KBS Schedules Shall We Live Together with Leads Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo After My Golden Life

KBS has officially won the ratings for 2017 thanks to the incredible throwback success of My Golden Life on the weekends, and the stage will be set for the followup drama which has been confirmed as Shall We Live Together. The leads are going to be Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo, the former making her first drama in three years and the later going from just finished 20th Century Boy and Girl to this drama. Shall We Live Together is from the production team behind daily drama First Love Again, and chronicles a family growth story with the two leads being workaholic doctors. Rounding out the cast is Jang Mi Hee, Yoo Dong Geun, Park Sun Young, and Yeo Heo Hyun, with the drama slated to premiere in February 2018.


KBS Schedules Shall We Live Together with Leads Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo After My Golden Life — 8 Comments

  1. i love han ji hye.one of my first fav k-actress.but not very fond of lee sang woo.he is handsome.but i always thought he is not good at conveying his feeling.his face look so stiff.i watched few of his dramas.just my opinion

    • I’ve been wanting to watch this but forgot!! I saw some clips of their scenes on YouTube and I was so glad they didn’t seem awkward or unbelievable as a couple. Actually it’s the least wooden performance I’ve seen from LSW. I understand he’s found his niche and maybe it’s also the case that he’s not getting offers for many interesting characters/roles but I wish he would try to take some risks and break out of his routine roles like someone else said. Maybe he’s not getting offers for many interesting roles after pigeonholing himself but I hope he gets or takes a role like that sometime soon.

  2. Lee Sang-woo is so ‘safe’ in his stereotype roles most of the time, that he’s become boring to watch.

    The worst one being the most recent 20th Cent Boy-Girl where he looked awkwardly anguished and pained, half of the time. 😛

    About the only time LSW broke that mould to display a rare moment of unbridled passion was with Nam Sang-mi in Goddess of Marriage.

    (Since both leads are married … their drama together would probably be along very safe boundaries, with little skinship or kissing)

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