the past two dramas(Goodbye Mister Black, and Criminal Minds) were horribly written and directed.They failed to showcase her acting prowess.

      If she was doing modern drama, she should try doing something lighter to kind of deliver something fresh since both of her latest roles were serious.But Moon Chae Won is weak in comedic acting.Melodrama is one of her greatest strength but these days.But that needs super strong chemistry and a very good scriptwriter.I cant think of many actors around her age who are good at melodramas.

      So maybe she should do another romance saeguk.People will surely pay attention since she is the best at it.Also no sageuk lined up yet for next year.So she would have an advantage.

  1. I’m skeptical about the narrative cos the writers are always very ambitious but when they actually write it, the plot got lost or turn ridiculous.

    • I think also other than her acting which she can improve(if she works harder).She also needs to start working on establishing a strong domestic(korean)fanbase, like build a relationship with them via fanmeets, mini-music concerts(heard she can sing) etc. Its good she has international fans but their support can only help to a certain extent.

      Also at first, most of them were shipper fans.Now that they are quieting down, it will only be a matter of time, before they start shipping her with someone else.Those kinds of fans are unreliable.They will dump her and stan someone else if she is not satisfying their delusions.She is already 27/28.Once she hits her 30s, the kind of fans she needs, are the ones who will be supporting and rooting for her as an artist not just shipping or social media popularity.

      The public perception of her in Korea is not warm.So if the male actor, she will be acting with, has weaker star power than her or poor acting skills or the script is bad(since we dont know how good he/she is).The ratings will tank again like WFLBJ.They will not even bother to tune in for the first episodes.This brings me to this, I cant help but wonder why YG insists on pushing and promoting Nam Joo Hyuk(her ex-boyfriend) more? when she is the better actor and has the more lively personality that would also do well in variety shows in Korea?

      • She just needs a likable role in a hit drama/movie for knetz to forget why they hate her. Preferably on the success of DOTs.

      • why don’t Knetz like her? I am not following her… but I have seen far worse idol-actresses lately…

      • knetz were generally neutral/positive toward her until the cho hyejung incident happened and ever since then, they constantly call her out for her bad attitude. now they witchhunt her for everything like her eyelid surgery, acting skills and yg connections. heard that because of this, SBS PD dropped her from suspicious partner. but thankfully she comes from a large company so this hate won’t affect her opportunities in Korea.

  2. Honestly, her acting is pretty mediocre. She tends to over act a LOT. Her best (or most natural performance) was in Doctors to be quite honest. Her role in wfkbj was the worst, but it was really popular among dumb Southeast Asian shipper fans / i-fans who thought that that drama was the next best thing to bread and butter. Idk tvN must love her, just like they ’’loved’’ her ex-boyfriend hahaha. Is this YG entertainment’s doing?

    • Dumb southeast asian shipper fans? It’s called PREFERENCE. Like how korean viewers got criticized for the high rating dramas such as dots and goblin while those dramas weren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Do you call korean viewers dumb too?

      I dont think her best performance was in doctors. She’s just so so. But i respect your opinion about her best was in doctor. If everyone has the same preference then people only love song2 couple since they are the most popular one. Hold on, even song2 has haters. You cant judge preferences. It makes you dumber calling others dumb.

      • ….And what’s your point? I’m struggling to find one.

        It’s a fact that most WFKBJ fans were Southeast Asian NamLee/BokJooHyung fans. And DOTS and Goblin were really popular both in Korea and all over Asia so I don’t get your point again. I didn’t claim that my opinion (that her acting was subtler and more natural and subdued out of all her other characters, therefore her best performance to date) was the absolute truth. It’s my opinion also that WFKBJ was subpar, but it had apparently a cute OTP and it was a light rom-com and i-fans just love those.

      • The point is you call people who has different preference with you as dumb people. You probably didnt think wfkbj was a great drama or shippable couple whatsoever but called other dumb just bcuz they like something you didnt, What’s your point? Cuz im struggling to find one too.

      • @Black Golden
        I call them dumb because they are. They can be law or medical students for all I care. They could be 30 years old career women too. But their face palm inducing behavior online and their childish shipping makes them dumb. I guess you must be one of those Southeast Asian delulu shipper fans, seeing how you took an offense at my comment.

    • prettyautumn and how he/she brings every actors&actresses’ fans he/she hates almost in every Koala’s articles he/she comments. I even remember your name because of this. But again, maybe I’ll get “I-just-stated-my-pov kind of replies.

      • Wtf is up with her.. Its like her real life is filled with hate and she is always pouring it on someone who is also human.. The best thing is for one to just ignore her..

      • Did I trigger you? Lol! I said the truth actually, not even my opinion. It’s the truth that most shipper fans are Southeast Asian and most WFKBJ fans are NamLee/Bokjoohyung shippers and most of those types of fans are really annoying.

      • lol i guess she’s one of those kids who have been octrasized all their life and wants to seek validity here. bet her comments were either ignored or deleted on other sites, so can only come here to seek attention. LOL.

      • i think she just lacks attention in real life so she has to post triggering comments to get users here to talk to her lol. just pray she won’t decide to prey on you haha, and ignore her when she does.

    • I never watched the show and I’m from southeast Asia and I don’t see what’s dumb about the behaviour of those fans that you are describing. It’s just human nature to give in to your fantasies in a safe space, especially if you can find people online who share your love of the show. They can still go on with their real lives apart from this.

      If they are dumb then what are you based on your behaviour on this thread? Rude and arrogant? A self centred snob who thinks only your opinion counts? A failure in upbringing by your parents?

      Go take your pick.

  3. Geez, LSK is still learning … give her a break. She is not a terrible actress nor the best either but for someone relatively new in the business she is okay compared to others who have been in the business longer and yet haven’t improved. TBH, i cringe with some of her scenes specially her crying scenes in WFKBJ but overall I loved the drama … Doctors, was okay … I liked her free yet troubled spirit in IOTL and she was able to hold up with senior actors GHJ, JIS, LKS and SDI … CITT, while some didn’t like it, i enjoyed her portrayal of Baek In Ha … she has potential … if idols are snatching projects left and right and yet can’t deliver, LSK also can take her share of the pie … and @prettyautumn … your attitude is so sour and not reflective of your name … scram and spew your hatred elsewhere … in every fandom and ship, you will have annoying fans, that is a fact … the world would be a better place if you just shut up … your words are not inspiring, insightful or constructive and in fact borders on stupidity … what you said is your opinion … did you conduct a scientific study to conclude southeast asian fans are the dumbest? i am guessing you are one of those ardent fans of another ship … let all shippers ship to their hearts delight and mind your own business … you ship hard … let others ship for all they want …

  4. Really excited for this drama, it looks promising and i love Lee Sung Kyung, she is a very promising actress. Can’t wait to see it.

  5. I like LSK and the story sounds promising so if she accepts, I’d definitely give it a try. I just hope the rookie scriptwriter delivers.

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