Minister of Labor Investigating Hwayugi Filming Set and Episodes 3-4 Airing Still Undecided for This Weekend

There are many things outside my control, way more than within my control, and I’ve long since learned to live and let live to accept what comes. Issues have not been resolved yet with the woebegone filming problems of tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi, a drama that should have had at least another month of filming before premiering and now finds itself in hot water. CGI effects were not completed when episode 2 aired and then news broke that a production crew member was injured on the set and is in the hospital currently paralyzed from the waist down. Then another crew member fell off a ladder and injured himself and the whole production was being investigated.

Now this weekend’s airing of episodes 3 and 4, already delayed one week, may not air as the production has been shut down for the Ministry of Labor to investigate the working conditions. Maybe things can be fixed to keep the production ongoing, maybe it will be delayed for a few more weeks, or maybe the whole thing will be shelved and audiences will only ever see two episodes. It’s out of viewer hands and ultimately I hope the decision is the correct one for the safety of the crew and cast in producing this creative and fun drama.


Minister of Labor Investigating Hwayugi Filming Set and Episodes 3-4 Airing Still Undecided for This Weekend — 14 Comments

  1. Poor poor management! Greedy TvN ? They should learn from their mistakes, what a waste of acting talents, I hope all actors get paid properly despite the airing delay… what a mess!

    • Actors will be paid more or less, I wouldn’t worry about that. Sadly It’s the shooting crew who always gets the short end of the stick in these types of situations.

      • Actually actors aren’t always paid though it is normally for low ratings. Valid Love is one where months after the drama ending actors went unpaid.

  2. If they are guilty of unsafe working conditions then they should be shut down. No question about that. And TvN should be subject to such a punishment as to be an example to all TV stations and production companies.

    I love LSG and CSW and was looking forward to this how. However nothing is more important than safety at work for everyone involved.

  3. I think they should just make sure everything is safe before proceeding with filming. It’s serves no purpose shutting it down permanently. They just need to fix their problems first. I’m sure the fans will wait cos the first 2 episodes were that good.

  4. I read that they would hold a press conference tomorrow about this. Hence the speculation why Youn’s Kitchen won’t push through with theirs. It’s such a waste, but I hope they wrap the issue nicely whether to continue safely or not.

  5. This is a classic example of corporate greed. This drama should have been at least half pre-produced before airing. They were trying to get the next Goblin and couldnt be patient. Poor LSG didnt even get to have a post military break..went straight to filming. If u knew this drama needed a lot of CGI why wouldnt u wait to have a good product before airing. CGI aint cheap and doesnt work quick. We all know that kdrama scheduling and filming conditions are bad for the actors…i cant imagine how horrible it is for staff and people behind the scenes. I dont mind this drama being shut down for a while to get the standards on point and give the actors, staff, and crew some resting time. This is what should have happened from the beginning. I would love the ministry to labor to use this example to make a point…but i doubt it… we all know how corrupt the kdrama business is..and how important soft power is to Korea.

  6. I hope once the investigation is concluded, the corrective actions will be taken by the network/producers and the injured parties will be compensated well. However. I hope the drama *WILL* continue, as long as the corrective actions have been properly completed and implemented by the network.

  7. That was more tragic than what i thought it would read.Totally agree that this should be investigated. It’s a shame this is LSG first post-military drama. And, yes I do hope they take some disciplinary action if necessary.

  8. They shouldnt rush the schedule especially with all the CGI involve. I remember got a shock when reading about this drama press conference while LSG only finish his military few weeks before.

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