Ji Chang Wook Takes Soccer Break from Military Enlistment

K-actorJi Chang Wook has been gone from the entertainment limelight for 4 months since enlisting for his mandatory military service in the middle of August. Things have been slow since he left, with nary anything buzzworthy whether drama or movie. It’s adorable to see how this good looking young man always sharply styled for media events has transformed back to the boy-next-door in all ways after enlisting, as seen here in pictures uploaded to his SNS account last week from a soccer game with his real life friends. Ji Chang Wook is reportedly taking his first vacation since enlisting and he clearly is enjoying guy bonding time and what better way than a hearty soccer game. He looks happy and healthy and I couldn’t be happier for him.


Ji Chang Wook Takes Soccer Break from Military Enlistment — 5 Comments

  1. Aww it’s nice to see him like this. His picture on IG reminded me a lot about my brother who was conscripted to the marines and he used to send us pictures now and then.

  2. Oppa…you look good! Have a safe military duty and have fun on your little vacation..come back soon to dramaland because your fans miss you 🙂 He is looking good as always…

  3. Great to see Ji Chang-wook enjoying life away from the cameras. Am watching Empress Ki again and savoring it to pass the time when he resumes his acting career after his military duties ?

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