Hwayugi Ratings Go Back Up to 6% in Episode 10 as the Leads Willing Choose Their Fates With Each Other

I really really liked this Sunday’s episode 10 of Hwayugi, the first episode I liked this month since the premiere episode 1 which hooked me solid. The ratings for the drama returned to a milestone marker with this episode 10 which hit 6.271% ratings, the first time the drama broke 6% after it fell below that in the 5% range for the last three episodes. More important this episode brought some much needed catharsis forward for all major characters – Jin Sun Mi willing chooses this life and fate as Sam Jang, Son Oh Gong realizes he’s an ass and chooses to be Sun Mi’s protector (and romantic interest), and the scene-stealing supporting pair of PK and Zombie Bok Ja just killed it with her rotting away and his increasingly frantic bad ideas to try and save her. I felt stirring emotions finally and it’s not tied to the drama pushing the OTP romance so much and instead let the characters feel more than just that one note emotion. This episode gives me hope that the Hong Sisters have satisfying payoffs up their sleeves both big and small to come.


Hwayugi Ratings Go Back Up to 6% in Episode 10 as the Leads Willing Choose Their Fates With Each Other — 14 Comments

  1. Love love love PK & Zombie! The last kiss of Monkey & Sunmi is a bit less cringy but I don’t sense a happy ending… not now…. hope the story can give a good explanation to turn fate around… I am not a big fan of watching any romance between different species of primates ?

    • No ideas why. Perhaps, if the rating is high it mean that the drama is good and vice versa? Also it might make the drama more popular or catches people’s attention more if it have high rating? However, I personally doesn’t really care about the rating. I watch a drama because I want to or it catches my attention.

    • i mean higher ratings is more $$$$$ for the network and better brand for the actors. esp since this project is LSG’s first project back from the army and CSW is in it too there are higher expectations attached. we dont really care about ratings but its really important to networks.

    • Actually their ratings are already high for CABLE DRAMA. Before hitting 3% for cable drama is already a success. As of the moment TVN dramas high ratings is Reply 1988 followed by Signal and Goblin. I’m still waiting for the drama that can beat Reply 1988..

      If they hit double digit and their drama is airing in Cable channel means it’s a big big hit that’s why some successful drama are given a vacation reward for their hard work. And mostly cable dramas are very popular internationally.

  2. Love love oh gong and Sunmi
    Sunmi is just so so soooo beautiful. I love how expressive and her voice is so calming

    I still feel that it’s too much from PK to push Sunmi as zombie’s food. That’s just cruel.

  3. Anon, are you deliberately making such comments to invite hate on LSG? Please do refrain from making such harsh remarks on other actors. Let’s all be considerate of others’ feelings and make this world a less depressing place to live in. Thank you.

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