Kim Woo Bin Posts Handwritten Note to Fans Updating on Successful Completion of Cancer Treament

The year is ending on a heavier than usual note for 2017 in K-ent due to the two unexpected and thoroughly dispiriting passing of famous Hallyu stars. Actor Kim Joo Hyuk died in a car accident and idol Jonghyun of SHINee took his own life. I’m so relieved that there is good news to report on an earlier serious health crisis with another top Hallyu star, actor-model Kim Woo Bin posted a handwritten note to his fan cafe this week updating on his treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer (throat and neck) for the past 7 months.

He has been through countless rounds of chemo and is now finished with his treatment and doing well in recovery. Beating cancer, even for now, is great news and his sincere thanks to his fans showed through in the note where he talked about his own fear, how he’s recovering, and promising to continue to put his own health as a priority going forward. Hearing from him is such a relief and I’m so happy his course of treatment was successful and praying that there is no recurrence in his future.


Kim Woo Bin Posts Handwritten Note to Fans Updating on Successful Completion of Cancer Treament — 13 Comments

  1. I send the very best to him…We are now brothers in arms. After surgery for aggressive stage 3 Cancer in 2013 I needed to have 8 weeks Radiation Therapy this year for reocurrence…I am also currently in Remission..Congratulations and lots of love we are part of the same club. All the best to you from Australia.

      • Thank you Teacakes..and all the best to everyone here and those who have had difficult challenges over the last year..Happy New Year everyone.

  2. It’s great to see he was strong enough to write the note himself. I hope he recovers completely and doesn’t have to deal with this evil disease ever again!

  3. Wishing him a speedy recovery. He must have suffered a lot, 35 radiation treatments.. his immune system has endured a lot. His handwriting is neat by the way.

    • It sure does..I also had 35 radiation treatments and it requires going to the hospital as an outpatient everyday for 8 weeks…Its been 10 months and my immune system is still shot. In time I am sure he will be fine. Staying positive is very important with Cancer remission.

      • I’m glad you are recovering well.Things like common cold can be fatal to those who go through radiation therapy. I’m just praying that he will recover well.

  4. It is a bit early to call him cancer-free now. When he stays clean the next 5 years he a good chance that it doesn’t come back. But now we all are happy for him he survived the treatment and is getting back a normal life. Hopefully he don’t come back too soon since he still needs lot of rest and stress is poison.

  5. Good to hear he is recovering. Encouragement from loves one and thinking positively is all a patient need. Saying is easier than doing. I knows that and Well done to all cancer survivors.

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