Crystal Liu Already Channeling Modern Warrior Mulan in August 2017 Cosmo Pictorial

It’s pretty fun to see a pictorial from a few months ago suddenly align in perfect synergy with the latest big casting news. C-actress Crystal Liu‘s casting in the live-action Disney movie Mulan had made the news all around the world in a way that her star power in China for the last decade and a half has been limited only to Asia. All eyes are on her now to step up in a big way to the international stage the way Zhang Zi Yi did in 2000 with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. In terms of visuals she’s got it nailed, as evidenced by this August 2017 Cosmopolitan pictorial that has her wielding a sword casually like it’s a natural extension of her, all while looking comfortably fierce. I’m thrilled with her casting as Mulan the more I think of it, and hopefully all that she’s learned as an actress all these years will coalesce on the biggest screen debut of her career come 2019.


Crystal Liu Already Channeling Modern Warrior Mulan in August 2017 Cosmo Pictorial — 12 Comments

  1. I think when it comes to classic beauty and martial arts style, hardly anyone of recent generation can beat Crystal. I also don’t think she’s the greatest actress but I also don’t think she’s as bad as people said. But I still like her. She has this etheral out of this world aura that other actresses just doesn’t have. But I am a bit worried about her portraying the fun and liveliness of Mulan tho. As for the martial arts, charms and visuals, that’s already a guaranteed with Crystal.

    • agree. Crystal will make a perfect Mulan both in visual and charm. I think people are too nit-picking commenting about her acting skill. When does one ever expect superb acting in Disney movies? I have never once watched a Disney classic expecting Oscar-winning actors in it 🙂

    • She’s not the greatest actress but she performs well when the role suits her. Besides, she has worked with many big directors this past few years whom I am sure has trained her.

  2. I know Crystal is really pretty and all but playing Mulan doesn’t seem fit. She’s simply too pretty for the role. Her kind of pretty is the very feminine kind, the damsel in distress. I know it’s a movie and all but some part must be more believable. She doesn’t have that fierceness that Zhang Ziyi brought to Crouching Tiger. I wouldn’t find it convincing enough that she can yield swords to kill enemies or even fooled everyone that she’s a man. l

    • Zhang Ziyi is a name of the past… we need younger and prettier Chinese actresses, I don’t know too many yet but I am learning…

    • Actually Crystal can be very fierce. I am more worried about the bubbly go happy part if they were to follow the disney cartoon version. Even if not Crystal, they still would never go for Zhang Ziyi. She’s too old looking now and she also doesn’t have that pure looking type of look for Disney.

  3. I think Liu Shi Shi would be good for the role if she speaks English. She dressed as a guy before in the drama with Eddy Peng. I forgot the drama’s name.

  4. After watching Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Mile Peach Blossom and The Great Wall, just in my personal and very subjective opinion, Jin Tan impressed me way more than the veteran classic beauty Crystal Liu, be it visual, aura, or acting talent. If there were an option, Jin Tan would be a better fit than Crystal to the role Mulan.

  5. You are naive to think it’s coincidence lol
    Do you really think she just knew it. They have been working on this deal forever. All her recent roles and projects are supporting this casting, being acting with foreigner actors and directors or trying to to be male and be fierce in fighting, even her photos spreads.

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