Ratings Dip for Episode 2 of Hwayugi Due to Mistakes and tvN to Air Episode 3 Next Weekend and Delay Episode 4 Until Following Weekend

Next week will tell if the snafu with the airing of episode 2  of Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) will affect the ratings for this tvN drama in the long run. For now there was a slight blip as Sunday night’s episode 2 ratings fell from the high premiere of 5.290% to 4.849%. Episode 2 saw longer than usual commercials for coming tvN shows due to the post-production work not being finished, and even when the drama did air there were mistakes such as exposed wires during special effects and visible green screen, leading the network to cut off airing the episode before it was done.

tvN has apologized profusely and multiple times for this debacle and re-aired episode 2 finished this time the next day,. The network will air episode 3 next Saturday Dec 30th on schedule but episode 4 will be delayed another week and air the following Saturday on Jan 6th. No word if the drama is going to a one-episode a week airing from now on but I’m fine with this delay to get the post-production done, I LOVE THIS DRAMA and goodness I will be patient so the end product is as good as it’s supposed to be and worthy of this fantastic cast firing on all cylinders and the interesting story line.


Ratings Dip for Episode 2 of Hwayugi Due to Mistakes and tvN to Air Episode 3 Next Weekend and Delay Episode 4 Until Following Weekend — 22 Comments

  1. They broadcasted an edited version of ep2 yesterday and it got 5,6%, I was expecting it to have around 2% which is the ratings of the re-run of the same ep. Also reports showed that ep2 (the messed up one) was recording 7% on the first half hour. So yeah, this accident was a huge mess and I hope tvn is reflecting deeply. But the story/acting/ everything else is great. I hope we’ll have no more surprises. The cast deserves better, we deserve better and my Seung Gi deserves better for his comeback project!

  2. Despite the post-production flub, I think this drama will continue to do well. It has the fantasy element, star studded casts and star writers, further backed up by a solid first episode. So long that the plot not going downhill and keeping up the momentum, the viewers would still root for it unless the production continues to repeatedly botch the post-prod or the CGI effect turned out consistently poorly done, then it’s gonna be game over.

    • I agree, it will do fine as long as the story and acting stay good and the errors don’t continue to be too glaring. Still there are people behind the scenes in a hell production situation that could have been avoided in the first place. Hopefully slowing down airing times will help ease the pressure on them.

    • Yep. The drama itself is still quite good. Seunggi is also killing it, well everyone is doing a great job but he’s really outstanding and I think people will stick around to see more.

  3. If this mistake repeats, someone in production will have to take full responsibility & be fired! The cast is so good, and the rating of the first episode was so high, this drama deserves to score big and not be dragged by some incapable IT post production person who is not doing the job. One episode per week is ok as long as the product is daebak ??

  4. Miss Koala, rating dip ? Get your facts right please
    Depsite it’s being rebroadcasted at unfortunates time the rating soar all time high at 5.6%/6.3%

    • I thought the ratings that Ms Koala mentioned refers to the 1st broadcast of episode 2 (ie Sunday night), where there were glaring mistakes that caused the abrupt cut of the show.
      I haven’t watch (the re-broadcasted) ep 2 *patiently waiting for subs*. I heard the reviews of ep 2 is good so I have high hopes that this show will continue to live up the expectation.

    • she is referring to original broadcast, and that will be written on the archive not the rebroadcast rating,thats not the original timeslot.

      • With the drama only airing halfway and 30 min of it was mostly advertising and other variety shows, you can’t even call it airing the drama
        Anyway it’s still scored 4.8%/5.4%

    • Honestly, dunno why you’re getting mad over this? She’s reporting and the original ep 2 DID score that much which imo was so high for the mess that it was.

  5. I’m so in love with the drama!! Finally, after a long kdrama drought. I just didn’t have any particular love for any drama for a long while. I only hope the writing stays great, and no more screw-ups from the post-production. How that that screw up even happen? My other big worry is the broadcast date, will it become inconsistent every time they don’t have enough time for post-production work?

  6. I think they should go to one episode a week anyway when each show is an hour and a half. It’s insane to expect any production team to edit and add special effects for three hours every week

  7. When I said that this drama will be a shit show, I didn’t expect it to be this kind of shit show… A stuntman was reported to be paralyzed when he fell 100ft on the set. Live shooting needs to stop. I hope they’re doing 1 episode weekly at least. The episodes are already 1.5 hours in length rather than the standard 1 hour.

    • 100ft? the employee did not fall from mt everest. the drama is really good . the production team are the ones at fault. they need to take responsibility and make sure no more room for accidents

      • I thought it was rather odd he didn’t die. My source was koreaboo, but it seems like allkpop translated it to ~10ft which is a more reasonable height.

  8. Ratings really didn’t dip considering the reairing of the episode beat episode 1. I have faith people will stick around despite tvn being a hot mess. It’s such a good drama so far.

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