Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. in Talks for Period tvN K-drama Hundred Days Husband

Now this is an interesting drama that throws something unexpected into the upcoming K-drama pipeline for spring 2018. Offers are out to D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Nam Ji Hyun to headline the period tvN drama Hundred Days Husband. It’s being billed as a period version of The Bourne Identity, about a well-trained crown prince who survives an assassination falling off a cliff and loses his memory. Nam Ji Hyun plays a very capable learned girl who runs the first Joseon detective agency. If D.O. accepts it will be his first leading man role in a K-drama, and in recent years Nam Ji Hyun has really solidified her potential as a talented and versatile drama female lead. The drama is from the screenwriter of Scent of a Woman, and if both leads accept I can see this drama getting a solid reception from the audiences.


Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. in Talks for Period tvN K-drama Hundred Days Husband — 33 Comments

  1. I’m trying hard not to have a high expectation. But I really do hope Nam Ji Hyun signs on. I read that she wants to focus on her studies which is fantastic. But as a fan, I kinda wish she will have a new drama this year. The premise sounds intriguing.

  2. I’m a fan of Nam Jihyun after watching both Shopaholic Louis and Suspicious Partner.
    D.O has always received praise for his acting in movies.
    This combination is something worth looking to.

  3. I want to see Nam Ji Hyun in a new drama ! But please not with DO, his fans are crazy ! You can see already that they think that he’s a better actor than her. She deserves a good actor without mean fans.

    • Lol his fans would look down upon even actresses like Bae Doona or Son Ye Jin, they really think D.O is some acting virtuoso only because h has a good eye on projects and he is serious about his craft. He’s definitely good among idol actors but he’s got a long way to go too and it’s ridiculous how on allkpop D.O fans were already calling NJH ’not suitable’

      • @chocopie lol I know right.. I go to Netizenbuzz too (eww, that site is full of delulu idol fans too), Dramabeans, Pannchoa (that place is full of Suzy fans lol), Soompi, Koreaboo (not so often though) and Asia Junkie to a lesser extent. I used to visit Kkuljaem too, but its been inactive for a while now. Inkigeul was a good one too but they rarely update. Allkpop, by far, has the most annoying and delusional fans though. Netizenbuzz is shitty too. Soompi comes next because Soompi comments are all left by fans so you will not find good critical thinking from there. Dramabeans has the same issue, that place is infested by fans and they already have like designated site favorites (like Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jun Ki and Healer) and site nemeses (Heirs, Fashion King and all actresses except Park Bo Young, Kim Seul Gi, Kim Hye Soo.. oh and Park Eun Bin too)

    • Why choose to focus on those few fans? Most D.O fans are actually happy the female lead is NJH. I can’t wait for NJH’s new drama so I’m not gonna bother about them.

      • This is true. For all idols theres always crazies n obssess fans. But i thk overall d response were average good.
        Plus i thk if both r casted i can trust both will b in good hands with d pd n writer.

    • Idol fans are annoying.
      Just because they appear for a few minutes in a box office hit, they act like they are some huge stars.
      Wait till they can actually carry an entire movie by themselves before praising them to the heavens.

      • Hi. Just letting you know, Doh Kyungsoo was lead on the following movies: My Annoying Brother, Pure Love and Room No. 7. These are good movies. Please try and watch. Thanks.

  4. Despite being a child actress and only turning 23 this year, she gives off a mature vibe. It’s true that her problem is that she gets typecast but she clearly has acting skills. She did a good job in Suspicious Partner and looked like a believable lawyer, a professional woman (and she was only 22 at the time!). D.O takes his craft seriously too, but this would be his first time as a drama main lead. It would be interesting to see, if they accept the offers, how they will work together on screen

    • I don’t think she gets typecast. It’s just that she is a child actress and she had to pass the difficult child to adult step. So yes her characters in What Happens in My Family and Shopping King Louis were like because they were very innocent. But with Suspicious Partner she showed that she’s an adult now.

  5. i wonder which reign this story would be (slightly) based upon.. also the idea of a joseon detective agency (run by a girl!) is so fascinating!

  6. This is a really good combo D.O. is a great actor and I really commend him from starting with small roles and building himself up to a lead. and Nam Ji Hyun has already proved how talented she is.

      • nah…D.O probably bumped his stats…he could be between 165cm-169cm at most.He doesnt even look 5″7 or 170cm.Korean male actors and idols are known to do that(adding a centimetre or two to their height).

    • Now, I can see why tall model actors often cast as male lead. It must be male lead is definitely taller than female lead. Height is important in kdrama industry, just saying.

  7. I’ve loved Nam Jihyun since she played young Deokman in Queen Seon Deok. I’m excited to see her and DO play leads together. 🙂

  8. I Don’t have the problem with her acting, as long the story great,i don’t mind. but if the story suck,just smack the director like lady mishil did. ( i really hope that gossip is just a gossip lol)

  9. I see a good future in Nam Ji Hyun.She is one of the few promising actresses in the 90 liners generation.I prefer to see more of her than mediocre ones like Lee Yeon Hee, Shin Se Kyung or Jin Se Yeon.

    I bet those D.O fans who are making a fuss about her want him with idol actresses like IU, Yoona, Suzy, Krystal they can ship him with them..tsk tsk..

  10. K-drama casting has been really on point this year. So many dramas for me to look forward to; whether it’s veteran actor pairings, top star/hallyu pairings or rising actor duos. Very refreshing from last year’s flukes.

  11. For me Nam Ji Hyun is a good actress, beautiful, charming, nice lady and with a great sense of humour and I will always support her whoever is her leading man.

    But I will remain as JiJi couple/JeBong couple fans & supporter forever!… Fighting!. 🙂

  12. And here it goes.. the rating of this drama uproaring high and it’s not solely because of exo-l but the viewership data says it’s because of ahjumma fans and D.O. placed as new favourite among the public. Even his fans begin to ship him with Nam Jihyun too..

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