Selina Jen Effortlessly Chic in Michael Kors Heading Off to Fashion Week

A thorough win for Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, gorgeous in head-to-toe Michael Kors at Taipei airport last week flying out for New York Fashion Week. I love the pop of the bright red dress accentuated with a thin camel colored belt and topped with a classic ladies cut leather jacket. She’s even got sensible and stylish kitten heels to complete the look. It’s been a few years of change for Selena, having gotten divorced but appears strong and happy as ever. I think she looks as beautiful if not more so than her earlier career days before the devastating onset fire filming a C-drama, keep on being fabulous Selina.


Selina Jen Effortlessly Chic in Michael Kors Heading Off to Fashion Week — 11 Comments

  1. It’s too bad the actor who shielded her doesn’t have the same fate. He’s so disfigured so it’ll be hard for him to survive in this industry. I don’t think people even remember about him anymore. He had such a promising future. I feel so bad for him every time I think about it. I used to see him as the Chinese Lee Seung Gi.

  2. Wendy: I meant disfigured in a way that he lost his looks. In this industry, it’s very important. He could rise up like he could in the past. How often do you hear about him these days? Every time he goes out, he has to wear gloves to cover himself all over. I think it was so courages for him to want to act again.

    I was reading about years he was in treatment for the hospital. It was heart breaking.

    Anyway, his life is just ill-fated.

    • Found his name – Yu Haoming
      He was in the Chinese version of Boys Over Flowers. He had surgery just like Selina and his appearance changed more drastically since his injuries were more severe.
      I remembered reading an article saying when the fire occurred, he said it happened unexpectedly and he didn’t remembered saving Selina since everything was rather shocking for him at the time of the fire.
      Anyhow, Selina said she still keeps in contact with him and they encourage one another via micro-blogs.
      But I agree his life is rather unfortunate and I find him courageous as well. I’m glad he still acts in roles, albeit smaller ones.

    • Although he doesn’t have the same dashing looks as he did before the fire and his career hasn’t been smooth-sailing, he’s set himself on the more serious acting route, rather than the idol route. He’s focusing on acting and improving his skills instead of relying on doing idol dramas and having a fanbase to support him, and I commend him for his courage and determination. Even though he may be playing smaller roles, he’s winning over fans with his acting skills and hard work. He was in the recent “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay”.

  3. Selina is beautiful inside- and out. I like how she is always so optimistic. Btw, it is the first time that I see some resemblance between her and Lorene (in the third picture).

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