MBC Delays New 2018 Drama Premieres Until March to Catch Up on Filming and Will Air 2018 Winter Olympics in Feb

I think this is a great idea but have a feeling that the network is parlaying a scheduling blip into great publicity. MBC has announced that it won’t be airing any new K-dramas until March 2017, when the current crop of prime time dramas Two Cops on Mon-Tues and I am Not a Robot on Wed-Thurs end in January the network will take a hiatus. New K-dramas will premiere a month later in March and MBC has said it wants to take time to film properly and be prepared. I don’t think their decision is prompted by the current disaster with filming safety that has befallen tvN drama Hwayugi but rather by the 2018 Pyeongchong Winter Olympics in February 2018 which MBC will air every night for two weeks anyways and preempt their dramas. It makes sense to delay new dramas until after the Olympics, and if there is goodwill to come of it by spinning that MBC cares about filming conditions than all the better because that’s a great end result.


MBC Delays New 2018 Drama Premieres Until March to Catch Up on Filming and Will Air 2018 Winter Olympics in Feb — 22 Comments

  1. It’s probably better for them to spend time filming upcoming dramas considering what a flop the dramas have been under MBC. INAR is tragic and its hitting at 2-3% in ratings. I wish the Korean drama industry can spend more time filming quality dramas.

    • Imnar is getting low ratings because 1. Rom coms just don’t pull in the ratings anymore (historical, office/work environment, law enforcement, character driven and weekend family dramas are pretty much the only ones with halfway decent ratings) and 2. The female lead sucks!! She shouldn’t even be playing 2nd female lead let alone lead in anything. I’ve seen her in a bunch of stuff and just don’t get why she keeps getting hired, she is bad at acting and has 0 charisma. So it’s no surprise the ratings for that show keep dropping.

      • CSB actually is not bad in INAR… her acting is way better than Suzy & Hyeri added up ? I think it’s the rom-com theme not hitting a note for the ajummas… and KRW is too strong a contender in that time slot…

      • Are you drunk or are you talking about an actress who isn’t Chae Soo Bin?

        She’s playing a double role as the robot and the girl and doing really well at both, and has good chemistry with Yoo Seung Ho too.

      • lol did you see in mbc drama awards, they promoted inar so much, their desperate attempt was sad to see and so obvious, ysh and cab did good job hiding their embarrassment . But now their recent do ratings increased to 3% range, so I guess mbc did a smart job especially since the drama awards got 8.8% rating

      • Her acting is fine. But her face highly resembles a certain animal (mole, i think) which can be rather disturbing.

    • Totally disagree with CSB comment. I first saw her in Cheer Up where she played one of the most infuriating characters and nailed it. Then there’s her role in Love in the Moonlight where she transforms to this angelic persona when she was a devil incarnate from Cheer Up. I seriously didn’t recognize her in LITM because of her transformation. Last drama I saw her before INAR was her cameo in Shopping King Louie where she played a country bumpkin selling ginseng, it was just a small role but she managed to leave an impression because it was so different from the 1st drama I’ve seen her. And now in INAR, she’s really good in switching between the android and her real self.

      • She’s boring and had no screen presence which is why she got out acted by the second leads in strongest. She’s just lucky to have no competition in inar to out act her. All the compliments for inar is going to ysh and not her in korea.

    • Black Widow just because you like her doesn’t mean everyone else should. We feel she has no charisma and clearly there are many others who feel the same. I’ve seen comment about her bad acting from knet themselves and they know better.

      • Stage present and bad at acting are too different things. Stage present is something you are born with aka IT factor. Suzy, Yoona has IT factor, they are shinning on screen. But they are not good at acting. KYJ, KSH has IT factor and good at acting. Kim Sae Ron is good at acting but her present is better on movie than drama. Different actors have different strength and weaknesses.

        CSB doesnt have strong stage present, might have to do with she is still a rookie. But she is good at acting, she is really good at make you cry with her character. I cry both in Rebel and INAR. The character in INAR is pretty dull if another actress play it but CSB make it likeable and relatable.

        You might not like her, but saying she is bad at acting is a reach.

      • I call bull on this claim, I see people kept spreading this lie without a single link to any of these alleged articles where any koreans said her acting was bad.

        (Obviously it’s hard to give links where no such articles exist lmao).

  2. Oh my gosh I actually thought for a moment they’re going to continue INAR in March. I think I’d die LOL. That drama is life right now, it’s adorable beyond words.

    Good decision though. The Winter Olympics has always been important and the fact that SK is hosting it makes it all the more big specially locally. I hope they can make their sets more safer than Hwayugi while they’re at it because that drama is the biggest disaster I’ve seen off-screen since forever.

  3. I’m surprised they aren’t gonna shorten INAR. It’s doing so badly ratings wise… Usually they would cut off episodes to have the drama end earlier.. But I guess they don’t have another drama to replace it and with the Olympics.. Still weird considering it’s 32 episodes…

    • basically it is 16 one-hour episodes, or 32 half-hour episodes… same length as Black Knight I believe. Not really sure why they call each 30 minutes an episode?… to allow more CF’s in between??

  4. I’m hoping they will think again about the choice of Joy in The Great Seducer… TV channel should learn about the mistakes of others like Suzy in WYWS ?

  5. This decision will do much good to both sides. Tickets for the Olympics in SK aren’t selling and with NK and US being stupid these games could be even more empty than Sochi.

  6. Two Cops and I’m Not A Robot are two really good shows. CSB, imo, is better in this role than she was in Strongest Deliveryman. Hyeri, while I’m a big fan of her music, I couldn’t understand why they paired her with JJS…until a few episodes in her character grew on me. I haven’t finished that drama yet but what I will say is that she’s still “new” so I’ll continue to watch her dramas…but not The Entertainer because I couldn’t get through it…I’ll try that at a later time maybe.

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