Meteor Garden 2018 Releases Official Character Posters of Fresh-faced Pretty Young Leads

The first character posters are out for the upcoming 2018 drama remake of Meteor Garden, now more officially a TW-drama and C-drama mashup thanks to the producer being Angie Tsai who produced the classic 2001 version but this time getting Chinese production backing and the main cast being predominately Chinese actors. All the previous Hana Yori Dango adaptations whether J-dorama, C-drama, and TW-drama have all gone on to make the male lead who plays Domyouji super famous, namely Matsumoto Jun, Lee Min Ho, Jerry Yan, and Hans Zhang.

This time around it will be C-actor Dylan Wang’s turn to aim for super stardom if he plays his cards right, but I’ve got my eyes on female lead Shen Yue and hope she is one of the rarer instances of the Hana Dan female lead getting super famous from this role. I’d day Inoue Mao and Zheng Shuang really parlayed the role into a steady solid leading lady career, whereas Barbie Hsu and Gu Hye Sun not so much. I really like this 2018 cast for the visuals and these official character posters continue to give hope that Angie Tsai may hit gold her second time around with this story.


Meteor Garden 2018 Releases Official Character Posters of Fresh-faced Pretty Young Leads — 34 Comments

      • So now I am not entitled to my own opinion and have to agree with you? Please read my comment clearly, I mentioned they are too pretty for my TASTE. If you are ok with boys’ prettiness, that’s fine. I oth hand PREFER masculity in men/boys.

  1. Dylan Wang is mainland Chinese not Taiwanese. The only one who is Taiwanese of the 5 is the guy who plays rui/Hua ze lei.

    Please stop posting wrong facts about Chinese Taiwanese entertainment. This site has so many factual errors and people have even already pointed this particular okne out to you.

    • I kind of have to agree. I used to love visiting website but ever since the K-Ent/Hallyu posts became dominant, the C-Ent/TW-Ent content here isn’t what used to be and sometimes incorrect.

      A lot of the C-Ent content has been increasing rapidly in terms of dramas, films, music and the celebrities themselves.

    • Take a chill pills. The article didn’t specified which actors is mainland Chinese or Taiwanese. She just said predominately Chinese which is correct. It’s being produced by a Taiwanese producer.

  2. Rami: I think Alexa meant they don’t look manly enough. A lot of Asian actors tend to have a bit of feminine handsome look to them. It’s not my taste either.

  3. Goodness they look like babies. Ah well older fans need to accept that they are not the target market for this remake. Pretty, younger boys are popular with teens and younger adults these days which is IMO, thanks to the shift in KPOP’s general male idol aesthetic in recent years. I’ll be watching out of curiosity and all I care is that they can act but I have a bad feeling I’m hoping for too much.

  4. Looking forward to this one. Its like Pride and Prejudice or Anne of Green Gables to me. No matter how many remakes, I always love them.

    Does anyone know when it is going to air?

  5. Appearance-wise, I think Dylan Wang was a good choice. He certainly looks the role for now. Hana Yori Dango/ Meteor Garden being so near and dear to my heart, makes me nervous yet excited for this new adaptation.

  6. The manga was written for teenagers, young adults & dreamers, which also defines the looks of actors/actresses of TV adaptations. The K-version is almost the worst of all especially its female lead… This new female lead looks very pleasant & sweet. Hope their acting will be good ?

  7. In my opinion, the female lead She Yue played in C-drama A Love So Beautiful with Hu Yi Tian for 24 episodes is amazing chemistry. She could pull this off and hopefully she will do the same on upcoming remake of Meteor Garden. Can’t wait to watch the remake of Meteor Garden 2018.

  8. What? Shen Yue already has gotten fame thanks to her hit C-web drama series with A Love So Beautiful.

    Look at what happened with her male lead, Hu Yi Tian and his skyrocketing fame. He’s literally one of the top in star rankings on Weibo, making bank with ads and his next drama is his company’s adaptation of Gu Long’s works.

    The only difference with Shen Yue was she chose to do this drama right away after A Love So Beautiful blew up and rejected all TV appearances plus more. She could’ve potentially been in the similar ball park as HYT.

      • What the? Darren Chen IS Hua Ze Lei and the one who is her official love interest is Dylan Wang/Wang HeDi as Dao Ming Si

        The main photo of this post LITERALLY showcases the actors who are involved with the drama as F4 for the Mainland China version.

        I get it, Hu YiTian in A Love So Beautiful is popular because people since Shen Yue was his love interest but he’s in NO WAY involved with this remake and nor will there be a wish fulfillment since they finished the production a while back, hence the photos and videos.

        The new Meteor Garden production had everyone working hard on the production and even Hu YiTian is working on a new drama WITH a new co-star, playing his love interest.

  9. Lol interestingly both happen to choose remakes of well-known works for their next project. I wonder if this guarantees a certain level of success.

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