Han Ga In Radiant for Grazia March 2018 Pictorial

A person can’t expect to be a winner in all aspects of life and if Ha Ga In‘s weakness is in her vocation of acting then I think she’s still ending up with the long end of the stick. In South Korea the money is really made in CFs and hers is a long and successfully career in that regard. It’s been six years since the mega hit sageuk The Moon Embraces the Sun in 2012 and this year Han Ga In will have a chance to show audiences whether she’s evolved as an actress in the interim years where she was happily enjoying life as a wife to husband Yeon Jung Hoon and recently as a mother to their baby daughter born two years ago. She’s starring in the K-drama remake of Mistresses airing on OCN after Children of a Lesser God. Clearly she’s diving back into promo mood and if it means seeing more pictorials like this exquisite spread in Grazia magazine then I’m all for it.


Han Ga In Radiant for Grazia March 2018 Pictorial — 5 Comments

  1. She is obviously beautiful and i can clearly see why Koreans revere her beauty -she has that innocent look. Her acting, however, leaves much to desire for. She gets her roles purely based on looks because she has very little to none actual acting skills. But she happened to appear in one of the most memorable dramas and films in Korean cinema so she’s still living off from that. Is that dress in the second picture a popular dress nowadays? I saw Sulli wearing that same dress (or a very similar one at least) in Cosmopolitan and Park Shin Hye in Marie Claire.

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