Lee Seung Gi is a Swaggy Monkey King Swaddled in Fur in First Drama Stills for Hwayugi

To modernize and move across a cultural border the famed Monkey King character from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West is an ambitious feat but somehow fitting that the K-drama screenwriting Hong Sisters are the ones to tackle it. Their upcoming tvN drama Hwayugi  (A Korean Odyssey) has so far only released moody teasers of the three leads Lee Seung Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, and Cha Seung Won but that’s only whetting my appetite for more. I knew Lee Seung Gi would confirm this drama since he has success with the sisters in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho plus this drama is the one of the few high profile ones in the works. The first official drama still is out showcasing the full of confidence and attitude Song Oh Gong, complete with DJ Dhalid style fur coat and a smirk in his eye. He’s standing in an enclosed hothouse of sorts which makes me wonder if he’s checking out his minion monkeys hanging out in an indoor arboretum.


Lee Seung Gi is a Swaggy Monkey King Swaddled in Fur in First Drama Stills for Hwayugi — 10 Comments

  1. Dear Ms.Koala,
    I know you don’t write drama review anymore lately but would appreciate if you could just lay down your list of your personal Best/Favourite Drama this year, Best Actor and Actress pick, Favourite OTP, Favourite OST and so on. Would love to read this kind posting. Hope you consider this. Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks so much Ms.Koala. It’s such an honour to receive a reply from you ?. No pressure there but will be looking forward to your list ???. Thank you again.

    • I agree. And it would be great if your lists include Japanese and Chinese dramas too – especially for those who are new to these countries’ dramas and want to know what other people enjoyed watching over the year. I understand that these kinds of postings could spark some disagreements, but still it would be interesting to know.

    • I second this.
      It would be so much fun to hear from you again. I already have my pick. Would love to hear from you and some other commentators here as well. Thank you Captain Koala. And thanks @Alexa for the suggestion.

  2. Hope it’s fake fur *meh* I love Lee Seung Gi but I’ll probably have to pass on this drama. Hong Sis have to reflect for at least 10 years after the duds that were Big and Warm and Cozy.

  3. Why does the place he is standing at look like the dome in Gardens By The Bay? I doubt he had time the time to fly to Singapore to shoot this. ??

  4. Lol @ the last sentence.
    We still have two weeks of waiting. I hope this will be good.
    Also Seung Gi’s rocking that ugly fur coat and hairtstyle. He looks so good.

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