Baek Jin Hee in Talks to Join Yoon Doo Joon for tvN’s Let’s Eat 3

Three years isn’t a long time but it legit feels like ages ago that the Let’s Eat dramas were onscreen. The first season with Yoon Doo Joon and Lee Soo Kyung aired in late 2013-early 2015 and the second season which I enjoyed way more pairing up Seo Hyun Jin with Yoon Doo Joon for his second go-around came a year later in 2015. Now the cable network is resurrecting this franchise for a third time with Yoon Doo Joon once again reprising his character, and this time his female lead is likely Baek Jin Hee. The same production team will be back so expect tons of Korean food porn which I am always game for. Watching LE2 taught me that I actually prefer my tangsookuk (sweet and sour pork) with the sauce on the side rather than mixed in. Stay crispy and flavorful, fried pork get in my mouth now!


Baek Jin Hee in Talks to Join Yoon Doo Joon for tvN’s Let’s Eat 3 — 5 Comments

  1. i think Doojoon isn’t confirmed for this? as far as i know, previously his agency stated that he’s not confirmed for the role.

  2. I like the thought of this pairing even if it’s funny to have his character going through 3 gfs now lol.

    Baek Jin Hee is a more than decent actress, and Doojoon so far has had great chemistry with every costar he’s ever had even if I think his best onscreen pairing was with Kim Seul Gi in Splish Splash Love. I hope they both confirm, I am so ready for all the delicious food shots.

  3. I watched both seasons and just skipped through the eating food part..lols.. Once or twice is fun to watch, but after that watching people ate so many times, it became boring.

  4. I really like Baek Jin Hee in Jugglers. IMO she was the star of the show. She played her slightly neurotic character perfectly. Not once did I find her annoying in the drama, just cute and funny.

  5. Baek Jinhee is an outstanding actress. Tbh she needs a better project. Let’s Eat might be a famous franchise but I don’t think it will add value to her career.

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