2016 Year End Dramas Goblin and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Lead the 2017 Nielson Korea Content Power Rankings for Television Programs

The content power rankings for Korean televisions programs for the entire year of 2017 is out and it’s a quite a feat that the leading show premiered in late 2016 and only aired three weeks into January 2017. tvN‘s fantasy drama Goblin from the screenwriter Kim Eun Seok and starring Hallyu superstar Goblin remains the content power ranking number 1 for the entire year of 2017, with no other drama or program about to unseat it in buzz and popularity. Even now the KBS fantasy romance drama Black Knight had to answer questions about any similarities to Goblin with the elements of immortality and multi-life romance. Coming in third is Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim which also aired in late 2016 and led the prime time K-drama ratings for the year if you count that it aired two weeks worth of episodes in early January 2017. This goes to show how weak 2017 shows were, with the remainder of dramas on the list being Defendant, Legend of the Blue Sea (also 2016 end), Chief Kim, Hwarang, Fight My Way, and Missing 9.

CPI rankings of dramas within TV programs in 2017:

1 Goblin

3 Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

4 Defendant

5 Legend of the Blue Sea

6 Chief Kim

7 Hwarang

8 Fight My Way

10 Missing 9


2016 Year End Dramas Goblin and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Lead the 2017 Nielson Korea Content Power Rankings for Television Programs — 16 Comments

  1. I know people think 2017 was a flop year but I think it had a good number of very good dramas from different genres that easily became favorites for me. A good number of them were sleeper “hits” and at the same time most of the hyped up and highly anticipated dramas ended up being disappointing.

    Hopefully Korean TV networks take note of dramas that really resonated with audiences (not just ratings wise) also try to understand WHY they were received well when creating more dramas in the future.

    Also, I’m a bit late but Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Goblin is wayyyyy OVERRATED coming from the ultimate cheese-maker, Kim Eun Sook. I am surprised that Missing 9 made it to the list since the drama very forgettable.

    • missing9 have 1 exo member in the cast cpi rating mostly how many times they are mention in the internet, thats why u will see hwarang der too.

      • yeah I was wondering why that sucky drama Hwarang was listed… so this is basically another popularity rating… lol… useless info!

      • @Llyaanne Thanks for the info.

        @candycane LOL. I kinda like Hwarang despite I know that it is a sucky drama. I thanked the drama for introducing me to my puppy Park Hyung Sik.

      • @OMG – I like PHS and PSJ so I watched the whole drama (with lots of fast-forwarding)… I just can’t stand Go Ara and her eyebrows… hahaha…

  3. half of the dramas are waste of good talent but the real deal and the real income and competetition starts now after it stopped airing only really good dramas will survive later.

  4. also surprised to see missing 9 but if it helps kyungho’s popularity, im all for it. ?

    2017 was underwhelming, no kdrama really connected with me except maybe fight my way

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