Meteor Garden 2018 Adaptation Releases First Look at Cute and Suitably Cast Female Lead Shen Yue

As typical of any drama adaptation of Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers), all the attention is on the four male actors cast as the leading quarter F4. The upcoming Taiwan drama Meteor Garden 2018 helmed by the same producer who did the hit adaptation in 2001 has managed to cast four newbie actors with incredible height and handsome visuals, acting ability and onscreen charisma yet to be determined.

But I also think the production has cast well for this iteration of the female lead to be played by C-actress Shen Yue. I thought the K-drama Boys Before Flowers was marred by lead Gu Hye Sun‘s overacting while conversely the J-dorama HanaDan was elevated by leading lady Inoue Mao‘s iconic rendition. The first look at Shen Yue gives off such a pristine smart and spunky college girl vibe, I can so image her trying to be a good student and whipping the F4 into shape around her.


Meteor Garden 2018 Adaptation Releases First Look at Cute and Suitably Cast Female Lead Shen Yue — 14 Comments

  1. She was great in A Love So Beautiful! Cute but not cringey, bubbly but not overacting and very lovable! Her chemistry with Hu Yi Tian was great too! Cannot wait to see what she brings to the series 😀

    • Not only with male lead in a love so beautiful… She had great chemistry with all the cast!! I think, shancai isnt a character with pretty face, so shen yue is w good choice. She looks natural and far from being a pretty – doll. It will be damn boring if they cwst someone pretty like dilraba or crystal liu hehe

  2. I disagree that she “suits” the role. There’s no particular look for Shan Cai. Her previous role in A Love So Beautiful had zero similarities to this one as well. The only positive Shen Yue has is that she’s sorta Japanese looking. She’s otherwise very plain looking with below-par acting.

    • Now that you mentioned it, SY does looks Japanese-ish.

      Also, I don’t know what others are saying …but I found SY to be very beautiful. Perhaps, because I don’t put either Dilraba or Crystal Liu that high up the pedestal.

  3. Wow! I feel nostasgic remembering the heydays of Barbie Hsu and the original F4- Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vaness Wu, Ken Chu and the rest of the Meteor Garden cast. This was my very first drama before I got hooked into the Korean drama.

  4. The Japanese version goes down as the best, it was on point, didn’t drag on and the chemistry was beautiful. I cringe whenever I saw GHS play in the Korean version, she played the worse Makino using her extremely silly faces plus her attitude was so annoying. I loved the Taiwan version second so perhaps I will tune into this one…it would be nice to see new content.

  5. I think i will like her, i like every hana yori adaptation hope it will not disappoint me i even like moonriver and all it similarities and not with meteor garden . I know i will forever love jerry yan and matsumoto jun but there still space to add yo my fav actors and actresses

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