Son Ye Jin in Esquire Korea and Readies for Drama Comeback with Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

It’s interesting to see actresses grace men’s magazines because oftentimes the male gaze is so obvious it’s hard to miss. Son Ye Jin gets the cover of Esquire Korea February edition dedicated to women, a nice gesture and a great selection of cover model a top actress wtih versatility and countless acting accolades under her belt. What makes this pictorial interesting is all the visual flourishes that feels so in line with a male photographer behind the lens, the subtle skin reveals of the leg and shoulders coupled with a concerted effort to make it all sultry. Women’s magazines tend to do pictorials with more context and less body part focus. With that said, Son Ye Jin looks fantastic in this pictorial and I’m so excited to see her drama comeback this year with Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food opposite rising young actor Jung Hae In. In this interview she specifically stated that she picked that drama because she wanted to do a slice-of-life romance that captures the everyday feel.


Son Ye Jin in Esquire Korea and Readies for Drama Comeback with Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food — 15 Comments

  1. She is good in movie (esp in The Last Princess) but often time doing badly in drama. I know Son Ye Jin is one of thr most acclaimed actresses out there but there’s something about her acting that does not click with me. Anyway, she looks gorgeous here. Simple and earthly beautiful.

    • I think her acting style is suited for movies than dramas.I have seen two dramas of hers, “Personal Taste” and “Shark”.She was ok in “Personal Taste” just that Lee Min Ho’s acting was underwhelming in there and i think their chemistry was lacking.But Shark was the one I saw her limitations.But overall I still want to see this drama do well.She is one of the few credible Korean actresses left in her generation.The kind that are at the top, because of talent not beauty or popularity.

      • Agree. Putting aside the bad writing of “Shark”, I find her performance in there was underwhelming, the same expression from start till last episode. She definitely fared so much better in movies. But this PD Ahn has a solid track record. I am intrigued by the set up of this drama so far but the title is weird (LOL), but not going to rule this one out since the team is really strong.

    • That’s because there are awesome talented directors to control an actor in a movie while on the dramas the script is often handed on the spot. Also the drama schedules are tiring.
      I think Son Ye Jin is an alright actress in the movies but because her movies are successful so she is considered great. But she’ll do great in this new drama because the director is awesome and she hasn’t worked in a drama for a long time. She must be properly rested and prepared for her once in a while foray in the drama world. She is very beautiful to look at too.

  2. I’m excited about this pairing. They look visually gorgeous together, and their age gap isn’t too wide. I hope it’s a hit cos I like them both.

  3. Considering the other ahjusshi romances with 10+ age gaps, this one is breath of fresh air. There is only a 6 year age gap between Son Ye-Jin (1882) and Jung Hae-In (1988). Her movies do well, but she doesn’t pick well-made dramas too often. Either way, Son Ye-Jin has such a wide range of acting, and they look good together. I anticipate a well made drama with a PD like Ahn Pan-seok. Pretty Noona team fighting!

    • 1882? The Jung Hae In/Son Ye Jin pairing will mark the largest age gap ever between lovers…a difference of 106 years. Should we ask for a title change? —-> “Pretty Halmoni Who Buys Me Food”

      Don’t take this post seriously, I’m just teasing you 😀

      On-topic, I’m so looking forward to this drama. Love both actors.

  4. @canny.
    any drama with a older woman with young man is fresh air. IU drama will flop for sure. her uncle fan will be up in arm if the pd try to get a kiss for IU and that old man in his 40s.

    • What a rude comment. If IU is so chained to her fans she should have turned down that drama and chosen instead a typical rom-com with the oppar du-jour. I mean, didn’t they say she got like ten drama offers?

  5. Nah, which uncle fans? If IU drama flop, it will be either the script is boring, or no chemistry among cast or the acting is not up to par.Not because of “uncle fans”.Her drama has the best production team behind her.Good writer and good pd and experienced actors around her.If its Suzy though, that would be a different story.Her fanboys would go in a frenzy.

    IU is 26 years old now and never has to sell an “innocent image” or “nation’s little sister image” anymore.She has had two public relationships.These days, her fanbase is across a diverse age group and the majority is around her age group.She has already worked with two actors who are 10+ older than her in two separate productions(Jo Jung Suk and Lee Jun Ki).

    Besides, the drama production said her drama is a “healing family drama” not a full on romance.

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