MBC Starts Filming Weekend Drama Rich Family’s Son with Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Joo Hyun

All the attention on weekend dramas right now is centered around KBS drama My Golden Life, which almost hit 45% AGB nationwide ratings in its latest episode and netted itself a two episode extension as well. I love the works of the screenwriter So Hyun Kyung but have been unable to hit play due to personal opinions with the casting. MGL will certainly end with a ratings run average in the mid-30% which is an incredible feat in this day and age, but come March with the behemoth out of the way new arrivals will have a chance to shake things up.

MBC will be premiering Rich Family’s Son following the conclusion of Man Who Sets the Table and I was pleasantly surprised to see Kim Ji Hoon back in leading man position this time opposite Kim Joo Hyun. Even the second leads are nicely chosen in Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Kyu Han, with the script by the screenwriter of Mom and The Firstborn. The drama is about a lazy rich family’s son who ends up saddled with the family’s enormous debt and needs to mature in life to repay it, with a strong patient woman by his side who provides emotional support. Sounds tailored for the omma crowd, and for me too lol thanks to Kim Ji Hoon.


MBC Starts Filming Weekend Drama Rich Family’s Son with Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Joo Hyun — 6 Comments

  1. Hong Soo Hyun is back to second lead on a weekend drama ):
    She is so pretty (I feel like she’s kim tae hee but even prettier) and I honestly thought her career will turn for the better after watching her in history of a Salaryman

  2. MGL was enjoyable up to just past the halfway point but I guess I had different expectations for where it would go so it’s just been so so in the last weeks for me.

    The writer is also a favorite of mine, and she definitely has something to say about the dilemma and pressures of the 20something crowd in Korea with unrelenting expectations from family and society.

  3. I have a soft spot for Kim Joo Hyun.She had good chemistry with Kwak Dong Yeon(another one who deserves a lead role but never gets it).I was sad for her when she auditioned for “my sassy girl” last year and almost got picked.Then Oh Yeon Seo took her place.

    I am happy for her.I hope this drama goes well.

    • The reason was because of THAAD. Chinese investors backed out and SBS can’t afford to air the drama with unknown actress

      One other reason is she backed out because she can’t keep up with what the PD wanted. She was still offered the 2nd leading role but she doesn’t want to

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